MAKING THE ANGLES #6 - By Dave Callaghan
Sorry I lied. I am a real finicky man. Last time I wrote that I was going to stick with the heel but the more I thought about it the more I thought it would make more sense, not to mention be easier on me, if I wrote about the in-ring psychology about the face first. Once again I will divide the column up into five different parts, the entrance, beginning the match, working the match, ending the match, and after the match. Also I would like to say that what I am about to write will not be for every wrestler, your own gimmick will determine how you react to each of these scenario’s.

The Entrance

All right, you’re in gorilla position, (Wait is that what it is called? You know like backstage, right before the curtain, it’s either that or like the monsoon or maybe I’m just thinking about Gorilla Monsoon, oh well.) So you’re right behind the curtain. The first three chords of your music hit and you’re off. You walk out to the cheering of the millions and the millions of your fans, or maybe ten or twelve, but nevertheless you still walk out with at least some people cheering for you. From here there are multiple things you can do, once again they all vary determining by your gimmick. One classic thing to do is to go around and shake some of the fans hands, or interact with the crowd, this works best if your fed is really great and you get large crowds. For example of the interacting remember when Kanyon was still around and he went around asking “Who better than Kanyon?” (I just forgot if he spells his name with a K or a C oh well.) Then he was fighting Y2J and Jericho went to the audience and asked three people for there names, he then went off and said (Insert name) better than Kanyon and so on. I mean if that was me in that position, although I am not completely sure if those people were planted, but nevertheless if I was one that he asked it would be totally freaking awesome, and I would cheer Y2J so much more. The final thought I have on the entrance is that if the Heel came out first and is trash talking or interacting with the crowd somehow, you mighty hero run out and save the day. Start the match right there right in front of the crowd. It will get the fans on your side because you just helped them out and also it will draw them into the match because the two wrestlers will be fighting no more than two feet in front of them.

Beginning the Match

All right so you’re in the ring. You do your little taunt while the millions and the millions or the tens and twenties of your fans chant your name. (Wait did I already use that line, I’m sorry if I did I am writing this over a long period of time so I forget what I did before and I too lazy to reread everything anyway…) There are two different, actually there are more but these two are the ones that occur the most, scenarios that can happen in the beginning of the match. 1) You, the face, called out the heel from backstage or 2) the heel is already in the ring.
Both scenarios will get the crowd on your side, which is just what you want, so it’s really just a matter of what you want to do. Now starting with the first one, before you begin calling out the heel you will need a reason to call him out, a problem, conflict if you will. There must be some reason that you are calling him out. If you get in the ring and say “Killer (who’s going to be today’s heel) get down here.” Then you got nothing. It would be just the same if Killer was a contestant on Price is Right, you know “Killer come on down your going to be a contestant on…” oh man. There needs to be some reason, maybe he just interfered in your match, maybe he just stole your dog and made a soup out of it a feed it to you, oh man Snow and pepper, that was some great stuff, although Pepper is great Head is better, anyway, or maybe the heel just slept with your girlfriend, what ever the reason may be it will work, just make sure there is a reason. All right so you got him in the ring, now what. Well personal if he just slept with my girlfriend I’d chop off his penis, like the time when Val Venis slept with that Asian slut and then the Chinese guys got pissed so they went we “Choppie-choppie your pee-pee.” Man I miss those years now Vince got twenty lawsuits up his ass so he can’t do shit, anyway back to the subject. First of all work the mic. Make fun of the heel, that always works best, or work the crowd. If you got a catch phrase use it, although please stop stealing WWF catch phrase. Say your football team just won a game, use that. Say something praising the team, or something to that effect. Bottom line, you want the crowd on your side. You should be able to interact with the fans when you work the mic, by either making them laugh, or making them cheer, or join in with you when you say your catch phrase. The one thing you should not do, nor should you have to do, is too make the crowd hate the heel. Do not run a political campaign in which all you do is bash your opponent. The heel’s job is too make the crowd hate him, let him do that. Just go out there and make yourself look pretty.

Working the Match

All right so you’re ready to begin, what do you do? When the match first starts off you should do one of two things. One call for at least three small spots that end up with the face on top, or two calls for at least three small spots that ends up with the heel on top. Do not, and I repeat do not, mix them around. Either have the heel or the face end up on top. As a side note, if anybody is having trouble making up spots read some of the know your holds issues. There is not much of a difference to do it one way or another; both ways should make the heel look good. Also as another side not there was this “Theory on Wrestling” that was posted on the board one day. It explained how a match should work in steps and was very good. I am not sure if it is deleted yet but if it is and you have not read it email me at and I’ll give it to you. Hey sorry that that was just a repeat of what I said last time but the same rule applies. Now moving on to the meat of the whole match, the rest of the stuff was just mashed potatoes and gravy, speaking of which I wonder what’s for dinner? Anyway, now you worked so hard for this moment don’t blow it. 1st of all one of the main problems in a match is the pace; this goes for both heels and faces. Never slow down. Back to the face. What ever you do don’t do anything dirty. No kicks to the balls, no eye rakes, don’t really do much else other than wrestle, once again all that does determine what kind of fed you are, if there are any real feds with rules then this is a whole lot easier for you. Also call for a couple spots here and there just to pull the audience in that much more.

Ending the Match

All right, once again, this is what it all comes down to. All that blood, sweat and tears, all right maybe no tears but a lot of blood and sweat, all of that has come to this moment, don’t blow it. There are a number of things that can be done at the end and they all depend on your gimmick, but the one thing that remains constant is the fact that the fans should by now love you and should want you to win. A lot of the stuff for finishers are in my last article so just reread that. One thing I forgot to mention to do, or at least think I did, is to add a couple of spots in there, it doesn’t matter who come out on top just as long as the spots are there. (Little note the new Know Your Holds Column has three nice spots)

After the match

Winning the Match

All right so you won the match, good for you. Now the crowd should be cheering for you so play off that. Pick up a mic and work the crowd. Say something like “I did this for you” or some gay ass thing like that. You could also begin to kick that crap out of the heel some more. Or you could begin to exit and have the heel get up. The heel makes fun of you and you come running back. Just do something that the audience will enjoy.

Losing the Match

So you lost, Boo-hoo. Most probably the heel will be making fun of the crowd so you could get back up and kick his ass. Or you could get back up and challenge him to a rematch, either right now or later on, or just have a mini battle right there with you coming out on top, just as long as the crowd is loving you, the face.

Well that about wraps it up for this issue. Sorry it’s been so long I’ve just been tied up with a bunch of other shit. Although one cool thing is that when I first began this article I wrote about the good Ol’ WWF days with Val and the Godfather and now when I close this article those two are back, oh man great times ahead. One last thing before I go. The reason each and every single one of us ever started BYWing was to become the next Hulk Hogan, the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, the next Game, the next great WWF Champion. But I see more and more feds doing more and more sicker stuff, trying to get noticed. I’m just saying be careful because the WWF won’t hire anyone with a broken neck. Keep it safe.

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