KNOW YOUR HOLDS #2 - By p0rk
Well, I have gotten a lot of feedback from my first column so I guess it was a big success! I had a bunch of moves get submitted, so I will try and get a few moves from each person. I got many repeats of moves, and the moves I get asked to do the most I will be the ones I am more likely to do. Ok, lets get started.

I probably should have covered this move in the first column, but somehow it slipped my mind. I wouldn't recommend doing a bump on the ground, it tends to hurt and can mess up your spine something fierce. So unless you have a ring I do not recommend doing this move. Taking a bump is fairly simple, just land flat on your back and have your arms out. What you want to do is fall back and right before you hit, have your arms out to your sides and slap them down to make a loud noise and soften your fall. You want to land on as many different areas of the body as possible so the land isn't all absorbed into one area of your body. Pretty simple, just make sure you don't use your lower body to try and absorb some of the fall.

There's not a whole lot to the DDT. The person giving the move grabs the receiver around the forehead with his RIGHT arm, he hooks his arm but DOES NOT hold tight and leaves some room. Now the person doing the DDT slaps the receiver on the back and falls to his/her back. The person taking the move can do one of 3 things. 1) Fall forward and put your hands down at the last second to stop your head from hitting the ground. 2) Fall perfectly with them and land right on the to top your head (Like a headstand) and stay there for a minute, creating the illusion you were planted onto your head. 3) Do the plant onto your head but just roll through it. After the move hold your head like it hurt your head.

Grab your opponent like in a DDT, make sure to keep your grip loose, then throw their other arm over your shoulder. Both wrestlers grab their opponent's tights. The person doing the move quietly counts to three, then lifts his/her opponent into the air. If you're doing a standing vertical suplex, you hold your opponent into the air, in this case, the person recieving the move has to do some work too. He has to lock his arm in place on his opponent's tights/pants, stick his/her legs straight in the air, and keep their body strait. The person doing the move has to hold onto his/her opponent's tights/pants and keep the hold around the forehead. Hold them up and stay balanced. Once you are ready to fall (if you are just doing a normal suplex skip the last part) you just fall straight to your back, the person receiving the move has to have his feet hit just before his back, absorbing most of the fall. The he would take a normal bump after that.

A superkick is basically self-explanatory. The person doing the move has to be limber and be able to kick high enough or else it will look bad. The move is mostly timing, and the right camera angle can help too. The person doing the move does the kick, then right before the receiver gets kicked he wants to get his hand up to block it. If you were receiving the move, you would probably take a back bump and hold your throat, maybe cough a couple times too. Now some people have really good aim when they do superkicks, they can come within a dimes width of kicking a person and not kick them every time. These people are mostly professionally trained or have some sort of martial arts background. If you trust the person enough you don't have to put your hand up to block it, but I recommend it.

Northern Lights Suplex:
Ok, this might possibly be the only counter for a DDT. To set this move up, you can either do it as a counter from a DDT or you can do it out of nowhere. Now to do it out of nowhere you have to walk up and stick your head under your opponent's armpit, or on the RIGHT side of them, grab the legs of their pants/tights. Count too three and then they will jump up and over, but for the most part you will be guiding them. What you want to do is flip them over onto their backs, and you land either in a bridge on your head or on your back then bridge up. IF you're doing it from a DDT, it's the same thing except you don't have to set it up yourself. Make sure to communicate when you do this, count to three, and make sure they are ready before the count. Basic stuff you do with all moves, but in moves like this one it is more essential because the possibility for injury is much higher. The person taking the move should take it like a normal suplex, have their feet hit just before the rest of their body then a back bump after that. Just be safe with this one because it's dangerous.

The person doing the move is in control completely for this one. A lot of the time this will be set up with a kick to the stomach, but it isn't essential. The person doing this move should stick the receiver's head between his legs near his groin. (Hey now, it's not gay if it's wrestling) The person receiving the move should have his head up as far as possible (It's still wrestling so it's not gay). The person doing the move should hook both of his opponent's arms, count to three, and then jump backwards and onto his knees. While he is jumping he should let go of his opponent's arms so they can use them to block their face from hitting the ground. (It shouldn't happen if their head is high enough up). The person receiving the move should throw his legs back when his opponent begins to jump. Just land flat, and turn your head to the side if you feel you need to. That's it, just a simple face bump.

That's all this time. Keep the e-mails coming and I will try to do more moves next time, but some moves I want to work on before I tell you guys how to do them so that I don't tell you guys how to do them wrong. Until next time...

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