KNOW YOUR HOLDS #5 - By Maynard
Alright guys well I’m the new owner of this column and I’m gonna get as many moves and spots to you as possible each and every week. E-mail me at if you want see a certain type of moves on here and I will gladly put them up. Enough talk… here’s the first issue of my Know Your Holds! I am a small guy but I have sold and/or given these moves properly many times so trust me. Oh yeah, by the way I am going to name all of the moves by their Japanese version name. I.E. Exploder suplex instead of T-bone suplex. I will put AKA next those, and if there is a variation, it will have for example B: (name of move). Moves in BOLD are dangerous and can CRITICAL… or injure your opponent for real on accident

This issue is gonna deal with some strong style and about 2 lucha moves in one, And how about 3 spots.

1) Exploder Suplex (T-Bone Suplex: Take your opponent and place his right armpit over your shoulder and he should be on a 45 to 90 degree angle off you (90 degrees is more dangerous). Now take your right arm and place your hand on the left shoulder of the opponent. Next, grab around the back of the knee of your opponents right leg. You are now ready to throw. You can throw many different ways: straight over the top, sideways over the top, and even swing (Saturn style). Straight over the top is the most dangerous so make sure you don’t kill the guy when he lands on head if you’re not too strong. Well there is the Exploder Suplex.
B: Exploder Suplex ’98 (T-bone DDT): very same arm positions as a normal Exploder, but this time take the opponents free arm (in the one mentioned above, it would be the left arm) and slip through the opponents legs. Grab his wrist with the hand that was grabbing the back of the knee. NOW THIS MOVE IS DANGEROUS!!! Hold onto his wrist the whole way after you throw him… BUT ONLY DO THIS MOVE IF YOU ARE STRONG. I cant stress that enough because even strong guys will dump the other on top of their head!

2) Falcon Arrow (Vertical Bomb): Basically grab for a normal suplex, and lift. As your opponent is going up twist them around by bringing the arm around the head towards the body in a circle matter, and do the opposite with the arm holding the pant leg. When the opponent is now facing the same direction as you, fall on the ground on your butt. As you drop you should also release the suplex, but still hold on. When you both hit it should be at the same time. Now you are in position for the 1, 2, 3!
B: 180 Falcon Arrow: I like to call this the weak man’s falcon arrow (point to myself… lol). Do a normal suplex, but when your opponent gets over, turn 180 while still holding onto him and sit-out. You will both hit at the same time and also be in position for the 1, 2, 3!

3) Fire-Thunder Piledriver (Rikishi Driver, Turd Buster): THIS IS A VERy DANGEROUS MOVE! Scoop your opponent up onto your shoulder. Have the oppoent bent over the shoulder, stomach down, and head in the same direction as you are looking. MAKE SURE YOUR OPPONENT’S HEAD IS NOT!!! BELOW YOUR Belly-button. There is a good possibility that his head will hit if you do, but this way he still comes within 3 inches of the ground so it still looks good. Take the arm of the shoulder that the opponent is on and wrap around his lowerback (or mid depending on their height). Take your other arm and tuck his head inward towards your stomach. Your opponent must also wrap around your back too so he doesn’t budge on the landing. Now sit-out straight onto your ass! His head should have the illusion of hitting the mat if the move was executed perfectly, and should look lethal!

4) Gonso Bomb (Hangman’s DDT): Do just a normal powerbomb where your head is between your opponents legs, but do not let go!!! Let your opponent “hang” upside down at your mercy. Now drop to your knees dropping your opponent on their head/neck (opponent should definitely tuck chin in unless they wanna die). They should fall to the ground in a nasty fashion and look dead. LOL. THIS IS A DANGEROUS MOVE AND CAN CRITICAL SOMEONE!
B: PILEBOMB (powerdriver, sit-out gonso): do the Gonso Bomb but instead of dropping to your knees, drop to your ass in sit-out position. This makes the gonso bomb an infinite amount of times more dangerous than a normal gonso omb because more force is applied. Make sure after the move is performed that either somehow you or the ref asks if the dude is okay. Safety first!

Well enough strong style for today… onto some lucha crap!

5) Huricanrana (Frankensteiner… or Michael Cole’s “head scissor take over”): either you can run towards your opponent to pull this off or he can run towards you… or even to reverse many types of powerbombs. Now if you run to your opponent to do this, jump when you get to him placing your hands on his shoulders to boost yourself up. Sit on his shoulders like a powerbomb for a split second, then whip on down as if to do a backflip, but hold onto the opponent’s head with your legs. As you go down, your opponent should do the best he can to flip over to create the illusion that you forced him to do a front flip with your legs. You can end in a pinning position or can just as easily release the maneuver when he goes over. If performed properly, the move looks prettier than any other move in my opinion.
B: Advanced Huricanrana: Exactly the same as the normal huricanrana except you DO NOT use your arms to boost. You MUST have a good vertical leap to do this move. Jump up as the opponent runs towards you, or you run towards him. This move is even prettier than the other because the fact that you are basically doing a delayed moonsault/shooting star from your feet. If you wanna make it look even better, as you jump, split your legs as far apart as possible then hook around your opponents head and flip back or better yet, start flipping a tad bit as you jump!

6) Reverse Spinning Head Scissors: Run towards your opponent (he has to be strong to do this move) and go for what looks like a crucifix. When you wrap under the armpit and go up, do almost like a ½ shooting star and wrap your legs around the back of your opponents head. As you wrap start to fall around to your stomach. As you go down the opponent should either flip to the side or do a backflip onto his head. You can see this move here Just Right click and SAVE-AS.

7) Around the World Victory Roll (Blitzkrieg’s victory roll): start up on your opponents shoulders facing the same way that he is. Have your opponent LIGHTLY hook one of your legs around the calf, if not then you cant spin! Now take the opposite leg from the one that is held and point it straight out. Your opponent will most likely have totake the back of his hand and give you a little thrust so you can get around. Do a complete 360* twist. Your opponent will lift up the armpit that is NOT holding onto your leg. As you come around, hook around his waist or under his armpit. Now a split second later do a front roll while hanging on. Your opponent will roll with you and you will have him in a pinning predicament!!!

8) Wheel Barrow (Ocean Cyclone, Body Scissors): run towards your opponent and jump staright ahead and do a flat spin 180 (so your legs are now facing forwards). Hook around your opponents waist. He will lift you up for either any type of move you wanna do or a move that he will do to you… ya just gotta plan it. Or to enter the wheel barrow postion you canget sideways hiptossed into it!

Well now that you have enough different types of moves for today, I will create a few spots using them!!

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