Message Board Guidelines
Remember this board is a privately owned board the webmasters of the BYWL (Kevin and Travis) have the right to change any of these rules and/or take disciplinary action at any time.

Disciplinary action as follows.
-3 Warnings (3 Strikes)
-1 Week Suspension
-1 Month Suspension
-Perminate Supension

No "spam": Spamming is a crime punishable by law, whether done in huge or small volumes. Anyone caught, or proven to be committing such an act will be banned, have his/her e-mail and IP address blocked.

"Naughty" Pictures: Gore pictures and pornography are not allowed. You want to see that stuff go check a search engine I'm sure you will find something.

Encourage: Please be pleasant to your fellow posters. Newbies will make mistakes, that's why they're newbies.

Keep the focus: Each forum has a focus on a certain program or just a general topic. Questions and/or comments outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved to the appropriate forum or simply be deleted.

Signature sizes: Please keep from having huge signature sizes! It slows down the board and is just plain....dumb. Try for only one graphic with text or something close to.

Language: While adult language is permitted (though censored by ezboard themselves) in appropriate situations, extreme vulgarity, harassing or insulting other members, ill-behavior and ill-intentions (no matter how veiled) will not be tolerated here.

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