THE ICON'S FILE #7 - By Khristian Kane
This is the Dark This is The Immortal Icon, Khristian Kane, star of The Icon's File you are seeing right now. Corresponding with the new Backyard Wrestling Link/World Of Backyard Wrestling merger, I give you, The New (and minimally) improved Icon's File: Harder grades, A switch up of some of the words, and overall, more cocky sarcasm, cynicism, and disrespectful remarks from Your's Truly.

Who: The Ref
What: Reficide
The Move: I hook the opponent's head in a front chancre with my left arm, and underhook the opponent's left arm with my right arm. I kick my leg out backwards, then kick it back down to the ground before I fall backwards, in order to drop the opponent down in a DDT at a fast Snap Suplex like speed. Innovation: OK, Snap Dragon Suplex, Front Chancre Snap Suplex, Single Underhook DDT, all types of other generic titles. 2/5
Psychology: Does the Single Underhook have any point in the move? Not really, it's just a snap DDT. 3/5 Visuals: It's a regular, 1 and a 1/2 count type move. Because the move is done so quickly, there's not much impact. Nothing to set it apart from a regular DDT, either. 1/5
Kane's Grade: Below Average move, you get a C-.
Final Score: 2

Who: The Ref
What: The Penalizer
The Move: The opponent is on the ground face-first. I lift both of the opponent's legs and step through them, as if I were applying a Reverse Scorpion Deathlock. When I lock the ankles together, I brace them against my waist. I then lean forward and lift the opponent off the ground by his arms.
Innovation: Similar to Jason Jett/EZ Money's Pendulum of Pain. 3/5
Psychology: Sounds hard to lock on, but it must be hella painful. 3/5
Visuals: Submissions are generally boring, but this is unorthodox, so it's eye-catching. 4/5
Kane's Grade: B-, son that's decent.
Final Score: 3.3

Who: The Ref
What: Flying Elbow
The Move: Top Rope Flying Elbow
Innovation: You were high as hell when you submitted this, weren't you? 0/5
Psychology: A flying armpit from the top rope doesn't hurt much. Unless you are working the opp.'s chest for a whole match, this is useless as anything but an exclamation point. 1/5
Visuals: Lots of air can be attained with this move, I must say. Nice impact, too. 4/5
Kane's Grade: Damn, son. A lowly D+.
Final Score: 1.6

Who: Tim O'Tae
What: The 8-ball Breaker
The Move: Lift your opponent in a pumphandle drop but bend your leg and have them land like a backbreaker.
Innovation: Pumphandle Backbreaker, sometimes used by DDP, Eddy Guerrero, and on TE by Maven (LOL). 2/5
Psychology: A backbreaker's utility is self explanatory. The pumphandle is an almost reassuring way that there will be no way for the opp. to reverse the move. 4/5
Visuals: Nothing great to look at, but it's not much to work with, anyway. 3/5
Kane's Grade: Hey, a B- is still a decent grade.
Final Score: 3

Who: Tim O' Tae
What: Area 51
The Move: From a gutwrench powerbomb you drop them into a shoulderbreaker.
Innovation: Minimal variation of the Norton-style Shoulderbreaker. 3/5
Psychology: Done right, this move can do or look as if it is doing major damage to the upper back, shoulders, or both at the same time. 4/5
Visuals: The impact is almost always good. It's not anything too eye-catching, though. 3/5
Kane's Grade: It's cool. B-
Final Score: 3.3

Who: Tim O' Tae
What: Trial by Fire
The Move: Perform a neckbreaker but instead of alling you give them a russian leg sweep in which they land on their stomach/chest area.
Innovation: Inverted variation of Lash Leroux's Whiplash 2000. Definitely a new move to me, though. 5/5
Psychology: The setup to this move doesn't make a lot of sense, and you can't possibly make them land on their stomach that hard from that position. 2/5
Visuals: Read Above. It's an awkward move. 2/5
Kane's Grade: You got a B-. That's decent. At least the move was original.
Final Score: 3

Who: The Dealer
What: Back-Alley Brainbuster
The Move: I hook my opponent in a normal vertical suplex position but thread their right arm through their legs and grab their wrist with my right hand. Then, I lift and either snap into a brainbuster, spin it into a spinning brainbuster or do more of a stalling brainbuster DDT with it while still holding the arm through the legs.
Innovation: OK, a Pumphandle Brainbuster, traditionally used by...guess. Me (but that doesn't really count at all). 4/5
Psychology: The tied-up arm makes the lift of the move more realistic. The impact with any Brainbuster is potentially good. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. 4/5
Visuals: Good Impact, check. Timely set up, check. Satisfying ending, check. You're good to go. Oh yeah, I forgot, it's kind of a plain move, but not really. 4/5
Kane's Grade: Son, you got an A-. Good work, kid.
Final Score: 4

Who: The Dealer
What: Deal With It
The Move: Hook quite a loose straight jacket from behind on a standing opponent so his hands are either side of his head then in on fluid motion spin my body so his spins as well and land in a diamond cutter with the arms still hooked.
Innovation: Very nice move. I have thought of this move, but have never seen or heard of it being done. 5/5
Psychology: The Straightjacket is supposed to deter the victim from protecting his face from the fall. But if you think about it, he'd be landing on their arms and not their face. So it winds up serving no real purpose, sadly. 2/5
Visuals: Somewhat eye-catching, and if you don't really care about psychology, it's a good move. Decent impact, also. 3/5
Kane's Grade: B-
Final Score: 3.3

Who: The Dealer
What: Handspring Spear
The Move: Pretty much what the name says. I start a run up but then do a handspring like the way Tajiri does in the openings of most matches and use the momentum of that to dive into a spear.
Innovation: Never heard of it. 5/5
Psychology: The handspring twisting into a spear is impressive, don't get me wrong, but what use does the handspring have in a match? When Tajiri does his handspring, it's not from out of the blue. That's why Tazz reverses it so much. 2/5
Visuals: Very eye-catching. The rebound or pickup from the handspring probably lessens the impact of the Spear considerably, though. 3/5
Kane's Grade: Decent. B-
Final Score: 3.3

Who: Priemtime Shane Lexus
What: PrimerDriver
The Move: Double Underhook Driver
Innovation: Kid Krash's (Kid Kash) Money Maker. Commonly used in BYW. 2/5
Psychology: The Double Underhook definitely leaves no protection for an already notoriously dangerous move (Piledriver). 4/5
Visuals: Good Impact, if not done sloppily. Maybe a little eye-catching in today's scene of rarely done Piledirvers. 3/5
Kane's Grade: B-. You can be halfway proud of yaself.
Final Score: 3

Who: The Tornado
What: Holmanator
The Move: Pickup like a German suplex turn and end in a Rock Bottom.
Innovation: Commonly used variation of the Sambo Suplex. This move is even in No Mercy and Wrestlemania 200, son. 2/5
Psychology: The pickup adds a lot of impact to the overall move. It is a good addition to an already effective move. 4/5
Visuals: Read above. 4/5
Kane's Grade: B-
Final Score: 3.3

Who: Made in Acid
What: Acid Bomb
The Move: (To be done onto 2 wrestlers) Slam one down next to the other with about a meter or so in between them. Now off something high, jump off and legdrop the furthest wrestler while Senton Bombing (Flying Back Drop) the closest one.
Innovation: New move. 5/5
Psychology: You're killing two birds with one stone with this move. Very simple and effective. 4/5
Visuals: Believe me, it's nothing great, but it serves it's purpose (like Matt Hardy's legdrop). 3/5
Kane's Grade: A-. Good job, son.
Final Score: 4

Who: Made in Acid
What: Modified Chokeslam
The Move: Pick up a wrestler over your left shoulder as if to do a powerslam. With your right hand grab them round the neck then swing them round to your right side supporting their back and Chokeslam them. Only works well on smaller wrestlers.
Innovation: Very similar to the slinging Rock Bottom everybody is doing nowadays. 3/5
Psychology: Like you stated in the description, if it works good on small wrestlers only, it not that universally useful. The powerslam really only serves visual purpose, because a regular Chokeslam gets higher air than that does. 2/5
Visuals: Looks best when done fast. It's good impact, and the slinging transition from on position looks good, also. 4/5
Kane's Grade: B-. Slightly above average.
Final Score: 3

Who: Justin Sane
What: Pistol Whip
The Move: I pick my opponent up over my shoulder so they are in a D.V.D position then swing them around and land them into an atomic drop Innovation: Out of default, 5/5
Psychology: This directly goes against Psychology. Stone Cold Tilt - A - Whirls his opponent into a standing pos. just so he can hit the Stunner. Doesn't make sense, does it? The DVD aspect of the move is useless. 2/5
Visuals: The Atomic Drop is ass. The transition from Fireman's Carry to Atomic Drop is probably sloppy. Zero impact. Hmm? 0/5
Kane's Grade: It ain't looking too good. C-
Final Score: 2.3

Who: Psychopath
What: Reverse Psychology
The Move: I cross my opponents arms behing there back (like how policemen do when their putting handcuffs on somebody) and the swing around to their front and pic them up like I'm going for an alabama slam (while holding their arms). I pick them up and then quickly let go and grab their legs and pull them down into a kneeling spinebuster.
Innovation: Manami Toyota's Japanese Ocean Bomb. Also a slight variation of the Alabama Slammer (Hardcore Holly's finisher), or the spinebuster that Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, and Booker T do, for that matter. 1/5
Psychology: What sets this move apart from the regular High Impact Spinebuster is that the opponent are trapped for the majority of the move's duration. This leaves little possibility for the victim to reverse the move. 4/5
Visuals: The move has great impact. It's kinda eye-catching when done with authority, 4/5
Kane's Grade: B-. That ain't bad from my point of view.
Final Score: 3

Unfortunately, I only have 15 moves to offer for this issue, but don't worry, expect more in the next one. Long live the merger!!!!! I'm out sons!!!

-Kane Dinero

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