THE ICON'S FILE #5 - By Khristian Kane
New Icon's File! 'Nuff said! Let's get to business!

From: Prez Meth
Move Name: The Pink Slip
The Move: I put my opponent on the ground and I climb the turnbuckle, give a little pose for Charisma, and do a front flip, but instead of doing a moonsault I land on my butt creating a Top rope Front Flip Leg Drop, also creating the pink slip.
Originality:: I like this a lot. I once thought of a move like this but with a different ending. It's raw and original. 5/5
Realism: The only danger of this move is if you are tall enough, you might land headfirst on the mat when your thighs bounce off the turnbuckle. 4/5
This is a very athletic move. It's a top rope front flip into an front flip leg drop off the turnbuckle ropes. 'Nuff Said. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: The PHAT Man
Move Name: Blood Thirsty
The Move: You get your opponent up in a TKO position. You swing him around but instead of hitting his with a TKO and his face hitting the ground you swing him into a sit down pile-driver.
Originality:: The Amityville Horror, Whiplash, whatever. 2/5
Realism: Not hard to do, not an unbelievable maneuver, requires no assistance. 5/5
Nice, quick move. Can be impactful. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Afterlife
Move Name: D.C.
The Move: My helper whips our opponent into the ropes and as they bounce off, he lifts them up like the 3D. I grab my opponent's head and I hit them with a ddt as all 3 of us fall onto the ground.
Originality:: The Problem Solver by Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond, I believe. 3/5
Realism: Not an unrealistic move, it's just hard to jump, lock a DDT, and fall right with the momentum, all at the same time. 3/5
It's impactful, and comes out of nowhere. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: The Innovator
Move Name: The Innovator Experience
The Move: I pick my opponent up in a scoop slam only holding their head as the land in a inverted DDT position. From there, I drop into a head hold backbreaker (ala Christian). Then, maintaining the head hold, I drop into an inverted DDT falling on my stomach. After hoisting my opponent up one last time I roll under the opponent causing me to land on my back and my opponent on their stomach. They land like an Ace Crusher. The three moves are done at a seamless and high speed.
Originality:: Emerald Erosion, followed by Reverse Chancery Neckbreaker, followed by Roll the Dice (or The Last Rites, or Spin Doctor, whatever). 5/5
Realism: That will kill someone if done to fast without enough time for preparation (especially on the last move). 2/5
Very nice combo of three diverse moves out of the same position... 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: The Innovator
Move Name: Bulldog/DDT combo
The Move: I grapple my opponent in a head lock (with my right arm) and run up the turnbuckle and hit a turnaround bulldog. Immediately, after hitting the move we both stand up while I continue to hold the headlock. Then, I spin around and hit a quick DDT (with my left arm).
Originality:: Finally, someone else thought of the Bulldog into DDT. I still credit myself the originator of that move. 4/5
Realism: The combo is not that hard to pull off, and there is no real obvious danger here. 4/5
It's just two moves in conjunction. Nothing special, nothing lackluster. 3/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: The Innovator
Move Name: The Sensation of Innovation
The Move: One man grabs his opponent into a lift up reverse body scissors. The other applies an Ace Crusher to the opponents head while the opponent is lifted by his partner. With good timing the two drop. The one man holding the opponent sits down and the other falls into an Ace Crusher.
Originality:: I'm going to guess this is a Reverse Powerbomb/Stunner or Diamond Cutter. 3/5
Realism: If the Ace Crusher you refer to is a Stunner, and not a Diamond Cutter, the danger level rises a lot. The person taking the move while be positioned awkwardly if his lower half is being brought down by your partner, yet your bending his neck up on your shoulder with the Stunner. 2/5
Nice Impact, though I think I've seen this move too many times to like it anymore. 3/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Gatlin Gunn
Move Name: Face Buster
The Move: First, you get your opponent in a front facelock and then you hook their pants or tights or whatever they've got for added leverage and you lift them almost vertical if you can and then bring them down on your knee face first.
Originality:: (Why do I even do this?) 0/5
Realism: The move is not hard to do or dangerous. 4/5
No impact, very basic move. No fun watching it. 1/5
Final Score: 1.6

From: Gatlin Gunn
Move Name: Swinging Spine Buster
The Move: you get your opponent in a fireman's carry and then you hook their legs and swing them down into a spine buster/sky high. either one will work
Originality:: My DVS Driver, currently being used in the WWF by Sean O'Haire. (I used it first, nah nah…or did I?) 3/5
Realism: It's harder to land in a Sky High than it is to land in the regular spinebuster. 3/5
Very high impact and of course I like the way the move looks if I use it myself. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Nate
Move Name: The Final Thought
The Move: I get my opponent in an arm lock, so there arm is wrenched behind there back, then with my free arm i ddt them.
Originality:: Chickerwing DDT. 3/5
Realism: The armlock adds nothing to the move, if you think about it. So it's a plain DDT. 2/5
Read above. 3/5
Final Score: 2

From: Nate
Move Name: The Box Cutter.
The Move: I kick my opponent in the gut, or have someone hold there head down, then I back up about 7 feet, run, do a somersault, do a flip and land it in a fame-asser.
Originality:: Flipping Fame Asser. 3/5
Realism: It's always hard to believe that someone will stayed bent over for that long. 3/5
It's an alright move. Doesn't really add to the impact, though. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Sid Sadistic
Move Name: Bone Spur
The Move: First you hoist your opponent into the air in a power bomb then I drop to one knee and power bomb them on to my knee.
Originality:: It's a new backbreaker I've seen a lot. I think it originated in Japan, though. 2/5
Realism: It's nothing unrealistic about this. 4/5
The move is a shocking end to what many people will think is a powerbomb. It's bone jarring and a good hurrancanrana reversal. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: HEX
Move Name: Doomsday Elbow Drop
The Move: A personal favorite and crowd one for that matter move of mine for the past 3 years is my 360 corkscrew elbow drop off the top. simple leap off the top turnbuckle or a higher point and then rotate in a corkscrew manner till you come back around and lay the elbow into the opponent in the chest.
Originality:: I have heard of this move somewhat. 4/5
Realism: It's hard to target your landing when your just spinning around in the air without really being able to control ya 'delf (Dunn Language). 2/5
The move is kinda acrobatic looking looking. Most likely you won't always land how you're supposed to bcuz of what I said above. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: HEX
Move Name: The Dragula
The Move: The move is basically simple but adding a table is key. Either have a table set adjacent to the turnbuckles or outside of the ring but leave good spacing for more thrill. Then on a higher plateau (buckles or ring), lift you opponent onto a shoulder (belly down). Then leap off while forcing your opponent off your shoulder to take the brunt of the impact on the table with yourself on top.
Originality:: (I did you a little favor in the move description) I never heard of the move. 5/5
Realism: The move is a Fireman's Carry into a midair Body Press through a table. It's dangerous for the person taking it, for they are going through the table supporting their weight and yours. 3/5
It's an impressive high-flying, hardcore move. 4/5
Final Score: 4

From: Chris Conway
Move Name: Timebomb
The Move: I get them up on my shoulder like a press slam, and put their arm closest to me behind my arm. I then proceed to flip them down, and falling on my butt, making it look more impactful. So basically, it's a press slam flipped violently into a sideslam.
Originality:: More like a POWER slam into a sideslam. 3/5
Realism: The snap out of the power slam into the side slam straight into the mat (or ground) adds a nice amount of impact to the move. 4/5
We've all seen moves similar to this, it's not finisher material (I doubt it's your finisher anyway), but it's a solid, impactful move that can be as fast as you want it. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Hardcore Jack
Move Name: Jack-Off
The Move: Get them up in an electric-chair position(sitting on your shoulders) and drops them backwards, and quickly turn around while they are falling, and grab their legs falling forward on their legs, holding it for a pin. This is an awesome move if done quickly. But be careful, because if you push them backwards to hard, they will land on their head.
Originality:: It's similar to the reversal where someone attempts a spinning Hurrancanrana on you and you turn it into a powerbomb. 4/5
Realism: You have to be really fast and cautious to turn all the way around b4 the victim falls, then catch the person safely enough for them to not land on their head. 2/5
It looks like a new Millenium version of the Electric Chair Drop. It has a lot of impact, it's just hard to not almost hurt the person taking it. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Velle
Move Name: Vellicious Ice
The Move: While opponent is laying down on their back I climb to the top rope with my back facing the ring and then I jump backwards and do a 450 splash. It's like a reverse shooting star press.
Originality:: It's been done. 4/5
Realism: It's realistic enough. 4/5
Quite an awesome sight. Especially since people think normal 450's are great. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: Whipper Watson
Move Name: Whiplash
The Move: Start off in a powerbomb then lift opponent onto my right shoulder. Grab underneath their chin with my left hand and whip them down into an implant DDT (A Dominator into the Raven Effect).
Originality:: My partner and several Indy guys use this. Not to mention, other BYWers. 3/5
Realism: The fact that you pull them down by the chin makes the move more dangerous. It's better to lock the torso or an arm with one of yours, and lock the chin with the other. 2/5
Just when they think they're going up, right back down. Nice impact. 4/5
Final Score: 3

From: Anthrax
Move Name: The Epidemic
The Move: Start off in a reverse suplex on the right side. Then I lift them up onto my left shoulder while still holding their head on my right side. Cup their head. I then kick my right leg out, jump up and drop them down on their head/neck/shoulders.
Originality:: Almost the Michinoku Driver IIB. 3/5
Realism: It's a reverse brainbuster/Emerald Erosion like move. Which can be dangerous, but not too much. 4/5
Two high impact moves together equal one very impactful move. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Byron L.
Move Name: "BANG" Bomb
The Move: you set the opponent up like the dominator or gut-wrench power bomb and when you lift the opponent up you drop them like Road Dogg's pumphandle drop simple yet devastating.
Originality:: A Doctor Bomb, and also a Shawn Stasiak staple. 2/5
Realism: It's like you just lift and toss. 3/5
You've all seen this in Acclaim wrestling games. Good move. 3/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Loko
Move Name: Lokomotion
The Move: It is a reverse Samoan drop, they land on the front of their bodies instead of their backs.
Originality:: Weird move, indeed. Never heard of it. 5/5
Realism: It's realistic bcuz you can do the move out of nowhere without assistance (though it might hurt without it). 4/5
It's aiight, decent impact. 3/5
Final Score: 4

From: Justin Sane
Move Name: J-Bomb
The Move: It is a leg drop off of the turnbuckle/ladder where I tuck in like when you do a cannonball jumping into the pool, and at the last second put my legs out for the leg drop.
Originality:: Some smaller luchadors use this version for their legdrops. 2/5
Realism: Adds "virtual" impact to the move because the cannonball's release. In reality, adds nothing. 2/5
It's a good, preferably fast, high-flying move. But should be nowhere near a finisher. 3/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Commentator Bob
Move Name: The Bobbinator
The Move: Real simple. You get him in a dragon sleeper, lift him by the pants, and drop him down on your knee. The proper selling of this move makes it look real nice.
Originality:: Chris Benoit takes credit for this. 3/5
Realism: The lift adds impact to the move but even if done right, it can paralyze. 3/5
Nothing shocking or exciting. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Intimidator & Flex Johnson
Move Name: The Muscler
The Move: its a double team. You set him up for a volleyball spike powerbomb, but hold him up. For the crowd you count out loud "3 2 ,1, muscles!" into a sit down powerbomb/neckbreaker.
Originality:: Old move. I believe originated by Kanyon (when he was Mortis) and Wrath back in '96. If not, then by someone earlier. 1/5
Realism: This is the move that broke one of the Villanos' necks when executed with too much impact by Kanyon and Raven. Very dangerous. 2/5
A good tandem move with solid (think of Villano IV) impact. 4/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Big Bad Beastie
Move Name: Beastly Slam
The Move: Keep in mind, its a comical character who pulls this off. He picks the guy up for a chokeslam, but acts like he's too weak, and falls backward, the guy landing on his face.
Originality:: This move is funny. It's similar to Kanyon's third (current) version of the Flatliner. 4/5
Realism: The possible impact is somewhat lost bcuz it's not like you would/can really pull someone down to the mat face first by their throats, without hurting them that is. 2/5
It's a comedic move that serves it's purpose. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Mourawn
Move Name: Mourawn Driver
The Move: You pick the guy up in a fireman's carry, but move your right arm and push them down, so their legs are on your left shoulder, but their upper body is on your right side, right by your hips. you drop down sideways, and they take it like a DVD.
Originality:: Very weird move. Fireman's Carry into a N.L. Driver (Snow Plow). 5/5
Realism: The Fireman's Carry is very unnecessary. 2/5
The base move (The Snow Plow part) is high impact. The Fireman's Carry slows the whole move down, though. 3/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: The Mourawn Exprezz
Move Name: Mourawn Exprezz Elevator to Hell
The Move: It's a double fisherman's stalling brainbuster.
Originality:: I'm guessing this is a double team. 3/5
Realism: A tandem of an already legendary move. Not great, though. 3/5
The move has nice impact. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Lord Assassin
Move Name: Assassinator
The Move: Get him in a Cobra Clutch, then run and bulldog him from it.
Originality:: Bam Bam Bigelow. 3/5
Realism: The Cobra Clutch is useless bcuz his own arms and yours are blocking his face from even looking like it hit the ground. 2/5
Read above. The move hardly has impact anyway. 1/5
Final Score: 2

From: Lone Wolf
Move Name: Full Moon Eclipse
The Move: The victim lies on his back, you pick up his legs under your arms (like a Boston Crab) except you face away from him. You turn him over, into kind of a Liontamer (Walls of Jericho), except he is bend around the back of you.
Originality:: Kanyon spoiled this for you on Monday. I guess you've been using this longer than him, though. It's still not completely original. 3/5
Realism: You can't really make the move look like it hurts bcuz their legs are so high. The move is actually much more painful than the Liontamer, though. 4/5
Like I said, there's not much you can do to emphasize the move or you'll end up really hurting the person. 2/5
Final Score: 3

From: Steel Will
Move Name: Steel Spike
The Move: You pick him up for a spinebuster, but hold him all the way back by his legs, so he's hanging behind you. Then you swing him forward, into a sitdown-spinebuster. It doesn't seem too practical, but this guy is strong enough to pull it off.
Originality:: Kanyon once again ruins a move for somebody. That's the umpteenth time today Actually, the move (with and without the sitdown part ) is quite common these days (Austin, Holly, Booker T, etc.). 3/5
Realism: The sitdown calms the impact somewhat. 3/5
It's like a high impact Sky High/Rydeen Bomb, which is always a hot move. 3/5
Final Score: 3

29 more in the bag. GAME OVER. I'm out.
'The Immortal Icon"
Khristian Kane

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