KNOW YOUR HOLDS #3 - By p0rk
Hello, it's been a while since I have written a column, but I finally found the time to sit down and write a new one for all you! I have been getting lots of emails from the readers (a couple a day) and I am really happy with the response this column is getting! Keep sending your requests for moves and I will keep doing this column. Ok since I haven't written a column in a while I will make up for that and make this column better than any of the preceding ones. Here we go.

Shoulder Block:
Shoulder blocks are used a lot so everyone should know this. It's commonly done after you bounce off the ropes so that's how I will describe how to do it (sorry to non-ring feds). After you hit the ropes and are bouncing Off you want to jump at your opponent, plant your feet right in front of them, and at the same time your feet hit you want to make contact with them. You want to make contact not with your shoulder but with your pectoral muscle, your right one to be exact, remember all moves are done to the persons left. Some people (myself included) like to slap the back of your opponent with their left hand, it makes more noise and it gives them a better cue when to fall. Ok, the person receiving the move must make it look like they were knocked down. So once they feel you hit them or slap the back they better take a back bump. That's all there is too it, use this a lot if you can.

Leap Frog:
Once again this is one of the most basic moves in wrestling, but there are some things that you must know to do this right. First of all there are no running leap frogs, I know you probably see guys in the WWF do it all the time, but technically there is no such thing as a running leap frog. Now to do this move you stand in the middle of the ring, when your opponent runs at you, you jump over him, and he ducks. Now when you jump just jump like you are doing the splits in the air. That's it, a really simple maneuver that will make your matches look much more professional.

This move is done mainly by smaller guys. This move also takes a lot of teamwork and practice. If you are going to attempt doing this be sure you are really agile and the person doing it is rather strong, or have a guy spotting you incase you guys need help. Now onto how to do this move. First the person doing the move must jump up onto the receiver's shoulders, unless the person doing the move has the hops the person receiving must bend his knees a bit and help the person up. Now once you are up there it gets harder, cross your legs behind the persons head at your ankles, then you want to lean backwards, (put your hands up incase you fall on your head) your goal is to swing through the persons legs. The person receiving this move must do a front flip over the person doing the move, creating the illusion that he was tossed. This move takes a lot of practice, and you need good timing, but once you get it down its well worth it trust me.

This is a move I have had lots of requests for, and it is actually simple to do, but there are so many variations out there I didn't know which one to do. I am going to just do a basic powerbomb. You can setup this move many different ways, the most common is a kick to the stomach. What you want to do to start this move is have your opponent bent over at the stomach, then stick his head in-between your legs. You want to grab around their abdomen. This part takes teamwork, You want to lift them up onto your shoulders, they need to jump and also help the flip, Once their legs get on your shoulders they need to do a situp in the air to get all the way up. Once you have them on your shoulder it's all downhill from there. You just throw them down onto their back and they take a backbump.

Many people want this move now that Rhino has debuted in the WWF and uses it... There isn't a whole lot to this move. You run at your opponent, duck down and jump at their midsection, Once you get to them grab around their body. They should let your momentum take them off their feet, and they should fall to their back and take a back bump.

Gorrila Press Slam:
This is a move for the big guys out there. It is easiest to do if your opponent is running at you, so that's how I will describe how to do it. When your opponent is running at you, you get ready. Once they are almost to you, grab near the collar of their shirt (if they have one) with your right hand. They need to jump some, and then your left hand and put it near their crotch. You lift them into the air also using the momentum from their jump. Now hold them in the air with your arms extended fully above your head. Then toss them onto their back, and they take a back bump. Not a whole lot too it, just make sure you can get them up in a fluent motion, practice practice practice.

Rock Bottom:
Also known as a one-arm slam. All you do is catch your opponent with your right arm (On their left side like always). Throw their left arm over your shoulder and behind your head. The have a quiet 3 count, at 3, your opponent will jump while you use your other hand to make it look like you are picking them up, (it also looks cool if you sweep out their legs). Then all you have to do is fall to your stomach and they take yet another back bump. Aren't you glad I taught you how to do a back bump?

Now for that something extra I promised, I'll give you guys a spot to work on. I am going to do a new one each column, this time I will have a real basic one, that you see in almost every wrestling match. Well here it is...
Spot #1: Shoulder Block, Drop Down, Leap Frog
This is used in almost every wrestling match, even in the WWF, although the heavyweights don't normally use the leapfrog. Watch for it and you'll see how often it is used.

Well, that's it for this column. If you have a move you would like to see in here send it to me.

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