The VOiCE - By SiNN

"With all things that end, comes a new beginning..." 

Boy that statement could never have been as true as it is now. Well, it seems as if the bumbling fools have taken our once prestigious link away from us, but alas, we have returned and I guarantee you, we will be better than ever.

Well, rather than sit here and bash those who took over the old BYWL I don't think I will give the culprits the pleasure of seeing their names on this site. Instead I am going to simply talk about the backyard community and what lies ahead in its future. 

With the recent sponsorship of the BYWL to the SiNN SHOW expect to see three-four shows a week. I haven't decided a schedule yet. The shows will have guests and actual topics. It will be my best attempt at a respectable radio show with as much of a professional feel to it as possible. As I am a big fan of music, the show will consists of few songs, but good ones. If they aren't what you want to hear simply tell me and I will try to not play it again.

Also, there are many people trying to start their own backyard resource site. This is great. I love seeing professional looking sites that are done overly well. So if you have a resource site, and want people to see it, don't hesitate to send the link to either Kingpin, Sadistic Brandon, or myself. I know of many projects right now that I would like to see get off the ground and take off for the backyard community to enjoy.  

Speaking of the backyard community, it has been the attitude of many that backyard wrestling may die with the sudden decline in wrestling attention. The only way to prevent this is to get other kids around you aware of backyarding. It will never die, but it couldn't hurt to spread the fun. 

It shouldn't be hard at all to show others what backyard wrestling is, what with the new Backyard Criminals coming out and this site back up and running and being updated at a more fluid pace.  Personally I can't wait until Backyard Criminals comes out so I get to see some of my friends wrestle for the first time. There are supposed to be a few surprises on there that are pretty huge as well. And, just to rub it in... "I know something you don't know!"

Well, now that I have talked about backyard wrestling's future, I think it is time to talk about backyard wrestling's present. Right now, as I look over some sites from you guys, I have begun to see a new trend in byw; creativity. Lets face it, three years ago we were all coming out to Stone Cold's music, hitting rock bottoms and crotch-chopping at our opponents in our basements, but now there seems to be more of a need to be different. The characters are less predictable and the storylines are a bit more implicit. This is good (myself being a writer, I like stuff like that). In another issue I will explore the repetitiveness of the backyard with a full list of overused songs, names, and gimmicks. (Although I am not too original - hell my name is SiNN and I am a rip-off of Sinister Minister for Christ's sake... no pun intended.)

However, if I could give a bit of advice, when you make bio pages - PUT THE WRESTLER'S THEME ON THERE! Maybe its just me but I like knowing what song other people use; call it a personal preference. 

Man, this thing is short. Oh well, lets see how much space I can buy.

Oh, I know: Another thing I have found with backyarding is the poor acting skills. Fellas, like it or not, wrestling is acting, and acting is wrestling; that's just the way it goes. Alas, never fear, there is a way to help! Many schools across the country have a drama department, while some have actual drama class (some schools call it Forensics, Speech and Drama, Oral Interpretation, ect.). The best way to help your skills is to get involved with these clubs. Ask your counselor how to get in it and what your requirements are. I am not saying you should get on stage and play Romeo. Start out small, be a stage hand, talk to the other actors or actresses and ask them questions about what they do. They will give you tips and tools to help you and some may even want to join you in wrestling. WARNING: Drama kids are fucking freaks man, so look out for that. Again, I'll explore this in a different issue.

On a personal note, I have decided to shutdown SiNNiSTER STUDiOS entirely. It turns out I have a lot of things on my plate and until I get a better way to schedule them, I am just to going to get rid of something (that something being S.S.).  Eventually it will return but it will be much more limited. Besides, there are two more things opening later in the year that will surpass it indefinitely. 

That being said, I think I am going to end this first edition now. I hope to see this as a major favorite of you guys and I want to it to be updated more than just once every three months. Well, until next issue this is me saying:

Keep the Doritos out of your nose and always do the laundry!


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