MAKING THE ANGLES #3 - By Dave Callaghan
In my last article I wrote about how to make heels and faces. So you got them, now what? You take your first giant step in to creating a running story line. You start a feud between your faces and heels.

There are many ways to start feuds such as making the heel run-in on the faces match and cost him the match, or to have a tag team spilt up, or to have a little argument in the hallways, like Jericho and Kane when Jericho spilled coffee on the Big Red Machine. Even little things like that can make for months of storylines.

Now in my fed. KAW we started off by having a four man battle royal. In this match this was the first time the four wrestlers were being introduced to the audience so I had to do everything I said in the past to make the crowd know who was the face and who was the heel.

Now in this match there were two guys I had to make heels, Oxide & Exorcist, and one guy that had to be a face. The other guy really didn't matter. So what happened was Spike got Oxide out so it was just Spike vs. Exorcist, but in the end of the match Oxide came back out to help Exorcist and made Spike lose the match.

So I had one face, Spike, and two heels, Oxide and Exorcist, and since Oxide screwed over Spike, it would be those two who started a feud. So over the weeks Spike and Oxides faced off until a Hardcore Championship match at KAW's School's Out. Which by the way if anyone would like to see it just email at

Now you have a feud going on a want it to last a while, what do you do? The one thing you don't want to do is to have the same match again and again like WWF from February to like May or June 2000 where it was just The Rock against HHH every night. Instead have some storylines come together. Have two faces join up to take on two heels or other things like that. Once again, for the most part Raw and Smackdown have some of the best ideas that could always work for your fed.

Well I guess that's it for this time but next time I'm, along with the help of my friend Dave Muntz, going to write about getting the crowd to laugh.

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