MAKING THE ANGLES #1 - By Dave Callaghan
Being the writer of a semi-popular wrestling federation I'd like to share what I know to help out those of you who are reading this. Now as far as what my column will contain I'm thinking about ideas and tips that will mainly be focused to the heads of other federations. I will be writing about creating storylines, making gimmicks, getting wrestlers, and other such things that you will need to make your fed noticeable.

In this article I will be writing about how to get good gimmicks for your wrestlers. Now just in the case that someone who is reading this doesn't know what a gimmick is it's the wrestler character. Now I know that someone else already wrote that when you are creating gimmicks don't copy some famous wrestler, and as Kurt Angle would say "It's true, it's true." I once saw this kid from a fed in my town that was HBK, the Heart Break Kid. He had HBK's music, his moves, his catchphrases, his entrance, even his costume. He made HBK's old costume out of some old clothes and spray paint. The real HBK may have been one of the WWF's greatest wrestlers, but that doesn't mean that if you walk like him and talk like him you will be too.

Instead try thinking of your favorite wrestler and think about one characteristic that he/she has. For instance when Kane first entered the WWF as Kane he was an unstoppable beast. No one could even make him flinch. So take that little quality and use that in your gimmick. Or take Al Snow's gimmick in which he liked pain and would get up after four chair shots laughing.

But to get the most realistic, take a characteristic from yourself and make it huge. Say for instance that you have a big ego. Take that and make it ten times bigger. Tell everyone that you are God's gift to women. Always say how the crowd should be grateful to see the most perfect body. Stuff like that. Granted you could always just go out there and pretend that but in real life you are an insecure loser but it just won't be the same. Like Mick Foley once wrote "Some of my greatest promo's were from ECW as Cactus Jack because at the time I had a lot to be angry about which was what Cactus Jack was all about. But now that I have a great job, making very good money, and have a great family, I don't have that much to be angry about." What he was saying in case you missed it was that Cactus Jack wouldn't have worked because he didn't really have much anger in him.

That is going to be all for this article, but I plan on writing another shortly about how to make heels and faces.

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