THE ICON'S FILE #6 - By Khristian Kane
This is the Dark Apostle, Immortal Icon, G.O.D., whatever, Khristian Kane, with the new Icon's File. I was being extremely lazy about the column or else it would've been sent in the day after the last one was posted. Oh well, be glad it's here now and enjoy the show.

Name: The Faz
Move Name: Straight Jacket
The Move: I Grab each hand and wrap them around the person, like a straight jacket. Then I place my knee in their back for leverage and to add pain. This can be done on the ground or standing up.
ORIGINALITY: A variation of the kneeling surfboard. This is used by others, though sparingly. 4/5
REALISM: The straightjacket adds a lot of "logical" stress and strain to the move, "hurting" the opponent more. 5/5
VISUALS: Of course no submission is exciting to look at, but this is a good move. 4/5
Final Score: Sometimes less is more. 4.3

Name: The Faz
Move Name: Shock Doctor
The Move: I kick them in the stomach to bend them over, then I turn around grab their head above mine, and drop to my butt. It's like a reverse Jaw Breaker or a Stunner on the head instead of shoulder.
ORIGINALITY: My partner uses this, and that counts. (for like a .8 of a point). 4/5
REALISM: The move really has no impact, and will probably hurt you more than the victim in real life. 2/5
VISUALS: It's the equivalent of Jeff Hardy's split-legged Jawbreaker. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: Kold
Move Name: Kold Drop
The Move: Pick 'em up like a DVD then bring your opponent down and land like a if you did a sit down powerslam.
ORIGINALITY: The Whiplash (Lash Leroux), and Ivory's finisher. Oh yeah, the Amityville Horror. 2/5
REALISM: It's an added impact to what is really a Mich. Driver. 4/5
VISUALS: The move is not anything we haven't seen in the last 4 years, but it's not bad to look at. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: Kold
Move Name: Kold Driver
The Move: Put opponent in a piledriver position, then instead of grabbing under the waist, grab in the knee pits and do a pile driver from there.
ORIGINALITY: Weird version of the Cradle Driver. 4/5
REALISM: A piledriver is a very dangerous move. What the hell type of grip do you have on the person taking the move? Only elevates the danger level. 1/5
VISUALS: It's a weird looking move. Not really tight. 2/5
Final Score: 2.3

Name: Kold
Move Name: Absolute Zero
The Move: put arm across chest like a rock bottom, but do a chokeslam instead.
ORIGINALITY: Uranage. The Base move of the Rock Bottom. In nature, it's still a chokeslam. Also, The Rock basically did this move to Shawn Stasiak on Smackdown or Raw. 2/5
REALISM: It's a chokeslam, and the Rock Bottom-ness of it doesn't change anything. 2/5
VISUALS: Read both above. 2/5
Final Score: 2

Name: Kold
Move Name: The 11th Hour
The Move: Opponent is lying down face up, you do a 180 backflip and land in a leg drop position.
ORIGINALITY: My partner does a variation of this so great it must never be revealed. The move was originated by 2 Cold Scorpio (from the top rope). I never heard of standing version, though. 3/5
REALISM: The move is actually hard to do off the top, and Scorpio is the only person I've ever seen do it off the top. So off the ground, I know it has to be very strenuous, and everything must be perfect to do it correctly. 3/5
VISUALS: The move is nice to look at. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

Name: Justin Phyre
Move Name: Phyre Bomb
The Move: Justin picks up the opponent like he's going to do a Tombstone. The victim's arms are wrapped around Justin's legs from the inside. Justin then drops to the ground, pushing the victim out so that he lands on his back, creating a pin like TAKA uses to finish off the Michinoku Driver.
ORIGINALITY: Innovative variation of the Inverted Piledriver (a.k.a. The Owen Hart Austin Killer J). 5/5
REALISM: I don't how the victim's arm can be wrapped from the inside of your legs (unless they're double-jointed. 3/5
VISUALS: It's like a Tombstone Pancake (where the opponent is dropped on his back instead of his head) except the sit-out is added to it. Decent impact. 3/5
Final Score: 3.6

Name: Justin Phyre
Move Name: Phyre Truck
The Move: Justin bends the opponent down in a setup for piledriver/powerbomb/whatever else. He hooks the arms of the opponent like he's going to Pedigree them. He jumps into the air, and releases his arms, but as he does this, he brings his legs up under them, and then lands, with the opponent landing on the side of his face (otherwise, he would have multiple broken bones in his face from the impact.). Landing with the legs under the arms, he wraps them around the victims back, creating a double-chicken wing with his legs, stretching the chest and other areas.
ORIGINALITY: Very innovative combination of the Sit-Out Pedigree and an Inverted Leg Full Nelson (or Double Chickenwing). 5/5
REALISM: I don't see how this move doesn't break your ass upon landing, but other than that, it's only flaw is that the landing of the move is very loose. 3/5
VISUALS: The move is impactful and displays a rarely (if ever seen) submission. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

Name: Justin Phyre
Move Name: Phyre Extinguisher
The Move: The victim is lying on their back. Justin grabs the victim's right leg and steps over like he's going to do a figure four. While the leg is bent around Phyre's leg, he steps over again and rolls over the victim, creating a move similar to an STF, but with an extra twist and no facelock. I end up facing towards the victim's head instead of the feet.
ORIGINALITY: This move is used, somewhat commonly, but the technical name of it escapes me at the moment. 2/5
REALISM: The double twisting of the leg is very painful and you don't have to do much to sell it. 4/5
VISUALS: Once again, most submissions are boring to look at, and this meets that standard. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: Justin Phyre (and partner of choice)
Move Name: Holy Crap
The Move: The partner bends over in between the victim's legs like he is going to be powerbombed/piledriven himself. He then stands up so that the victim is on his shoulders in a reverse Electric Chair Drop set-up, with the partner holding around the stomach so that the victim doesn't slide off. Justin then jumps off the nearest turnbuckle and onto the opponents shoulders, and then proceeds to do a hurricanrana.
ORIGINALITY: I've never heard of the move. 5/5
REALISM: The victim is in a slanted position on your partner's shoulders, so that takes away head space for you to swing through with the hurrancanrana. 3/5
VISUALS: Hot. Very nice move. 4/5
Final Score: 4

Name: Enigma
Move Name: Heaven's Downfall.
The Move: I hold my opponent in a reverse DDT position, (under my left arm) Then swing my right leg over their body and when it reaches their neck/high chest area I drop into a legdrop. It's a painless move that can be performed on anyone.
ORIGINALITY: I received this move and do it myself. Sorry dog. 3/5
REALISM: If you can get your leg straight up in the air, yes this move is very easy to do. 4/5
VISUALS: Imagine a Nightmare on Helms Street, where you use your leg to fall instead your other arm. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

Name: Enigma
Move Name: The Enigmatic
The Move: I set my opponent up for a Rock Bottom, but then I knee them in the gut. I then swing my leg over their body so they're facing the ground with their head between my legs, then I hook their arms and do a pedigree.
ORIGINALITY: Complete waste of The Rock Bottom set-up. It's just a plain Pedigree. 0/5
REALISM: Like I said it's a Pedigree, so it's realistic. 3/5
VISUALS: Pedigree. 3/5
Final Score: If the Pedigree wasn't a good move, I'd give you a zero. 2

Name: Hurricane
Move Name: Natural Disaster
The Move: I get you on your back and I lock on a sharpshooter only I'm on 1knee then I jump up and down slamming your knees on the ground until you submit ORIGINALITY: Ha. 5/5
REALISM: Very comedic move. 3/5
VISUALS: This shish is hilarious. 3/5
Final Score: If someone did this to me in a match, I'd die laughing. 3.6

From: Nate
Move Name: Mortality Test
The Move: Stand behind the opponent, and pick him/her up into a reverse Michinoku Driver (II), and slam them into a X-factor
ORIGINALITY: I use this, and there are similar moves. 3/5
REALISM: The original setup is weird (unless you grab them in a back suplex), but it adds impact to the X-Factor. 4/5
VISUALS: Very good move and a surprise to most. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

Name: HEX
Move Name: Deadly Force
The Move: You lock on the cobra clutch and wrap you leg around theirs so they can be given a Russian Leg Sweep while in the clutch. The move can end there or after then move hold on and shift your body over again so you have a pin on them
ORIGINALITY: The Million Dollar Buster by Ted Dibiase, and the Swing Thing by Johnny Swinger. 2/5
REALISM: A nice addition to the Russian Leg Sweep that makes the move nearly irreversible. 4/5
VISUALS: A tangled-up Russian Leg Sweep. Same impact and everything. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: HEX
Move Name: Inverted Scoop Slam
The Move: Just like a regular scoop slam but instead you have the opponent's back facing you and you grapple like a scoop slam and they will be landing belly side first
ORIGINALITY: There are similar moves. 3/5
REALISM: The original setup is weird (unless you grab them in a back suplex), but the move is still quite effective. 4/5
VISUALS: A standard move, but the Dominator is still the best variation of this type of move. 2/5
Final Score: 3

From: Zen
Move Name: Instant Karma
The Move: Pick up like body slam, swing around into a power rock bottom.
ORIGINALITY: I reviewed a move like this recently. Widely used. 3/5
REALISM: The swing of the move does not look forced most of the time, so the evident cooperation flaws the move. 3/5
VISUALS: It's basically a Rock Bottom where their feet never touches the ground from setup to end. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: The Crippler
Move Name: The Paralyzer Clutch
The Move: Put them in a body clutch position (i.e. set up for the Rock Bottom/STO) but with your free hand slip it around his leg inside/closest to you. Lift opponent up as in Rock Bottom, but then move your hand from the opponent's shoulder to the middle of his chest and push him down like Farooq's spinebuster. While still hooking his leg (you have to bend with your opponent a little but or else you put all the impact of the move on his head/neck). So now the opponent should be on the ground, facing up with you having one of his legs hooked. Now here's where I can go different ways, usually I go for a Sharpshooter, but for gimmick purposes I've used a Texas Cloverleaf and a Walls of Jericho/Boston Crab. That's it.
ORIGINALITY: A big, more impactful twist on Jericho's usual takedown. 5/5
REALISM: The move is carefully structured so you can transition from move to the next. Goo ring psychology. 5/5
VISUALS: A Uranage-Sidewalk Slam-Spinebuster type move into any leg submission created. 5/5
Final Score: Perfect score. Like I said before, sometimes less is more (rarely though). 5

Name: Oddysey Wing
Move Name: Deathwish
The Move: First you go for a stunner, then you grab your opponent's arm. While in that position, you push his arm up over you and quickly flip sideways into Christian's reverse DDT (Diving Reverse DDT?). Looks cool if it's done right.
REALISM: The Stunner position is one of the loosest setup positions ever. The fact that if your taller than your opponent, you look very awkward doing this move. 2/5
VISUALS: Looks more like a reversal than a regular move. The end still has varying (though normally good impact) 3/5
Final Score: 2.6

Name: Oddysey Wing
Move Name: Odyplex
The Move: This starts off in a back to back position. You then hook your left arm around his head (like a reverse headlock) and hook your right arm over his left arm. Then you turn right and under your opponent and do a modified-suplex out of that position into a bridge.
ORIGINALITY: I've never heard of this. 5/5
REALISM: I didn't get it at first, but now that I do, I assure you that you will someday snap someone neck doing this. 2/5
VISUALS: There is an unnecessary entanglement of body parts, and the impact varies (though I doubt it's big anyway). 2/5
Final Score: 3

Name: SAWisGOD
Move Name: sitdown ocean cyclone suplex The Move: Grab your opponent in a Body Scissors, then swing them up, push out there legs grab there head and sit down with it
ORIGINALITY: A complete rotation from Reverse Powerbomb into a Corino Driver. Has been done, but rarely. 4/5
REALISM: If the opponent is long (tall) their legs might hit or touch the ground before the move is done, which takes away. Also, the move is very difficult to do. 3/5
VISUALS: Great move visually. Good impact (once again, if the opp.'s legs don't touch the ground b4 landing the move) 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

Name: Made in Acid
Move Name: Pl-ACID-drop
The Move: To do against 2 opponents. Slam man A in the center of the ring. Take man B and perform Spike Dudley's Acid Drop but hit a leg drop on man A when you land.
ORIGINALITY: Variation of an Acid Drop that Spike himself did to his brothers. 4/5
REALISM: Thoughtful combination of two moves. 4/5
VISUALS: The Acid Drop is a good move, the leg drop doesn't really add anything visually. 3/5
Final Score: 3.6

Name: Rot Wilder
Move Name: Head Rush
The Move: With your opponent sitting up, you apply the Kata-Hajime (Tazzmission), then roll them onto their belly putting them into a camel clutch while holding them in the Kata-Hajime.
ORIGINALITY: Similar to the Goku-Raku Stretch. 4/5
REALISM: The combination of that sleeper and the camel clutch is dual pain, and damn near rips their torso in half. 4/5
VISUALS: Tormenting to look at. 4/5
Final Score: 4

Name: Rot Wilder
Move Name: Cardiac Crash
The Move: Set your opponent up for a double arm DDT then when you drop them, you drop to just one knee letting their sternum crash into your knee.
ORIGINALITY: Too common. 2/5
REALISM: The double arm stops them from protecting themselves. 3/5
VISUALS: Average move. 3/5
Final Score: 2.6

Name: I.J.W (Insane Jeff Wallace)
Move Name: Global Hate
The Move: The move is just simply a one armed underhook DDT.
ORIGINALITY: And your purpose of submitting this was? 2/5
REALISM: The Single Underhook adds nothing. 1/5
VISUALS: A DDT. 3/5 (Only because a DDT is not a bad move)
Final Score: 2

Name: Justin SANE
Move name: *The Straight Jacket Suplex
The Move: Goes like this, I stand behind my opponent and with my left hand I grab their right wrist take their arm around the back of their head, so their elbow is pointing up above their head. Then I apply a chin lock with my right arm and grab their right wrist I then use my left arm to hook their left arm. Then they get suplexed back over my head and they land on their front.
ORIGINALITY: The Legendary Ultimo Dragon's Aztec(a) Suplex, and Shane-Gregory-Hollywood-Hurricane Helms X-Plex. 2/5
REALISM: You can't realistically suplex someone by their arms unless they're crossed up under their chest. 2/5
VISUALS: It's like you slingshot them by their arms. 3/5
Final Score: 2.3

Name: Damian Jackson
Move Name: Overkill
The Move: The move starts out like the Rock Bottom, but you then do a flip and hit your opponent with what can best be described as an inverted head-and-arm bulldog.
ORIGINALITY: I don't think anything would do a move this redundant. 4/5
REALISM: I don't see how you don't fall straight on your head trying to do this. 2/5
VISUALS: The flip has no use when you can just Rock Bottom them, sit-out with it, and land the exact same way. 2/5
Final Score: 2.6

From: Danny "Todd Cranium" Selby UK
Move Name: Brink Drop
The Move: Get your opponent in a Reverse DDT position (If right handed, have your opponent's head under your LEFT arm). Then, do a Twist of Fate style movement, when you do this your opponent turns to facing the floor. Then, fall like a Twist of Fate.
ORIGINALITY: Ted Hart's move. 3/5
REALISM: What is the use of having the victim in an inverted facelock if you're just going to do a Bulldog anyway. 2/5
VISUALS: A bulldog out of a Reverse DDT. 3/5
Final Score: 2.6

Name: Ironman Icon
Move Name: Iron Crush
The Move: You put them in a piledriver position and you take your arms and bend their legs back from you and lean down (like the walls of Jericho but he is not touching the ground and is held up by support from my legs). Just enough so it won't break their back, if they don't submit you piledrive them down. (The move's probably too dangerous but if you get his head high enough it might be a very successful move)
ORIGINALITY: This move is Aja Kong's cradle piledriver variation, also used by "The Mountie" Jacques Rougeau. 2/5
REALISM: This move is extremely dangerous, and it's easy to hurt your opponent at any point of the move. 1/5
VISUALS: The move looks real devastating..becuz it probably is to the person taking it. 2/5
Final Score: Too much danger hindered this move. 1.6

Name: Ironman Icon
Move Name: Hands That Rock the Cradled DDT
The Move: You grab your opponents left arm with your right and your right with his left and both of us twirl around. This makes the opponent form an x with his arms in front of his chest and knee him in the gut and drive him down with the DDT with no hands to help him cover his face.
ORIGINALITY: Not totally original, but not much-used, either. 4/5
REALISM: The Straightjacket can enable their arms being broken on impact. 2/5
VISUALS: It looks similar to normal DDTs, with little difference. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: Ironman Icon
Move Name: Reverse Russian DDT
The Move: In Russian leg sweep position, fall down backwards and quickly bring him to your other side. Then with your free hand grab him in the DDT position and drive him down
ORIGINALITY: It's only bcuz this move lacks logic that others would not to embarrass themselves with. 5/5
REALISM: What's the use of completely falling backwards in a Russian Leg Sweep, then trying to get the person to the total opposite side of you for a DDT? No logic at all. 1/5
VISUALS: I doubt this move is impressive. 2/5
Final Score: 2.6

Name: Ironman Icon
Move Name: Muay Thai Drive
The Move: (Move can only really work for a man with long arms) In the electric chair drop position you reach your hands up around his waist maybe higher. You then flip him over in front of you into the sitting down tombstone piledriver.
REALISM: Why this move shouldn't work (correctly): How can you flip a whole person off your shoulders when their legs are probably locked in your arms? And if their legs aren't, then they aren't sitting on your shoulders. 1/5
VISUALS: All I know is the end result: CIMA's Iconoclasm. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Shorty Valdez
The Move: I set them up a Full Nelson Slam (but I make sure that they jump very high) and right after they get into the air I release the Full Nelson and when they come down they are met with a reverse Diamond Cutter.
ORIGINALITY: On similar move I have heard of. 4/5
REALISM: The move is disjointed, but with enough speed it is possible (but probably ineffectively) to pull the move off. 2/5
VISUALS: Should be high impact. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Jeff Starz
Move Name: Star Burst
The Move: Grab opponent in a double under hook and pick them up almost verticle, pushing them back down into a double underhook X-factor
ORIGINALITY: Deep Impact by Nova, but even before (and after) him, a commonly used BYW move. 2/5
REALISM: The double underhook lift adds to the impact of a regular Mat Slam (Facebuster). 4/5
VISUALS: Nothing we haven't seen. Sitout Pedigree. Still a nice move, though. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Fear
Move Name: Black Out
The Move: Position for single arm ddt, pick up and spin into a single arm spinning suplex
ORIGINALITY: By default. 5/5
REALISM: How the hell do you pick someone up by one arm (when it's under your armpit)? 2/5
VISUALS: Can't have that much impact. 2/5
Final Score: 3

From: Natural Disastors
Move Name: Disastor
The Move: Hurricane grabs opponent up in a side slam, and Tornado garbs the opponents head and does a reverse DDT.
ORIGINALITY: Damn near E & C's (finisher?) Side Slam/Diving Reverse DDT. 2/5
REALISM: The move is easy to pull off. Has good impact, too. 4/5
VISUALS: Quick, powerful move. 5/5
Final Score: 3.6

From: Hurricane
Move Name: The Hurricane
The Move: Get opponent up in powerslam, and spin around about 5 times legs going first, very, very, very quickly. Finish by throwing your body out having them swing and their legs barely miss the ground and they land on their back
ORIGINALITY: Ball's Mahoney's Nutcracker Suite. Also somewhat common in BYW. 3/5
REALISM: Warning: The overdone spinning may cause droppusoppententonheadus or biglossofbalanceandpotentialdangeria J. 2/5
VISUALS: It's a nice move, believable as a finisher (in the WWF). 4/5
Final Score: 3

From: Chris Conway
Move Name: Fall Away Suplex
The Move: Have opponent bent over in front of you, with their head on your right side. Use your left hand to reach under their right leg and grab it. Now they are standing on their left leg only. Then, with your right hand, grab their head in a ddt, pick them up and throw them over your head like a fall away slam, but it looks like some sort of a suplex.
ORIGINALITY: A Front Chancery Suplex. It was prominent in the old, old days of wrestling. You're kinda forgiven bcuz it's not used much today. 3/5
REALISM: It's a short suplex without the arm lock (if you could call it that). 3/5
VISUALS: Just a loosely-constructed suplex. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Name: Exodus
Move Name: The Exocution
The Move: I pick my opponent up onto my right shoulder (in a rikishi driver like position). I put my left arm across their chest and onto their right shoulder. Then I spin them into a rock bottom.
ORIGINALITY: Damn, it's so many moves like this now (even for this one review). 2/5
REALISM: The move is possible, yes it has good impact. 4/5
VISUALS: I'm very unenthusiastic about this swinging Rock Bottom everyone's doing now. I keep seeing this. 3/5
Final Score: I think I might reject some moves if I keep getting the same stuff. Don't bet on it, though. 3

From: Psychopath
Move Name: To Hell and Back
The Move: I pull my opponent over to the turnbuckle and sit on second turnbuckle ( like a Diamond Dust). Then I hook their arms like a Tiger Suplex. I Put head head in their back and do a front a front flip. I then land on my knees, which lands the Inverted Pedigree move that Kidman now does.
ORIGINALITY: Variation of the flip-over Unprettier that everyone's doing now. 4/5
REALISM: This move actually requires the attacker to bend his body an added 45 degrees before landing because he has to land on his knees, on top of the victim's head. Whereas with the other move the attacker just lands on his butt, in front of the victim's head. 5/5
VISUALS: This move takes considerable effort and I think has high impact. 5/5
Final Score: 4.6

From: Psychopath
Move Name: Lucifer's Last Wish
The Move: Get your opponent like you're going for a backslide, but hook their arm by going around them instead of going up under them (just bare with me). Now twist around so your facing them. Now your arms are hook under theirs and put your head between their legs ( like your going for that spine buster thing that Hardcore Holly does now). Then lift them now that they're in a reverse Vertebreaker. Then just fall to your butt, this gives the illusion of you driving your opponents head into the mat. Now have the your opponent sell a neck injury.
ORIGINALITY: Contains elements of the Kryptonite Krunch and Kato's Crown's Gate. 3/5
REALISM: Very high impact, could be on the edge of dangerous, though (as with all piledrivers). 4/5
VISUALS: High impact. An "Oh Shiiishs" move. 4/5
Final Score: 3.6

Well, there you go, a record 42 moves reviewed. What the fu.Damn I'm proud. Note that all these moves were graded in one hour, at that. Whew!!! Until I pen a new issue, Peace nikkaz.


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