MAKING THE ANGLES #7 - By Dave Callaghan
Alright, I know Iíve been saying Iím going to write about this and about that and I always write about something else in the next article, now I am truly sorry for anyone out there who really was looking forward to my next article about whatever the hell I said I was going to write about, although I doubt that there are very many. This article isnít like the rest, infact itís not really an article but rather a statement. Just the other day I was reading some of the other more recent articles and something about them sounded vaguely familiar. I then looked back to my earlier articles and realized that I had wrote pretty much the exact same thing except I had more details. Then I began looking through articles that appeared before me and realized that I had written the exact same thing as they. We all know pretty much the same thing. Every article that each of us writers writes is the same article someone else wrote only in different words. I figure it is pretty useless to write about whatever I was going to write about because it will already have been written by someone else and in a few months it will be rewritten by another.

There is really nothing new that I can tell you that you donít really know, all I have been doing is reinforcing something. The best way to learn is to watch the WWF each and every week. Learn to criticize their mistakes. Next time your watching RAW and you see a bad story line point it out and see how you can do better, and when you see a really cool storyline take it and start to think up ideas of ways to modify it to make it yours without it seeming like thereís. Now donít read me wrong this is not my last article. I am not done helping out; however I am done writing the same old shit each and every time. What I decided to do is to open the lines, so to say, to you, the reader.

If there is any questions any of you have then email them to me at and I will answer them in the article. That way at least I know I will be helping out one person who doesnít know something. Now before I end this one I just want to say that I wasnít totally bashing the other writers on this site. Itís not just you guys who do that authors, Hollywood, WWF, and pretty much anybody else that ever wrote anything. As one person put it, ďNo author ever wrote a new story, they merely added their own words to old stories.Ē Or something like that. I just donít want to write the exact same thing that someone else wrote.

So in conclusion, send me any questions you have, or and ideas of changes for this article or whatever. Till then, keep it safe.

P.S. I believe I was going to write about tag teams this article so for any of you tag teams out there just wait a month or two and Iím sure one of the other writers will write something for it.

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