KNOW YOUR HOLDS #7 - By Maynard
Alright guys, today’s “Know Your Holds” is about cruiserweight and other types of technical pins. Some will be hard for the novice to pick up right away, but everyone gets better with practice and learns something new every time. With that, here is the third volume of this column. Enjoy it! I must say this is a blast for and love every second of writing it! Thank you for reading.

1) La Mahistrol Cradle: Many people have seen this move many times by all the cruiserweights, but no one did it better than Ultimo Dragon. Your opponent will be down on his knees and face down. Grab the left wrist of your opponent with both of your legs to the right of it, and step over it with your right leg, kinda like a pivot, so you are now facing away from your opponent. After you do that, quickly pivot around the same way again, still holding onto the wrist of your opponent and wrap it around your left leg. While holding onto his wrist, do a front roll over the opponents back. Let go of the wrist as you roll. Now when you both go over, help the pin with your arm. There ya have it. A perfectly executed La Mahistrol Cradle. Make sure you don’t smash your face while doing this!

2) Misteriorana: I’m sure that everyone has seen this move before, whether it was Rey Jr, or Dragon Kid or even Juvi. Basically its just a normal huricanrana but you must go straight through the legs and before the opponent flips over you have to hook the legs next to your body. That’s about it for that one.

3) Wheel Barrow Victory Roll: run at your opponent and as you hook on the wheel barrow (in vol.1) just keep the fluidity running and just roll through after you hook on. You and your opponent will both front roll and you’ll have him in for a nice roll up.

4) German Suplex With Rolling Pin: You must be able to do a german suplex with a nice bridge to be able to do this move… do the German suplex, hit the bridge, but right after you hit the bridge do a back roll and hook onto your opponents legs with yours and bridge back once again. This move looks really sweet, but don’t bridge back into your friends face.

5) Inverted Victory Roll: stand at your opponents back to start. Then place your hands on his shoulders, and jump up. Hook your feet underneath your opponents armpits and fallback. Your opponent should hold your feet in place. As you go back, he will go over you. When he’s back on his shoulders situp and then bridge back over him. That’s all for the inverted victory roll.

6) Flying Head Scissors to Pin: This is one of my favorites to do. Ok well you CAN’T do the head scissors dumb style (opponent lifts you up when you come from behind). You have to do it coming from the side. Instead of your opponent flip selling all he really has to do is fall back. This move looks totally sweet for some reason.

That’s all for this issue, I’ll be back next week with a bunch of awesome powermoves, and maybe a few lucha moves, or even a submission or two that are hard to do, such as the Mexican Surfboard… well cya next time.

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