KNOW YOUR HOLDS #4 - By p0rk
Finally! I bet that's what you're saying. I know, I know, it has been a long time since I've written a new column and I do feel bad about it. At least I do have a new one out now. So for your reading pleasure here is my newest issue of Know Your Holds.

Monkey Toss:
This move is most commonly done out of a corner but can be done from anywhere, its just easiest to do it out of a corner. This move takes more teamwork than a lot of moves do, so be ready to practice it before you actually do it in a match. I will describe how to do it out of a corner, but remember it can be done from anywhere. The first thing you want to do is make sure your opponent knows to be ready. You, the attacker, You will be facing your opponent, you want to grab both their wrists but not with a really firm grip. That's the easy part, now you want to jump up with your feet, and place them on their hips, or abdominal area. Once you do this you will roll to your back and your opponent will flip over the top of you. It will help if you push up with your feet when your opponent is parallel and on top of you, this will give them more velocity making it easier for them to flip over you. Your opponent once you execute the move should just do a basic back bump after his flip is complete. It may help to practice doing this move with only one foot, it will make it easier to roll backwards, but harder to push them up once you're on your back.

Leg Drop:
This is a rather simple move with a rather simple concept, drop your leg over your opponents neck. As simple as this is you wouldn't be able to even imagine how many clips I have seen of backyarders doing this move completely wrong. To do this move right, you will drop your right leg, and you will not drop it over your opponent's abdomen, chest, or anywhere else besides their neck. The simplicity of this move is mind boggling. You jump up before you do the move or just simply drop your right leg over your opponent's neck. The only trick is to have your knee bent so you don't actually hurt your opponent. Your knee should create an arch over your opponent's neck. Your opponent should not put his hands up, or roll onto their side, because this will only result in disaster.

Push Through:
Some people may not have any clue what this is. It's just a simple thing to add to your spots. When your opponent is running off the ropes at you, just step to the side and as they run by create the illusion you are pushing them into the ropes. To create the illusion when they are about a step away from you place your arm behind them and just let them run at their own speed, but keep your arm moving with them at the same speed, thus creating the illusion you pushed them through. This can also be done with your feet, but it should be done by their calves. Neither of these are as common in American wrestling as they are In Lucha Libre style.

Drop Toe Hold:
This is a move than can come from almost anywhere, and innovators realize the potential this move has. When your opponent is running at you or just standing, you drop down. Roll slightly onto your left side, then if your opponent is running place your left leg in front of their feet and your right leg on the back of their knees. Quickly perform a scissors motion causing their knees to bend and thus fall on their face. Of course they should know its coming or else it wouldn't work.

Drop Kick:
This is a move anyone can do as long as they can jump. Jump into the air and tuck your legs in. Once your body is parallel to the ground, extend your legs out and make soft contact with your opponent's chest. Then you must fall to your back and take a simple back bump so you don't get hurt. Once contact is made your opponent should fall backwards, or if he is much bigger he could no-sell and not even budge.

Simple enough, most people should be able to figure this out, if not...that's what I am here for! Make sure you are close to the ropes, then grab your opponent's left hand with your right hand. Push your opponent back into the ropes or corner, and if you want them to reverse it you would tell them now. Then step back with your left foot and pull back with your arm. They should run forward and make it look like you whipped them. To counter this all you would have to do is stop, turn around, grab their wrist with your right hand and whip them.

Roll Away:
I shouldn't have to explain this move but I am. A roll away is moving out of the way when your opponent is attempting a move off the ropes. How do you know which direction to roll? It's different for different moves, and basically it's just common sense. If your opponent is doing a swanton bomb, you do not want to roll towards the center of the ring because their feet extend out and you will either get hit by their legs or have to roll a long distance causing you to look foolish. So what you would want to do is roll towards the turnbuckles or whatever they jumped off of. Don't do this move if your opponent doesn't know you're going to!

Snapmare Takedown:
To do this move you must stand in front of your opponent with your back towards the front of their body. Grab the back of their head with your right arm; it should look like you are attempting a stunner. That's where the similarities end, from here you want to have a count to three, or some signal so you both know when to proceed. What you, the attacker, wants to do is step forward with your left foot, and go down onto your right knee as you pull their head forward and down in front of you. The opponent should begin to flip over you when you begin your step forward. They should flip completely over you and land with a back bump in front of you. Some people sit up right away, and that is normally followed by a kick to the back. That is not necessary though.

It's time for a new spot! I've got a good one for all of you guys to work on. It's a bit more complex than the last one, but everyone should be able to master it. Like always the spot will not include any moves I have not done in this column.
Spot #1: Whip, Push Through, Hip Toss, Drop Down, Push Through, Shoulder Tackle, Leg Drop, Roll Away
This spot should start with Person A having control. Person B gets control with the second push through, but Person A regains it with the shoulder tackle. To finish it off Person B rolls out of the way of the leg drop.

I hope all of you readers out there enjoyed this column as much as the previous ones. I know I spent more time on this one than I did on any of the previous ones. Remember, if you want to see any moves done send them to me. But I will only do moves I feel comfortable executing myself, thus excluding piledrivers and any other moves similar to it.

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