KNOW YOUR HOLDS #8 - By Maynard

For all of the spots I will use the names Bob and Tom. Tom is cruiser and Bob is a heavyweight

1) Both men are standing in the middle of the ring… tom charges at Bob and attempts a lariat. Bob ducks down and hooks for an exploder, he throws him over but Tom lands on his feet by front flipping. Tom runs back at Bob and runs right into Bob with a wheel barrow and Bob pulls Tom up and throws Tom out onto his feet, and as Tom is facing away, Bob spins Tom and hooks on for a falcon arrow. Tom counters by slipping over Bob's shoulder on the pick-up. Tom jumps up to give an advanced huricanrana, but Bob catches him midway through it, and IMMEDIATELY drops into a pilebomb! à now this would be a great way to end a match or start one, but PRACTICE THE ENDING… without practicing the huricanrana / pilebomb spot it could turn bad. I must advise going through that part SLOWLY or you could be sorry.

2) Tom is down after (place a move here), and Bob picks Tom up onto his shoulders. Tom regains composure and starts an around the world victory roll. As Tom gets done with the 360* spin, Bob catches him and now they are into a wheel barrow now as Tom goes down. Bob pulls tom up and Tom goes for a bulldog, but Bob catches Tom once again and throws tom ontp his feet. Bob goes for a German suplex, but Tom backflips out. Bob rushes Tom and throws a HARD lariat at Tom but Tom rolls under. Tom gets up and goes to whip Bob into the ropes, but Bob reverses the whip after Tom attempts and turns 180 while holding onto Tom and pulls him in, and hooks for an exploder, but in a split second Bob filters Tom's free arm through his own legs and hooks on the exploder '98. Bob dumps Tom down onto his shoulders and Tom is down… maybe not for the count depending on each others finisher.

3) This one is for experienced and very talented wrestlers… Bob whips Tom to the ropes. As Tom makes his way back, Bob throws Tom up and spins 180*… Tom lands on Bob's shoulders and pulls out an around the world victory roll. Bob kicks out in one or less and right when he gets up, Tom attempts and advanced huricanrana. Bob doesn't budge and pushes on Tom's ankles and makes him backflip off of his shoulders and Tom lands on his feet. Bob goes for a lariat, but Tom ducks it and hooks Bob for a 180 twist falcon arrow. Bob counters it and goes for his own falcon arrow, but Tom flip counters over Bob's shoulder on the pick-up. Now Tom goes for a lariat and misses… Bob boots Tom in the gut and goes for a powerbomb. While up on Bob's shoulders, Tom adds his own momentum and hits a sunset flip. Bob isn't affected again and rolls right out of the pin. Tom makes his way to his feet, but meets Bob in a Fire-Thunder piledriver. à GREAT way to end a match… a turd-buster can end it in any match if you are realistic in your matches. This spot would definitely make the match atleast **** if not ***** because dramatic endings are what everyone remembers in great matches. I'm actually contemplating on using this spot in of my own matches!

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