KNOW YOUR HOLDS #6 - By Maynard
Well guys I'm back again with another volume. I must say I love this column and hope some of you actually read this stuff and enjoy it. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about moves or spots or have a better explanation E-Mail me at . This is going to be strictly high-flying along with a few unique neckbreaker-like moves. Then there will not be 2 normal spots and nor an Experience needed/talent needed spot again. I wrote two volumes in one day and this volume is made for ending matches and heating matches up!

1) Moonsault: This is a very basic move, but also very entertaining (unless Jericho does it, LOL). Anyway, to do this move standing or off something the procedures are the same except for the start. First you must know your range, and if not find out before the match. Next don't feel scared! As you go for it say to yourself "I can do it". Confidence is a must.. Now for a standing moonsault raise your arms above your head. Next, swing them down and back, and at the same time bending your knees. Now top rope or standing becomes the same. Swing your arms up, jump up and back, "throwing" your legs over your head, but look back as far as you can at the same time. Try to get the best arch in your back as possible. COMMIT TO THE MOVE!!! If you get scared then you're scared. You MUST go balls out and trust yourself. Now its all up to your range. See the landing and guide your body down splashing your opponent. That's it!

2) Firebird Press (450 Splash): If you've seen Heatwave '98 then you've seen one of the best 450's ever performed. Because of that Firebird I found the secret so many don't know. As you are standing up top and you raise your arms over head, make sure you are going to do this and not wimp out. Most people have seen Juvi do the 450 wrong over and over and that why he hardly ever hit it. When throwing the 450 that is the problem. DO NOT THROW IT. JUMP up and slightly throw it. If you do it right, you will be able to do a complete flip as you return at the height of the top turnbuckle. Now the tuck is VERY important. Do not tuck under the knees!!! When you tuck into the flip, grab your shins and hang on. This will create a tighter ball, faster flip, and just plain looks better. As you flip you will be able to see when you make it around the first flip. Hold on a split second longer and then release into a splash. This move is one of my favorites because it is one of the prettiest if performed correctly. I know Coven 13 and I are the only ones that have told Kolt from HCW Miami this way since he said so. If you are serious about becoming great at this move finda trampoline and practice your form.

3) Shooting Star Press: do the same thing you did for the standing moonsault but jump forward and commit, this is one fun-ass move to do, so I suggest you go learn it! This will work for standing or off the top.

4) Falling Star Leg Drop: very basic compared to other high-flying moves but an awesome sight if you are able to do it. Before the match, make sure you stretch out. You must be able to stand on the ground and bend over and touch your toes. Now, you can do this standing or off the top which makes this great and both look very cool. Jump up as high as can like you will be doing a normal legdrop, but point your toes out and straighten your legs together. In mid-air touch your toes with out bending your toes. Don't bend your legs or it will look gay as hell. Now drop the leg on your opponent. The sight is basically because of the pike you do to mix up the leg drop.

5) Falling Star Press: I made this one up myself and is very much like the falling star legdrop. Jump as high as you can with legs together and straight. Bend down and pike. Do not jump like you'll do a splash, just jump straight up. As you pike just move your legs out and you'll already be into the splash for a nice looking impact and a little added charm to the splash. Very fun to and safe to do as well.

6) Suplex Neckbreaker Combo: I love to do this move, because it looks cool as well it looks like it has a lot of impact, but has barely any, so its very safe to do. Hook up and perform a normal suplex. When the opponent reaches their peek, let them start to fall without you falling back yet. Only let them fall a little bit, then as the force picks up drop start to drop to your back and throw your legs in the air. Grab for a neckbreaker as you fall and hit the mat with your opponent. Make sure you do a falling neckbreaker and not a hangman's. the impact is minimal because in all reality your opponent is just being suplexed and pulling you down, but look like you actually change the move enough to be painful

7) Wrong Way Neckbreaker: High speed!!! Hook for a suplex and instead of spinning "over" your opponent, swing under him as fas tas possible. Hooking like a suplex makes this move so cool because there can be two endings: a super fast neckbreaker, or if your opponent jumps a little during it he will look like he is launched up then down in a neckbreaker kind of. Both are very cool and I must give props to my fellow GEW teammate Havok for coming up with this one on the fly by accident (atleast I think it was).

8) Super Huricanrana (Twisting Frankensteiner): Be up on the top rope or any other height that is above your opponents midsection, or be able to get up above your opponents head when jumping. Jump off and turn in mid-air with legs spread. Hook on with legs around the head and freakin' whip off a huricanrana to the side as fast as you can. It also helps to have an opponent who is good at selling huricanranas. Practice this move if you can if you are not used to doing many different types of huricanranas. If you are fimiliar with the advanced huricanrana then you might not need to practice and should be able to whip off a great one. This one doesn't have much an explanation because you need to know how to do the advanced huricanrana first.

9) Dragonrana (360*-flip huricanrana):do a front flip off of whatever you need to, or do it standing if you have a pretty good vertical. When flipping your legs must be straight and split apart. Make sure you know how far you normally flip too. When you land on your opponents shoulders, you will automatically whipped down into a high-speed huricanrana.

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