MAKING THE ANGLES #2 - By Dave Callaghan
Last time I said that I was going to write about making heels and faces. The only problem is that the more I thought about this the more I thought that this would be just a lecture of me telling you stuff you already know. So I will try my best to at least give whoever is reading this one new idea.

Now to begin a heel is a bad guy in wrestling and a face is the good guy. Now these two characters are symbiotic in which they need each other to make each other better. The better the fans love the good guy the more they will hate the bad guy and other way round. There are many ways in which to show the fans who is suppose to be the heel and who is suppose to be the face.

The easiest and fastest way to make a heel is to have him go against a face and other way round, but if you are just starting out you will first have to establish heels and faces.

Cutting promos is another easy ways to make a heel or face. If a heel says how shitty a town is he will get heat from the crowd. If a face then comes out and defends his town he could be liked more. Another good way of getting heat from the crowd, as long as the majority of your crowd likes backyard wrestling, is to start saying how bad backyard wrestling is. Just look on the message board. One kid started talking shit about backyard wrestling. Then within two minutes a ton of backyarders got all pissed off.

He was the ultimate heel right there, he took a thing everybody loved, in this case backyard wrestling, and started talking bad about it.

Another way to make heels and faces is to change their behavior in the ring. If you want to go heel start playing dirty. Do a couple of low blows when the ref. isn't looking, or if there are any feds that have DQ when you bring in weapons have the heel get the win by using a weapon but not getting caught. Or when going for the pin hold the ropes for support.

I hope that you will be able to use this to make your fed. A little bit better, and if it didn't then just record RAW this Monday and study just what the heels and faces do that make them so good.

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