Fake Barbed Wire - Get some chicken wire and use avion clips to cut it up. Make three long strands and twine them together. Then cut pieces about 5" long and wrap them around the strands.

-From Latharjo of EWA
Yardsticks - A painless weapon that makes an awesome sound.

Paperclip Chains - Get enough paper clips to perfectly fit around your fist and put tin foil around them.

Old Phones - These shatter apart, and if filled with powder when they break it looks like they exploded.

-From ALWA
Exploding Box - Take a cardboard box and cut a little hole in the top. Put a lot of flour in the box through the hole. When you throw someone through it, it looks like it exploded.

Fake Broken Glass - Take CD cases and cut them into little pieces. It looks pretty real.

-From DavidHJM of YHW
Fake Blood - Pour corn syrup or colorless maple syrup into a container. Then take red food coloring and pour a lot into the syrup. Mix them and you have your fake blood.

-From Casanova of LWA
Ironing Boards - They look and sound great, but they don't hurt at all.

Thin Steel Chairs - These are the cheapest chairs you can find.

Boxes - Boxes look great when you throw people into them. For better effect, cut the tips off of thumb tacks and dump them into the boxes.

CD Cases - Break easily and look awesome.

Wet Floor Signs - Buy these at Home Depot or any hardware store.

Fake Lightbulbs - Get a two liter bottle and cut off the top. Cut it to make it look sharp and pointy. Then paint it white and the part that the cap goes on gray or silver. When you're done it looks exactly like a broken lightbulb.

-From Lazy Larry of Lightning Wrestling
Tables - Use a sheet of drywall or plywood and put it over sawhorses. If you want, you can paint it or cover it with a sheet.

Kendo Stick - Buy four 3' long dowels that are 1/4" thick. Put them in rows of two, then tape them together on each end with electrical tape. It looks good and makes a great sound, but it doesn't hurt.

-From Lock of ICW

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