THE ICON'S FILE #4 - By Khristian Kane
Wassup? This is the newest and latest edition of "The Icon's File". I apologize for those who submitted a move and weren't included in this issue. Now, let's get to business, can we?

From: The General
Move Name: That's An Order
The Move: I walk on the ropes (Like Undertakers old school) with me holding their arm. When I come down, instead of a chop to the arm, I give them a DDT.
Originality: Brings back good old memories of my dog Eddie Guerrero, pre-WWF. 3/5
Realism: There's nothing unbelievable about this. They can push you off the rope, but every move can be reversed. 4/5
Visuals: I like the impact and possible snap from a Jumping DDT. If yours is like Eddie's, it's pretty good. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Blaze
Move Name: Fire Cracker
The Move: I put my right hand on my opponents left wrist, my left hand on my opponents right and twist around to their back making their arms create an X like the way Undertaker used to pin people, then I jump up and back wards like a reverse X-factor. The move is good for setting up top rope finishes and works as a finish itself.
Originality: Yeah, my partner and Shane Helms use that. It is a good setup and weak finisher (what I call 2-count finishers). 3/5
Realism: It wouldn't be believable as a finisher, but is a good setup and/or reversal. 4/5
Visuals: It's a straightjacket Corino Driver (reverse X-Factor) 3/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Blaze
Move Name: The Inferno
The Move: If I have the advantage in the match and am going to use the move I pump the crowd up by yelling "step into the inferno" I get them into a super camel clutch but instead of using a chin lock I put my oppnent into a dragon sleeper. The move looks pretty cool as a devestating submission.
Originality: I think that's very original. 5/5
Realism: Looks painful. It's not a move I'd wanna take. 4/5
Visuals: As soon as you said "into a Dragon Sleeper" I laughed to myself. It's plain but very effective and I like it a lot. 5/5
Final Score: 4.6

From: Azaroth
Move Name: Choke Bomb
The Move: When opponent does a front kick with their right leg, I dodge to my left and reach under their right leg with my right arm. I grasp around the throat, and chokeslam them as I sit out with it.
Originality: You modified it a bit since the last time you submitted this. It's basically a Sitout Cradle Bomb. 4/5
Realism: You make it seem like you need the opponent to kick at you in order to do it. Brings that down a point. 3/5
Visuals: Nice variation of the (technically named) Choke Bomb. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Azaroth
Move Name: Az Drop
The Move: We wrestle on a trampoline. I set my opponent up with his head lying on the mat and his legs dangling off the edge of the tramp. I then get a running start, and from the ground I jump up and do a leg drop. Sometimes, I set a chair up and leap off of it to give more height and impact to the move.
Originality: So you legdrop his legs? If so, I'll give you an uneasy 5/5
Realism: That would hurt the hell out of legs, bcuz they're being bent the wrong way. 3/5
Visuals: Not that impressive, very unorthodox. 2/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Azaroth
Move Name: The Necronomicon
The Move: Pump handle into an over the shoulder tombstone piledriver.
Originality: Variation of the Viagra Driver. (or Force Of Nature, depending on where your from). 4/5
Realism: If you have the strength, it's not far-fetched. 4/5
Visuals: High, hard impact. I can tell. Nice. 4/5
Final Score: 4

From: Azaroth
Move Name: Forward AzPlex
The Move: I set my opponent up for a back drop suplex, but I fall forward with them rather than backwards.
Originality: It's a facebuster that the OMEGA teams (Moore and Helms, York and Matthews, the Hardys) do. 3/5
Realism: They think that they're just going backwards, then they just get slingshot back to earth, face first. Decent and believable. 3/5
Visuals: Like I said above, plus the elevation adds to the impact on their face. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

Move Name: RazaBlade
The Move: I catch my opponent as if I was going to go for a Samoan drop but I spin them around and land them into a DDT. (Note from Khristian: I used to wrestle under the name HellRazah, and my finisher was called the RazahBlade)
Originality: Damn near the same move Brian Adams does and Sean O'Haire has recently been doing on TV. 3/5
Realism: This requires decent balance, that's all. 4/5
Visuals: I love DDT's, and this is a very impactful DDT. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

Move Name: Knife in the back
The Move: I catch my opponent as if i was going to go for a samoan drop but I spin them around and land them on their neck so their head is at my hip.
Originality: Is this a Simonizer? If so, 3/5
. Realism: See above move. 4/5
Visuals: Nice move, not that great, but alright. 3/5
Final Score: 3.3

From:Scud Erectus
Move Name: The Fall of Rome
The Move: I have the opponent in an pump-handle slam position in which i crouch a bit lower so I can flip them up over my shoulders. From Here I finish it off with a Samoan Drop Pin.
Originality: I've heard of this move, but I've never quite seen it. Hmm. 4/5
Realism: It's extremely hard to get them into that Fireman's Carry, isn't? 2/5
Visuals: Not Stunning, but it seems hard to do and is probably a surprising move for most. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

Move Name: Solid Gold
The Move: I kick my opponent in mid-section and take both of my arms and place them under their arm pits and hook my hands behind their head, causing them to be placed in a reverse full nelson. While we are still hooked, i lift them up and and i fall on my knees causing my shoulder to be under their chin when i land and their chin hits my shoulder.
Originality: I looked at this for half an hour before I got this. Why? The boot to the gut is totally unnecessary and thew everything off for me. Yet, it still original. 5/5
Realism: This looks totally awkward and has many components that are pointless in being in the move. (i.e., Boot to the gut, The reverse full nelson itself) 2/5
Visuals: Probably takes a while to set up. 2/5
Final Score: 3

From: Peter J
Move Name: The PJ DDT
The Move: Kick to the opponents stomach, Grab opponents arm (right) and set them in a Pumphandle position. I Grab their right hand (now between their legs) with my left and put my right arm around their neck (as in a DDT). Now I quickly lift them high with their right arm, inverting the DDT and jump back and land the DDT.
Originality: I guess great minds think alike (I used to do that move) 4/5
Realism: Why do all of that when you can just set up the DDT, then put his arm between his legs? The Pumphandle adds more realism to the lift, though. 3/5
Visuals: It actually looks like your lifting his body (which it doesn't look like by grabbing his tights like Gangrel), and you can add as much altitude as needed. Good impact as well. 4/5
Final Score:3.6

From: Peter J
Move Name: The Spike
The Move: Get opponent in a powerbomb position. Grab his hands and straighten his arms out to either side. Now I reach under their body (still holding their arms) and place all four of the hands on their stomach, around waist height (At this point my belly and chin are touching their back). Now I stand up allowing my knees to bend forward as I lift my opponent verticle, at which point I do a little jump and drop to my knees creating a pile driver-like effect. I finish the move tombstone style by easing their body forward onto the floor.
Originality: The second move we share in common. A straightjacket Ganso Bomb. 4/5
Realism: The straightjacket actually makes the move less stable and more dangerous. 2/5
Visuals: Of course it has a shocking end to it (If you drop them on their head) But it's still just a minor modification to the Ganso Bomb. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Biohazard
Move Name: Syringe II
The Move: Either I kick my opponent in the stomach or my partner holds my opponent bent over. Then I go behind them and do a flip over them and catch them in the Impaler (Tomakaze, Unprettier, whatever). I can also bounce off the ropes before the front flip to add velocity.
Originality: Nice move, but I've heard and seen similar moves. 3/5
Realism: Probably hard to hook their arms in mid-flip, but it's not unbelievably hard. 4/5
Visuals: Nice spin on the a pretty bland move. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Biohazard
Move Name: The Sideshow
The Move: My opponent is on the ground face-down and I stand by their head. I waist lock my opponent then lift them up and powerbomb them.
Originality: OK, a deadlift powerbomb. I don't want to, but I've never heard of it b4, so 5/5
Realism: You will break your back one day doing this. They can assist lying face down. 1/5
Visuals: A visually impressive power move. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Freak
Move Name: The Freakout
The Move: You pick up your opponent like for a Fall-away Slam with their head towards your left. Spin them legs toward head and slam them like either a Rock Bottom or like a lariat bulldog.
Originality: Someone from WOW and different independent wrestlers do this. 4/5
Realism: When you swing the opponent around, it doesn't always look forced, if you know what I mean. It's not supposed to look assisted, which most of the time it does. 2/5
Visuals: Nice reversal of a Body Press or something. It's OK as it's own move too. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Freak
Move Name: Filipino Facebuster
The Move: Pick up you opponent like an Atomic Drop all the way up then slam them forward face first.
Originality: This is a Flapjack. 0/5
Realism: It will look assisted if your not some humongous guy. Especially without the running start. 2/5
Visuals: Not stunning. Looks like something Big Ho would do. 2/5
Final Score: 1.3

From: Jarrek Race
Move Name: Crimson Cactus
The Move: You grab the guy in a double underhook. Like your going for a double arm DDT. Instead of dropping what you do is twist them. It bends like an abdominal stretch but not really. Oh hell it stretches them out and it looks painful.
Originality: I believe this is called the Butterfly Lock. 3/5
Realism: It's a good move for a takeover or submission. Easy to do, but also easy to wrench the opposition's arms. 3/5
Visuals: Not stunning, but is good for technical wrestling. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Yuriel Sinister
Move Name: Welcome to Hell
The Move: With your back to the opponent's back, you grab their neck and flip them over your shoulder backwards into a DDT.
Originality: Quite original. Almost like an inverted snapmare. 4/5
Realism: I'd be real stupid to say it doesn't look dangerous (It's damn near a submission). I usually take down points for that, but the move is done pretty quick so the danger factor doesn't last long. 4/5
Visuals: From the clip I was shown, the move wasn't done as "technically sound" as it should be, but It still had nice impact and had a good reaction from onlookers. 3/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: HEX
Move Name: Half Nelson Hexed DDT
The Move: Apply Full Nelson. Lift as if you were going for a Full Nelson Slam, then in midair, shift the hold into a Half Nelson. From there, lock the opponent's head, spin them around (while still in the air, and DDT them.
Originality: My Raw Hell DDT is done by someone else?! Noooooooooo! 4/5
Realism: The move is harder to do to bigger opponents, and sometimes the person taking it lands sideways instead of straight down (basically, lots of room to mess up) 3/5
Visuals: The spin of the Half Nelson into DDT forces the opponent to spiral down, adding to the impact. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Timberwolf
Move Name: Wolf Bite
The Move: I start out with my opponent bent over (from a midsection kick). I then grab around their waist (like for a Gut Wrench Suplex. I lift them up into a powerbomb Position. Then I release them and on the way down position my hand around their neck like in a Choke Slam.
Originality: I've heard of similar moves. 3/5
Realism: It confuses me as to which arm you use to choke slam them after you use both arms to powerbomb them. I don't know, it's just a little weird. 3/5
Visuals: It seems like a pretty cool move to me, it's probably devastating seeing as this guy is 6'4" 290 lbs., you know? 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: ZeRo
Move Name: ZeRo Hour
The Move: DDT Setup from chair, second rope, or anything from similar height. Swing to your left (away from victim's body) so that the mess of you does a 180. Then plant them as you come down from the extra 1 1/2 ft- 2ft.
Originality: A damn Tornado DDT? And with your illiteracy I could hardly understand what the move was. 2/5
Realism: All tornado DDT's are assisted and is very hard to pull off without help. Therefore, it's not a very realistic move. 2/5
Visuals: Nothing new that we haven't seen in the last seven years. 2/5
Final Score: 2

From: ZeRo
Move Name: Ground ZeRo
The Move: Frontflip into a bulldog. The trick to this is to just barely touch the victim's head, or else their neck will snap like a twig.
Originality: I have heard of and seen this move many times. 2/5
Realism: If you barely touch their head, that doesn't look like the move connected to me. 2/5
Visuals: The real trick is to land right with the move, not barely touch their head. If you did that, you'd get a higher score. 3/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: D'Jigga
Move Name: Jiggabomb
The Move: DDT set up, but follow through with a jackknife powerbomb flip to the right shoulder. Hold the victim up for effect, then toss them forward like an outsider's edge, where they take a back drop.
Originality: A Front Chancery Powerbomb. A modified Orange Crush. 3/5
Realism: Without the leverage of having their arm over your shoulder, it seems very unlikely that you can lift someone by their head/neck over your shoulder. 3/5
Visuals: It's a cool move that requires a decent amount of power to throw far enough so they don't land back first on your shoulder. Good impact. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Joke
Move Name: Laughing Moon
The Move: Set up with a kick to the gut. Then, with opponent facing rope, you do a backflip off of the second rope. As you come back, your elbow joint makes contact with their head. you fall on your stomach, they take a back blow. As you land, you MUST roll away so you don't put force on the victim's head upon landing.
Originality: What the hell is the use of going through heaven, hell, and all of Earth just to hit them with an elbow to the back of the head? As much as I hate the move, it's very original. 5/5
Realism: The backflip is completely unnecessary and no one will stay bent over for that long from a kick to the gut. 2/5
Visuals: Probably stunning to you (and possibly others), but I vehemently don't like this move. 2/5
Final Score: 3

From: Trajidy
Move Name: Spine Adjuster
The Move: Opponent stands facing corner. Stand up on top corner. Go into a jackhammer setup. then turn 180, coming into a DDT.
Originality: I'm not sure about this move, but you stand on the second rope, lift them off the mat in a suplex, then turn and DDT them? 4/5
Realism: How do you get the leverage to vertically lift them off the mat while your on the second rope? I don't know about this move. 3/5
Visuals: Probably a nice, high impact move (weird as it is). 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Jimmy D.
Move Name: Million Dollar Massacre
The Move: Put the opponent in a gorilla press after a rope run, then an outsiders edge, but instead of a pin, it goes into a reverse boston crab...
Originality: Is this a combo? Very confusing. Out of default, you get a 3/5
. Realism: I really don't know what type of move this is. If it's all one move,… bless you. 3/5
Visuals: How can I grade visuals? Son, you need to send me a clip so I can re-review this move. 1/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Cory
Move Name: Metal Edge
The Move: Lift the opponent up after a rope run. Both people must be square to each other. As the opponent comes down, you end it in the same manner as the Laughing Moon (backflip off the ropes into an elbow to the back of the head).
Originality: Ok, a flapjack followed by that crazy move from earlier. 3/5
Realism: The flapjack adds a little more sense to the move because while they're recovering from the Flapjack, you can complete the move. 4/5
Visuals: Looks like a spot more than one move. The flapjack has varying impact depending on how high you lift the opponent. Meanwhile, that stupid backflip elbow damns everything to hell. 2/5
Final Score: 3

From: Greg Grenade
Move Name: Grenade Drop
The Move: Apply Cobra Clutch, lift up, and at the apex, release and quickly turn it into a neckbreaker.
Originality: Never heard of anything like this before. 5/5
Realism: I'm skeptical that you release a Cobra Clutch (a move where your arms are all intertwined with your opponent's) in midair fast enough to effectively execute the neckbreaker. 2/5
Visuals: This is not a bad move to look at. Sounds like something Nova or Kanyon would do (which is a compliment). 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: SyPHiN
Move Name: Deadly Sin
The Move: First, I hook their arms and turn around so i am in the position for Christian's face buster. then I lift them up and hold them for a second or two. next i drop them down, grab their waist, and fall down with them... its kind of like a double underhook behind the back powerbomb...I think.
Originality: It's a Vertebreaker (a.k.a. Kudo Bomb or Gory Special Bomb) with a slightly modified setup. 3/5
Realism: This move can go real wrong real easy. Plus from the Unprettier position, they'd have to flip up your back to get in the right position. We all know that's not realistic. 2/5
Visuals: The finish to the move always makes me grab for air because you never know if the victim if going to land. The ending is impactful; and folds up the victim. 4/5
Final Score: 3

From: Halloween and Hobgoblin
Move Name: Fullmoon Fever
The Move: Your opponent is hoisted up onto your partner's shoulders ala doomsday device/scream machine. Your other partner goes to the adjacent turnbuckle. Your partner moves back until he's right near the turnbuckle... Your partner on the top rope digs his head into your opponent's shoulderblades and double chickenwing's the opponent's arms behind their back. The partner on the top rope flips over still hooking the chickenwing which should now transform into an impaler, and as they fall your partner drops him off his shoulders and sits down, performing an electric chair drop. Basically it's a Flipping Tomikaze/Scream machine Combo
Originality: I never heard of it. 5/5
Realism: The only difficult part of this move is pushing the victim off your shoulders fast enough to land right with the Unprettier. But that's easy to do. 5/5
Visuals: Very Impactful, wery agile and powerful move in one. 5/5
Final Score: 5

From: The Green Goblyn
Move Name: Goblyn's Guillotine
The Move: It will start from a firemen's carry or DVD setup which ever you want to call it, with there head over by my right shoulder. From there with quick thrust motion of my legs to help throw them over my head verticaly, with my left arm fully extending or pretty close to it it looks like a over head press done with one arm only so that they are flipping down to the ground (or mat) onto their back. ((For heavier opponents I use a swinging motion al'a The TKO by Marc Mero but still use the neckbreacker finish with was only twice I've had to do it and it was on the same opponent who weighed in at a very REAL 240 give or take 10 lbs. in 2 seperate matches.)) While en-route to the ground I still have their head in a kind of headlock, then I clear my legs out like a diamond cutter and hold on to the head and hit the ground at the same time as my opponent giving them one hell of a neckbreacker. I broke the move down to explaine every aspect in reality once in the firemen's carry it is a very quick move with both of us hitting the ground (or mat) at the same time you get a pretty good sound from the impact. Also being a legit 6'4" 185lbs. helps because my opponent is falling from a pretty good distance so it looks like it really hurts but if you bump right it's not to bad (I've tasted it myself).
Originality: Damn, all that to say it's a DVD into neckbreaker? I should shoot you. Not that original anyway. 3/5
Realism: Don't take much to do this except a little shifting of your body from going sideways like a DVD to going backwards like a vertical suplex... 4/5
Visuals: The move is impactful, as you said, it's cool. 3/5
Final Score: 3.6

That's all folks, I hope you learned something today. Oh yeah, if there are any feds out of Charlotte, NC, please e-mail me. When you submit moves, put them in the format you see on the page, and no more submissions in all caps!
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