THE ICON'S FILE #8 - By Khristian Kane
What up, What up, Goshdarnit, What up. LOL. This is ya man Kane, once again, grading your moves. I try to be as accurate as possible (for the most part, I am), but you can always chime in to correct me. Send corrections to, but continue to submit moves at Keep in mind that as far as innovation goes, I donít really count backyarders bcuz I canít go to every BYW site and check who does what move. I can always try to find out if Pro, Indy, or Puroresu wresters are doing it, though. Now that solves that issue and now we can jump into my shit. Letís Go!!!

Who: Grim Chaos
What: Chaos Effect
How: Put the opponent in a double underhook (pedigree setup), then sunset flip them, still holding their arms in the double underhook, and you land on your ass like a double underhook piledriver of some sort...I think it looks sweet cuz it is very fast, easy to do to some one of any size, and it looks very high impact on the guys dome with the pile driver effect!
Innovation: Never heard of it. 5/5
Psychology: This move doesnít defy psychology, but it someone compliments it bcuz no one expects to be Sunset Flip out of a Double Underhook. And They damn sure donít expect to be dropped on their head, so itís a surprising move. 5/5
Visuals: Assuming this is done off something high, this move has lots of impact and agility involved in it. But if itís not, itís still a pretty move, but the impact is degraded. 4/5
Kaneís Grade: This is an A+ move. Good work.
Final Score: 4.6

Who: Grim Chaos
What: Grim Ending
How: get your opponent up on the top rope, then put them in a rock bottom making it look as if you were to rock bottom them off the top corner ropes into the crowd but, then do a moonsault causing your opponent to do a front flip to land on their back! pretty much is a spanish fly with out your tag partner but I asked and no one has seen it on the board who replied! (Note from KKK: lots of people replied to that post, Grim, including me. I think Iím the one who came up with that name, the Grim Ending. LOL)
Innovation: This is a good variation on a hot double team move. So far I donít believe any one does it. 5/5
Psychology: It takes about as much effort as it takes to do a Superplex to do this move. It has similar effects to a Superplex, snapping the opponent over and down on their back, which can definitely be the exclamation point to a match. 5/5
Visuals: The original is stunning itself, so the solo version is raw as well. 5/5
Kaneís Grade: A perfect score for only the second move? Unheard of. A+
Final Score: 5

Who: Sledge
What: Sledgehammer
How: A Rock bottom where I sit down beside my opponent instead of laying down. I have many variations such as from a DVD, Fallaway Slam, Reverse Sky High, and off of the top rope.
Innovation: Used and abused. A modification rather than a creation. 2/5
Psychology: The sit-down adds nothing but a visual change to the original move. Of course the move kills your back, possibly ending a match. 3/5
Visuals: Weíve seen the move before, but the move is still nice to look at. 4/5
Kaneís Grade: Halfway decent. C-
Final Score: 3

Who: Sledge
What: The Incarceration Suplex
How: Pick up opponent for a powerbomb to where they are sitting on my shoulders. Drop one of their legs and then execute a capture suplex.
Innovation: New. 5/5
Psychology: Once again, this modification serves no purpose. In order to do this properly, youíd have to bring them right back down to your level after releasing the leg. If you just did while theyíre on your shoulders, youíd just be tossing them over you by the leg. Looks like more of a reversal than an actual offensive move. 2/5
Visuals: Good impact, looks strange. 3/5
Kaneís Grade: You get a B. Decent work.
Final Score: 3.3

Who: Skid Mark
What: Cut-Handle Buster
How: I get the guy in like DDT position only I grab there right arm with my right arm putting it across their throat. Then I put there other arm in a pump handle and deliver a fishermanís brainbuster type move.
Innovation: Sounds like a move I do, but that doesnít count. So far I havenít seen anyone doing this move. 5/5
Psychology: The psychology behind this move is that the person taking the move has no way to protect themselves from the inevitable end, nor can they reverse the move with their arm (or for that matter, their right leg either). 5/5
Visuals: Has to look something like a Ki Crusher í99. High impact move, with high ability to be a finishing maneuver. 5/5
Kaneís Grade: Iím surprised at the fact that I actually have two perfect scores already in this issue. A+
Final Score: 5

Who: Grande Magico
What: Tiger Driver x
How: I put the guy in a double underhook powerbomb only I cross my arms and stack him like a tiger driver 91'.
Innovation: Done. The Millenium Pyramid Driver, I believe, or something like that. 3/5
Psychology: You crossing your arms does little more than increase the chance of you killing one of your friends and plunging BYW furthermore into the depths of media hell. LOL. 1/5
Visuals: A funny looking Tiger Driver. Good impact, sloppy setup. 2/5
Kaneís Grade: Sorry Kid, C-.
Final Score: 2

Who: Nate Wing
What: Jaw Droper-Caranna
How: I run at my opponent, and I hook my right arm around his, and basically do a running shooting star thatís at kind of a slant to the right (with his help), and as the backflip completes, I wrap my legs around his head and do a hurricaranna, I know this sounds really hard and almost impossible, but the guy I was working with was really strong and it amazed the hell out of the crowd, the only thing is, if its done slow it looks really shitty, but if its done fast it looks like Jeff Hardy has possessed the kids body and is doing some insane stuff.
Innovation: If this truly is possibleÖÖ Donít ever wrestle while high. 5/5
Psychology: Whatís the psychology of this move? Is there one? Iíll tell you what. This move is not good as an offensive one. Too much help is required. There are so many points where you can be dropped on your neck while youíre trying to complete this move, that itís not even funny. 1/5
Visuals: Yes, the move is breathtaking, stunning, all that good shit. There, you happy?! 5/5
Kaneís Grade: B+
Final Score: 3.6

Who: Savior
What: Hellís Wrath
How: First I whip my opponent into the ropes, then he comes back, I latch on a sleeper hold. Then, while still holding on to their neck, I flip em, and deliver a stunner type move.
Innovation: By default, 5/5. I hate default.
Psychology: Now, the part where I get to roast you. How the >>FUCK<< are you going to flip someone by their damn neck into a Stunner. This move is swift mortality. 1/5
Visuals: I canít possibly postulate what this move looks like. 0/5 By default.
Kaneís Grade: Yeah, you fucked up. C-
Final Score: 2

Who: Savior
What: Fallen Angel DDT
How: I hook my opponent up as if to go for a regular DDT. But then I jump into the air, and wrap my legs around there midsection. Then I just fall back, causing the head to hit the ring at a more dangerous looking (but safe) angle.
Innovation: Very Similar to a Falling Front Chancery Submission, seen in WWF SmackDown 2 and 3 under some other name. 3/5
Psychology: You wrapping yourself under their midsection does nothing for the move. If you just jumped and DDTed them, wouldnít the tilt be greater, creating basically the same kind of effect that you get with your move? Yes it does. This is just a jumping DDT. 3/5
Visuals: Read above. 3/5
Kaneís Grade: Nothing above average. B-.
Final Score: 3

Who: Savior
What: The Sin
How: I put my opponent in a DDT position on my left, I hook my opponents right arm, with my right hand, and his left leg, with my left hand. Then I lift, and twirl my opponent fast so that heís basically sitting on my shoulder and sitting up, and then slam him to the mat.
Innovation: I got weirder and more crazy moves every issue. This one is confusing. By default (That damn default!!!!!) 5/5
Psychology: Now, explain this, how do you lift a person up on your shoulders by one leg and one arm, with your hands? I donít understand that, therefore the psychological aspect of this move is reluctantly voided. 0/5
Visuals: It seems like a loose version of a Fishermanís Powerbomb. I picture sloppiness when I think of it. 2/5
Kaneís Grade: C
Final Score: 2.3

Who: John "The Wire" McGuire
What: Shock-mission
How: I hook the guy as if I was performing a Double arm DDT, but I rotate to the right so they are sitting down and I am on one knee (Butterfly Lock).
Innovation: Why did you submit this? Donít you know that you have to get past Innovation? 0/5
Psychology: This move rips across your ribs and abdomen. Itís like an extreme tear of midsection and arms. 2/5
Visuals: Done quickly, itís a slick looking move. 3/5
Kaneís Grade: You really, really, really, fucked up dog. D
Final Score: 1.6

Who: John ďThe WireĒ McGuire
What: Shock-Wave Splash
How: A simple Frog Splash
Innovation: You really suck. 0/5
Psychology: A splash hurts the opponentís midsection. There. 1/5
Visuals: A frog splash is a average looking high flying move. Especially when itís a simple frog splash. Oh yeah, That only makes it better. 1/5
Kaneís Grade: You poor bastard. F
Final Score: .6

Who: John ďThe WireĒ McGuire
What: Circuit-Breaker
How: I grab the guys arm an wrap them up for a arm-trap neck-breaker and bend over under their back, so we are back to back and while holding their wrist I drop to my knees. I consider this move to be original. It is a cool counter and it looks cool on tape.
Innovation: Hard to follow, but understandable. Itís kinda of a dull Hangmanís Trap neckbreaker. 3/5
Psychology: The arm trap restrains the opp. From reversing the move to an extent, but look at this: If youíre bending over, which in turn lifts the opponent (flatly) on your back, which are you impacting more by dropping? The neck or the back? Thatís why I reffered to this move as a dull neckbreaker. If it was described as a backbreaker, this grade would be a little bit higher. 2/5
Visuals: Read either one of the assessments above. 2/5
Kaneís Grade: B-
Final Score: 3

Who: Apocalypse
What: The End
How: First I set them up in a vertical suplex position. Then I left them up horizontally with my head while standing myself and I toss them forward for them to land on their stomach while I remain on my feet. Innovation: Reverse vertical suplex, plain and simple. 1/5
Psychology: Drops opponent on their stomach. Canít hurt that much since you only lift them horizontally, instead of vertically. 1/5 Visuals: Nothing to look at, at all. 0/5
Kaneís Grade: F. No words for you.
Final Score: .6

Who: Dick the Hick
What: Untitled
How: I set them up like I'm about to do a vertical suplex. But then I do a DDT but their arm stays over my neck the whole time. Maybe a single overhook DDT?
Innovation: No, this is a snap DDT. 2/5
Psychology: I canít even profess how an arm thrown over your shoulders really adds anything to the usage of the DDT. In my mind, it doesnít. 1/5
Visuals: Picture a snap suplex where the victim lands more so on their head than their back. 2/5
Kaneís Grade: D
Final Score: 1.6

Who: Demon
What: Possession
How: I put my opponent into a pump handle and pick him up on my right shoulder like I'm going to do the Meltdown, then I do an Oklahoma Slam with him (like British Bulldog's move). Innovation: Thatís a running Meltdown. What the fuck is the difference? 1/5
Psychology: The running part must add some type of devastating effect to the Meltdown. I donít know, maybe the effect is on your knees. 1/5
Visuals: Must I repeat it again? I do? Damn. Itís a running Meltdown. There. 1/5
Kaneís Grade: D-. No words for you either.
Final Score: 1

Name: Demon
What: Death Blow
The Move: I put my opponent in a reverse DDT & then drop backwards into a reverse X-Factor
Innovation: Michinoku Driver II-B. Used relentlessly. 0/5
Psychology: Of course this impacts the upper neck and back. But the switch from Reverse Chancery to a Body Slam Driver does add anything but visualÖ.2/5
Visuals: ÖAnd of course this move my look impressive to some, but itís kind of plain, w/ limited tilt and impact. 2/5
Kaneís Grade: You got a D-!!!!!!!!!!!
Final Score: Ah hah. 1.3

Who: Grimice
What: Comfortably Numb
How: It's a double team move. One person gets the guy up in a pump handle and holds him there as if going for a pump handle drop. While holding them so they a are face up your partner jumps off the top turnbuckle delivering a fameasser/rockerdropper to their face while you complete the pump handle drop.
Innovation: A leg drop/pumphandle drop combo. Done rarely. 1/5
Psychology: The impact on the back of the victim is doubled because they are getting their neck killed by a leg drop as theyíre suspended in air. Note to you, though, if your partner hit the legdrop as you were lifting the victim up, this move would be a killer. If thatís better or worse is up to you. 4/5
Visuals: Read above. 4/5
Kaneís Grade: You did alright, kid. B-
Final Score: 3

Who: crazed fan steve
What: the spaz out
How: when there are three guys comming after me I knock one guy down I kick both of the other guys I grab one for a stunner I grab other one for a ddt and drop them and at the same time I am leg dropping the guy thats down so Im taking out three guys at one time.
Innovation: Credit your boy Nova for this one. 1/5
Psychology: The main point is to hurt a gang of people at once. That is the main purpose of the move, and to an extent it works. 3/5
Visuals: Itís fun to see one guy beat the hell out of three guys at once, I must admit. 4/5
Kaneís Grade: C. Average.
Final Score: 2.6

Well, thereís 19 moves for you. Once again, thatís not a lot, but I did keep my promise to have more than 15 moves in this issue. You guys gotta cooperate more. Send me legible, understandable descriptions from now on. I have to reject moves from time to time because I cantí visualize the move at all. So help out sons. Peace,


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