Moo Moo Interview- with Chaos

Moo Moo- What are your physical statistics and what do you enjoy besides wrestling?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- Im 5'8" and 200lbs and I like to play Baseball, because thats what I was doing before wrestling.

Moo Moo- What does VH after your first name mean?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- Simple, thats my Last name. Sometimes people don't like their entire name on the internet, im sure its easy to get anyway but I'd rather initial it. But if ya must know it, i dont like it much but its Van Horn.

Moo Moo- How does it feel to be so well known for something you love to do?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- It feels good to be known for wrestling. Its good to know people enjoy to watch me wrestle and entertain them.

Moo Moo- Explain HIW's involvement in both BYW Inc's Best of BYW videos, and Paul Hough's backyard documentary- The Backyard?

Ryan VH aka Chaos-BYW Inc. Rick Mahr- well really we just sent them footage because they begged us. As for Paul Houghs "the Backyard", we wanted to do it. We thought people would like to get to know us up close and see what goes through our minds. We also wanted to show everybody how hard we worked for 5 years to get the HIW name made.

Moo Moo- What is behind the rumors of BYW Inc. promoting a best of HIW video?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- Well theres been talk of a Best of HIW, Backyard Criminals even want a best of HIW and so does a few others that I dont want to mention. But none the less the rumors are true. Theres no date to when it will be out, but there will be one in stores that you can look forward to.

Moo Moo- What is one common mistake that a person makes of HIW when they join up?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- Thinking their better then everybody else. We've had our share of guys like that, as I'm sure every other fed has too. I look at it as if their going to be like that they do the big J.O.B.

Moo Moo- HIW was definently one of the most violent backyard groups of all time. What did your parents think, and how much glass do you think is left in your (HIW's) backyard?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- My parents supported us. They were just like everybody else that hooked us up. Who elses parents brought them home thumbtacks, light-tubes or tables? HAHAHA yeah thats ring. As for the glass, wow my dogs cant run around back their cuz they cut their feet but the yard is almost clean. So theres not that much anymore its mostly coverd in dirt.

Moo Moo- Explain what HIW has done to evolve from a hobby to a career?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- Well what we've done is take it down a note and get more serious. No more of the in your face, fuck you attitude cuz the pro wrestlers dont like that. So are more professional and everyone is on the same terms. As for the light-tubes we banned them (because of fan health reasons in their venue). Whats the use you know? Maybe when I talk to my hook up in Japan you'll see Chaos doing light tubes again or AAA in Mexico.

Moo Moo- What was the best and worst parts about being in HIW?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- The best part is just being a part of a new INDY fed thats been 5 years in the making! The worst is the business people which makes you trust noone. The business is really fucked up. If you get into it, you will find promoters aint in it for the wrestling only the money. They dont care about you, when your the one taking the beating in the ring while their gettin paid! But its all good. I'd do it for nothing anyway!

Moo Moo- What do you see in the future for not only yourself, but the rest of your friends in HIW?

Ryan VH aka Chaos- For myself a good career in AAA or Japan, or staying here in Tucson Az running HIW out of a BINGO hall striaght up ECW style you know. No matter what HIW is gonna live on, even if our big names are gone, the name will stay. Thats my birth place.

Moo Moo- Final comments

Ryan VH aka Chaos- I'd like to throw a shout out to all the HIW fans all over the world. To Paul Hough-a true Promoter, Jon Johnson my long time HIW half owner and friend. My Girlfriend Samantha for helping me out and believing in me. Tim Sawyer you'll always be my adopted son! Penny Woodall (Smilez) for pushing me towards my dream and last but not least the only other SOB thats hung with me in a deathmatch Wildthing (Zack Porter) this kid is unreal!

And for everybody that thinks HIW is just Deathmatch and who hasnt seen a tape, keep thinking that because if we were just deathmatch how'd we make it INDY??? Peace everybody HIW 4-Life.

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