KNOW YOUR HOLDS #5 - By Dave Maynard

Ok guys, I'm back with volume 5 of this column. Volume 4 for some reason wasn’t put up… I thought it was one of my best columns. It was all spots so I’ll try and get both volume 4 and 5 up in this one try. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. There is a wide variety in today’s issue!

Belly to Back Powerebomb
Used by: Jun Akiyama, Tomoko Watanabe, Lash LeRoux, Chris Chetti, Val Venis
AKA: Blue Thunder (Akiyama), Screw Driver (Watanabe)
Description: The attacker is standing behind the victim, the attacker's head is under one of the victim's arms. The attacker lifts the victim up so they are on the attackers shoulder. As the victim is lifted up, the attacker pulls the victim's legs across the front of their body, pushing the victim's head out in front of the attacker's body. The attacker drops the victim to the mat on their back.


Suplex to Powerbomb
Used by : Kenta Kobashi
AKA : Orange Crush/Orange Bomb
Description : The attacker applies a front face lock on the victim and throws the victim's near arm across their shoulders. The attacker grabs the victim's tights and lifts them straight up in the air so they are upside down. The attacker pushes the victim's body in front of theirs and sits down, dropping the victim to the mat back first.


Cobra Clutch Slam
Used by : Van Hammer
Description : The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker reaches under one of the victim's arms with one hand and places it behind the victim's neck. The attacker uses their free arm to reach across the victim's body and grab the victim's arm which is on the the same side as the arm the attacker is apply the half nelson. The attacker pulls the victim's arm across their face and locks their hands around the victim's neck. The attacker lifts the victim up in the air, when the victim reaches the apex; the attacker shoves them down, dropping them on their back/back of their head.


Elevated Cradle Neck Breaker
Used by : Damian, Yone Genjin, Mike Enos, Daisuke Ikeda
AKA : Muscle Buster
Description : The victim is sitting on the top turnbuckle. The attacker grabs the victim and bends them down so the back of the victim's neck is resting on the attacker's shoulder. The attacker hooks one or both of the victim's legs them with their arms. The attacker stands up so the victim is suspended upside down with the attacker holding their legs. The attacker drops to their knees or ass, impacting the victim's neck on the attacker's shoulder.


Full Nelson Slam DDT
Used by : Divine
Description : >The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker places both their arms under the victim's arms and locks them behind the victim's neck. The attacker lifts the victim in the air. Once they reach the apex, the attacker releases the half of the hold with one arm and with the other still on the victim's neck, the attacker turns the victim around and into a front face lock as they fall to the mat. The attacker falls backwards to the match, driving the victim head/face first into the mat.


Reverse Hip Toss
Used by : Red, Elix Skipper
Description : The attacker stands face to face with the victim and places one arm across the victim's chest. The attacker steps behind the attackers body and places their hip directly behind and against the victim's hip on the same side. The attacker pulls the victim with the arm that they've hooked them with over their hip and bends over, throwing the victim over so they land face first on the mat while the attacker at the same time sits-out.


Argentine Back Breaker Rack Brainbuster
Used by : Kenta Kobashi, Kotetsu Yamamoto
AKA : Burning Hammer (Kobashi), Yamamoto Special '78 (Yamamoto)
Description : The attacker lifts the victim up across their shoulders so the victim is lying across the attacker's shoulders. The attacker has one of the victim's legs hook and is cradling their neck with their free arm. The attacker falls to the side that the victim's head is on and releases the victim's legs, dropping the victim head/neck first to the mat.


Surfboard, Inverted Indian Deathlock
Used by :
AKA : La Impactante
Description : The victim is face down on the mat, the attacker crosses of the victim's ankles into the crook of the victim's other knee. The attacker uses the back of their leg to apply pressure to the victim's leg that is up and puts their leg in between the victim's entangled legs. From here, the attacker is facing away from the victim, the attacker reaches back and grabs both the victim's arms and pulls them foward, bringing the victim up onto their knees while still in the Inverted Indian Deathlock.


Inverted Facelock Brainbuster
Used by : El Samurai, Axl Rotten
AKA : SST/Severe Skull Trauma (Rotten)
Description : The attacker applies an inverted facelock on the victim. The attacker hooks the victim's tights and lifts them straight up in the air so the victim is upside down. The attacker then drops the victim straight down so they land on their head. VERY DANGEROUS!


Rolling Stretch Cradle
Used by : Hector Guerrero, Manami Toyota, Kenta Kobashi
AKA : Jalapeno Roll (Guerrero)
Description : The attacker stands behind the victim. The attack reaches around the victim's body with one leg so it is around the victim's side and between their leg's, hooking the leg on the same side as the attacker's leg. The attacker hooks the victim's other leg with one arm and falls backwards to the mat. The attacker then rolls around in a circle on the mat, using their free hand to push off, causing the victim to spin arround. The attacker stops when the victim's shoulders are on the mat and links their arms, cradling one leg with their arms and hooking the other with their leg

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