THE ICON'S FILE #3 - By Khristian Kane
This is Khristian Kane, author Omega of The Icon's File with a new issue so. Let's go.

From: X-Calibur
Move Name: X-Cellence
The Move: Get the opponent in reverse DDT position, then flip him up backwards so that he is on your shoulder (Rikishi Driver Position), then quickly slam him down between your legs and pin him (like in the Juvi Driver). The movement is all done very swiftly.
Originality: The Michinoku Driver IIB done by Taka himself. 2/5
Realism: The impact of a Falcon Arrow. 3/5
Visuals: Solid move with decent impact. 3/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Owens
Move Name: Pipe Bomb
The Move: Get the opponent in powerbomb position, then lift him up like you were doing a powerbomb, when your opponent is at his highest position in the air quickly take your right hand and turn the move into a devastating chokeslam.
Originality: This move is done in a lot of backyards and on the independent scene. 1/5
Realism: It's hard to switch from powerbomb to chokeslam without dropping the person or taking a long time. 2/5
Visuals: Good impact and would look kind of surprising to a crowd. 3/5
Final Score: 2

From: Jon Thornhill
Move Name: That's e-X-treme
The Move: Partner 1, lifts the opponent up for a crucifix powerbomb (razors edge), as he delivers that, partner 2 catches the opponent in a neckbreaker or reverse DDT on the way down, while partner 3 does a swanton bomb, 450 splash, or moonsault onto our opponent. This can also be done with a german suplex, tiger suplex, or last ride powerbomb instead of a crucifix powerbomb
Originality: Original, because there can be any assortment of endings with this move. As I gave it before my comp destroyed my review of this move. 5/5
Realism: Could be difficult to safely catch the neckbreaker or rev. DDT with those moves. 3/5
Visuals: Definitely hot shit. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: "Triple X" Petey Rave
Move Name: Snap Jackhammer
The Move: This move isn't super original. The Snap Jackhammer is to the Jackhammer as the Snap Suplex is to the Suplex. It works best if you jump.
Originality: Weak man's Jackhammer. 0/5
Realism: Could hurt your back snapping someone up into a Jackhammer. Looks sloppy too. 0/5
Visuals: Sloppy Jackhammer. 1/5
Final Score: 0.3

From: The Educator
Move Name: The Final Exam
The Move: I set them up for the Pumphandle Slam. I then pick them up on my shoulder, but instead of falling forward, I finish the move off with a sit-down inverted piledriver (Pumphandle Slam - Rikishi Driver)
Originality: The Viagra Driver used by Magnum Tokyo 2/5
Realism: Move looks dangerous and is a good mix of two moves that is not seen that much in the States 3/5
Visuals: See above. 3/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: The Educator
Move Name: The S.A.T.
The Move: I set my opponent up for a reverse DDT (RIGHT SIDE), then hook both of their arms behind their back. I turn to my left, so I reposition both my opponent and I, so he it now above my right shoulder I lower myself to get under my opponent and lift him up on my shoulder. I then flip him forward with his head landing between my legs (reverse pedigree landing)
Originality: Version of a move I used to use, but I can not say I have ever seen or heard of. 4/5
Realism: How the hell do you not break your back putting him on your shoulder? Imagine bending over backwards trying to rise up while holding a dumbbell., people. This is what he's doing. 2/5
Visuals: Looks very weird and can be done without all the dangerous twisting. 2/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Kit Manhattan
Move Name: Manhattan with a twist
The Move: The easiest way to picture it as a reversal of a clothesline. Grabbing their right wrist with my left hand during a right-handed clothesline, I duck under the clothesline and use my right arm to wrap their head up from behind like in a neckbreaker. Keeping their arm straight, I spin inwards and to my left while they also spin (as with Christian's Impaler, 'complimentary spinning' you might call it). Now this spin does nothing but look technical and quite cool (like I'm twisting up my opponents neck), because if you follow the spin through you end up right back where you started. So to stop an observer noticing, I simply complete the move as soon as the spin ends, which gives an overall flowing, purposeful look. The move ends with myself jumping out and my opponent falling backwards so that we each land on our backs, the neckbreaker locked-on during impact.
Originality: Very Matrix-like move. I like it. 4/5
Realism: The move would have to be done with a lot of force to look like the opponent is not willingly spinning with you. Remember that grabbing only one arm will not force someone to spin like that if they don't want to. 2/5
Visuals: Sounds fluid and I know it would probably look like The Last Rites in a way. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Kit Manhattan
Move Name: Manhattan on the Rocks
The Move: First, I grab my opponent around the chest from the front (like a Rock Bottom, only without hooking their arm). I am on their right side. Stepping behind them while bending sideways to the left, I am able to grab their legs (around the shins) and lift them up so that when I stand up straight I have their spine bent across my back. From here it is an effective submission, not unlike a torture rack in it's dynamics, only they are draped backwards against my back. Then I jump and drop them so that they land on their back, I turn about 90 degrees and land with their neck under my arm and we land simultaneously. As with the Manhattan with a Twist, it's hard to describe and it looks better than it sounds.
Originality: I perfectly see the move. It like a lower back Argentine Rack into a Reverse Bulldog. Guess What? I use it! But I'm not going to take that from you. 4/5
Realism: Hard to get them to stay on your back. 3/5
Visuals: A "What the hell is he going to do?" move. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: El Patinador
Move Name: El Burrito
The Move: El Patty sits on their back and pulls their arms back. He then crosses his legs around their arms, bridges back, grabs their ankles and sits up as far as possible. It seems long to do but that's because I explained it step by step.
Originality: My partner use this and it is a modification of the Mexican Surfboard that can be seen on Lucha Libre. 2/5
Realism: Opponent's back hurts from the weight of the person, plus it doesn't look like it even hurts. 1/5
Visuals: Boring to look at, due to a lack of mobility. 1/5
Final Score: 1.3

From: Nick Nardone
Move Name: Nardone Stunner
The Move: Nick sets you up in a reverse DDT. He lifts you up for a reverse suplex then brings you down into a stunner.
Originality: Osaka Stunner or the Street Cutter. 0/5
Realism: Of course the move looks real, but because you're flipping them backwards, you are probably holding on to them tightly to ensure safety. This takes away from the overall impact. 2/5
Visuals: Nice, UNORIGINAL, combination of two moves. 2/5
Final Score: 1.3

From: AfterMath
Move Name: The Swastika
The Move: I grab my opponent as if I were going to DDT him. But instead I jump in the air with him and instead of landing on my back with them (like a normal DDT) I fall face forward on them.
Originality: Michael Hayes invented this move. You should be disgusted. 1/5
Realism: It's a Inverted Diving Reverse DDT. 2/5
Visuals: Picture the amateur wrestling move where they grab you in a front headlock, than fall forwards to keep you in the headlock. 2/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: The Reaper + Freak
Move Name: The Burial
The Move: The Reaper picks the opponent up like a flapjack or 3-D with his head hanging over his shoulder. Freak grabs them by the head and slams them down like a powerslam. One fluid motion.
Originality: So it's a snapmare out of a Flapjack? That's a weird combination of two moves but nonetheless original in MY eyes (meaning, I may not be correct) 3/5
Realism: Do you jump with the snapmare? I mean, what is the use of the other guy holding him in a flapjack? 2/5
Visuals: Still seems like it look weird to me. 2/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Biohazard
Move Name: Syringe
The Move: I flip onto my opponent's shoulder like for Essa Rios's DDT then comes down in an X-Factor
Originality: A common reversal of a powerbomb used by Billy Kidman. 2/5
Realism: As with Essa's DDT, how can you convince someone that you're willingly doing this by yourself? The only way for it to look realistic is if it's a reversal. 1/5
Visuals: Not a stunning move, but not bad either. 3/5
Final Score: 2

From: Biohazard
Move Name: Lethal Injection
The Move: I pick up my opponent like a powerbomb throw them down like a Dominator so they land face down and I come down like an X-Factor
Originality: Kanyon, Juventud Guererra, and some other guy uses this. It's basically a sit-down Dominator. 2/5
Realism: If you have the strength, nothing looks fake about this move. 4/5
Visuals: Looks cool. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Chef McFluffin' The Evil Chef
Move Name: The Bakery
The Move: I get my opponent in a Full Nelson, then I wrap my leg around his(Like I was doing a Russian Leg Sweep) And Sweep them forward and they land on their face or the top of their head.
Originality: Do you watch wrestling or play video games? Do you know who Grandmasta Sexay or Jeff Jarrett is? 1/5
Realism: What's unreal about this? I don't know. 3/5
Visuals: Same impact as a regular Front Russian Leg Sweep. None. 2/5
Final Score: 2

From: Chef McFluffin' The Evil Chef
Move Name: Beat the Batter
The Move: I hold them in a fireman's Carry, then spin around and fling off their legs and land in a stunner (I was told after I made it Marc Mero used it except he did a Diamond Cutter. Oh well, Very cool looking.)
Originality: You're lucky I can't give you zeroes. Or can I? 1/5
Realism: The impact of the swing from Fireman's Carry to jawbreaker is increased. Also, it's relatively easy to do. 3/5
Visuals: Has always been a great move, and I've always liked it. 4/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Ion
Move Name: EMP
The Move: Ion gets the opponent near the corner or standing up, after a kick to the stomach. He jumps from the ground, or off the 2nd rope, and does a flip landing the opponent in a high impact Rocker-Dropper/Fameasser.
Originality: I have heard of this move before. On the board, I think. Anyway, it's a rare move. 4/5
Realism: I don't know how long someone would be bent over from a kick to the stomach. 2/5
Visuals: Cool move. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Well, there you worshipers of mine go. 17 moves reviewed. If you think about it, that's actually garbage. E-mail me! I need way more moves to review (Even though this is very hard)! Peace out!

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