MAKING THE ANGLES #5 - By Dave Callaghan
Well, well, well. I’m back once again to pass on my wisdom. Last time I wrote about the four parter on heels and faces. For the first two parts I will be discussing heels, sorry faces you’ll have to wait your turn. I will begin with the in ring psychology of the heel.

In any match there should always be a heel and a face. However there always needs to be some distinguishing point about how each of them approaches the ring, begin the match, wrestle in the match, end the match, and what they do after the match.

1) The entrance

Right from the moment the heel walks down the ramp the audience should know that he is the bad guy. Right when the heel walks out he should act like a heel. The way this is done varies upon your gimmick. If your guy does not talk he should just walk right past the crowd without looking at them once, or give them an evil glance. However if your guy is a talker get right in their face. If the crowd yells at you yell right back at them until they have to change pants. The more you hate the crowd the more they will hate you and the more they hate you the more they will love the face. Another good tactic to get heat from the crowd is to physically interact with them. If they bring a poster that says “ You Suck” or something good about the face reach right over and tear it up. Or if one of the fans have a drink or some food and they try to yell at you take whatever they have and either throw it on the ground or throw it at them. Or better yet if someone gets in your face just give him or her a nice right hand. Just for a little warning if you are going to do something to an audience member make sure they know, or plant them in the crowd, for example talk one of your friends to go to a taping and tell him to yell at you then you will do one of the above to him.

2) Beginning the match

All right so you have just harassed the crowd and now you have stepped into the squared circle. Now the question is what do you do? And your answer? Fight. And you wagered Texas with a dollar sign. Well I am sorry but you are incorrect. The first thing you should do as you enter the ring is to grab a mic. Now before I proceed I know that some of you are thinking, “ We don’t do that stuff. We are just BYWer’s, we just fight.” Well to those I say you are wrong. First off being good at working the mic is a very good trait to have. Second every single one of us, even if you will confess to it or not, started to BYW in hopes that they will be the next WWF/WCW/ECW champ, and being able to cut promo’s will greatly increase your chances of making your dream come true. Now back to the article.

When you pick up the mic your only objectives are to make the face look better, get heat from the crowd, promote a feud, or help work a storyline, but mainly get heat from the crowd and make the face look better, and to make the face look better you need to get heat from the crowd. Wow would you look at that now we have narrowed it down to one main objective that the heel must do. Get heat from the crowd.

There are many different ways that you can accomplish this goal. One is to make fun to trash talk the face. (It determines what you gimmick is that determines how you put down the face.) Another way to get heat from the crowd is to make fun/trash talk them. Trash talks something that they all love. Their football team, school, town. Or if there is a big feud between your towns football/any other sports team and another town start talking about how great that other team is. You can also do it on the professional level. For example I’m from Boston. If I was a heel I would say Yankee’s Rule, which they don’t because everyone knows YANKEE’S SUCK, but nevertheless more often than not the crowd would get pissed as all hell. But just experiment and be creative. What’s the worst that could happen the crowd could hate you for wasting there time on a bad promo, oh wait a minute that’s a good thing because the crowd is suppose to hate you.

3) Working the match

All right so the time has come to finally take on that damn face that the crowd loves so very, very much. What to do? What to do? Like most other times your main goal is to make the face look good, unless of course the storyline calls for it, and once again the simplest way to make the face look good is to get heat from the crowd.

When the match first starts off you should do one of two things. One call for at least three small spots that end up with the face on top, or two calls for at least three small spots that ends up with the heel on top. Do not, and I repeat do not, mix them around. Either have the heel or the face end up on top. As a side not, if anybody is having trouble making up spots read some of the know your holds issues. There is not much of a difference to do it one way or another; both ways should make the heel look good. Also as another side not there was this “Theory on Wrestling” that was posted on the board one day. It explained how a match should work in steps and was very good. I am not sure if it is deleted yet but if it is and you have not read it email me at and I’ll give it to you

All right so you worked in a couple of spots and now you begin the regular wrestling. Now this next part will vary upon the type of BYW fed you have. If you have an honest to goodness fed with DQ and all that fun stuff it is real easy to get heat it not, then you will have to work harder. Now the thing about having a fed with DQ’s is that you can use weapons when the ref is not looking. A little chair to the head while the refs back is turned would totally make the crowd hate you. However the last remark will not work if you are only a hardcore fed. A method that will also get you heat is to give a couple nice shots to the testes, some good old fashion choking, some eye rakes, and also a repetitive attack on one certain area. For an example of the last one say your opponent comes in slightly injured on his left leg. Work on his left leg throughout the match. As I stop and think about this I realize I have been only thinking about singles heels and not tag team but they are very closely related. The only extra things I have to say to tag teams is that if your partner is being pinned distract the ref and do a lot of double teaming, and if the refs back is turned slap your hand so he thinks you made the tag.

4) Ending the match

Now no matter what the storyline calls for what is the one thing you want to have happen? Correct. Get heat from the crowd. Now before you really end the match you want to have at least one false ending. A false ending is when if looks as if one of the guys was going to win but somehow kicks out. Now it doesn’t matter who this happens to but as long as it happens it will get the crowd more involved, and if the crowd is more involved they will hate your more, and if they hate you more they will love the face so much more. A classic way to have a false ending is to have one of the guys do their finisher but still kick out. Another good way is have one of the guys set up for his finisher but the other reverses it. Also a great false finish can be used with one of the simplest yet oh so very cool looking spot, and that is the opponent’s finisher. Take WWF Survivor Series for example, near the end Rock gave Austin the Stunner, Austin kicked out. Then Austin gave The Rock the Rock Bottom. Rock kicked out. This however only works if the finisher is built up. What I mean by that is that one you are the only one who does that move, and two normally whenever you do that move the match ends.

Ok so you just had one, maybe two false finishes. Now onto finishing the match. The end will vary determining on what the writer says but there are still a couple of techniques that can be done to get the crowd to hate you more. Say you are to lose the match what could really get the crowd involved is to go for your finisher but have the face reverse it and have him to his. Just make sure that you take some time setting up for your move. Take the Tombstone for example. Say that was your finisher. You would want to hold them up there for a while before they reverse it just so the crowd can get feel like the match is over only to have there “hero” comeback. Just as a little note that would work really great if your finisher is a submission because then the face is so close to tapping out but he prevails. If the roles were reversed and you were to win the match have the same thing happen except the face goes for his finisher but then you reverse and do your. Also you could replace the reversing and just have one guy do the move and the other kick out, same effect but just different speeds.

5) After the match

All right this segment I will split up by if you win the match or lose the match.

A) Winning the match

Very nice. You just showed the face who is the real champ in the fed. Now what? This once again determines upon your gimmick and character, but there are number different things you can do. For the talkative guys start out by trash talking the face. Then grab a mic and trash talk the crowd. Talk about how their so-called “hero” has been beaten. Stuff like that.

If your not the talkative kind of wrestler do not fear there are still many things you can do. Now these next pieces of advice should only be done after a feud has been going for a while, if they are done right in the begging it will take away from the effectiveness of them. After the match is over is never hurts to beat up on the face some more, or at least it never hurt the heels. Pick up the face and give him a couple finishers, or chair shots to the head. If you are in a group or have someone come down with you in the ring have the other guy pick the face up and hold him while you beat him down.

Another nice act to do after the match is to take something of his. Say he has the World Title and just happened to leave it right by the entrance ramp. Go ahead and grab that belt, and just to humiliate him more pick him up shove his belt in his face then toss it over your shoulder. Then give him the ol’ finger followed by a nice Stone Cold Stunner. Or whatever but you get the general idea.

B) Losing the match

This is what is really is all about. Making the fans happy, which they should be after that amazing match you just preformed for them. Now what to do, what to do? Well one thing you can do is stay on the ground. Let the crowd rejoice in the fact that the good guy has won. Another little something you can do is to get right back up and beat up the face, you can then follow the above example about what to do. Yet another great thing to do is to wait until the face has left and then slowly get back up. Then grab a mic and trash talk the face and the audience until the face runs back to the ring to kick the living crap out of you. You don’t have to get beat up but for the most part it works so much better if you do. Unless, however, you have one of your buddies sneak up from behind the face and hold him while you beat him up. But for the most part if you call the face back down let him kick your ass, it will make the crowd so much happier.

Well that about wraps it up for this article. Next stop the psychology of a heel outside the ring. Also an article or two ago I said I thought I covered all the basics but when writing this one I realized I had forgotten to include tag teams and owners/commish/managers, so after this four parter I will cover those. Till then always remember to try and be creative, like some wise man once said, “ It’s the wrestling that will get you to watch, but it’s the storylines that will get you hooked.”

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