Moo Moo Interview- with Devilman

MOO MOO- What are your physical statistics?

Devilman- My physical statistics: 130 lbs...5'9"...and my hair has changed quite a bit.

MOO MOO- What do you do other than backyard wrestling that the fans may not know?

Devilman- Well, a lot of things that I do other than backyard wrestling can be found on my personal webpage. Mainly I enjoy video games in my spare time when not at school or doing something wrestling related. However, I am working on my drumming skills as well.

MOO MOO- How did Garbage Everywhere Wrestling start up?

Devilman- The GEW roots are in Matt Schalk and myself.First it started with our discorvery of ECW in '95...then we got out our wrestling creativity by starting G.I.Joe wrestling federations which to this day I feel was the coolest thing me and him have done in our 11 year friendship...lastly, we started wrestling in his basement. We eventually moved out to the yard and invited Matt's cousin, Man With One Buttcheek...then Hollywood Blonde who had no idea what he was doing nor did he even like wrestling when we invited him. We sucked, but we still figured we needed a name other than BYW (we didn't know that was the general term used for what we were doing), so on the day of a show - we looked around and saw nothing but ripped up textbooks, appliances, garbage cans, chairs, boards, EVERYTHING!! Someone said "how about Garbage Everywhere Wrestling" - and we went with it.

MOO MOO- What was it like to be added to the Best of Backyard Wrestling?

Devilman- Actually, we shouldn't have been on that tape. It's a wierd story. After I got ahold of the guy who wanted to use us for his tape, I sent him some footage. In return he sent me a contract and some legal papers to look at saying he really liked us and wanted us on the tape. However, by this time, GEW decided we didn't want to be on the tape. So I never signed the contract and sent it back. He continued calling me (San Jose, CA showed up on my caller ID when he called), but I had no desire to talk to the guy. The tape was out for like 3 months and I looked in my mailbox to find both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 as well as a certificate saying "CONGRATULATIONS!!" I watched Vol. 1 and found GEW in it in a few different places. I could probably do something about it, but I have no, I lost the certificate.

MOO MOO- What does it feel like to be so respected and well known for something you love to do?

Devilman- I wouldn't say I'm respected by many, but I think being well known for what I do is more accurate. I really like knowing when a fellow backyard wrestler respects me for what I do and/or try to do for GEW and backyard wrestling....I just know that a lot of backyard wrestlers DON'T respect me for what I do - but I can't do anything about that.

MOO MOO- Who do you get inspiration from to wrestle, and who do you mainly try to wrestle like?

Devilman- Hmmm...I don't know who I get my inspiration from. I know ECW was the inspiration to start GEW...and at first I wanted to be like Sabu. But then I evolved by watching tapes from all over the world and we all started picking up the puroresu it's hard to say who exactly I try to wrestle as.

MOO MOO- What are your favourite Japanese promotions and why?

Devilman- Okay: there are 2. First, puroresu...NOAH. NOAH is so great right now! All the AJPW greats are there and they get way cooler too...I just watch Misawa get chokeslammed off the NOAH ramp onto a table and a barricade. It's incredible action - I've kept up with the tape releases too. And 2ndly, Mixed Martial Arts...PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP!! That is sooo addicting! GEW guys fight each other for real all the time now because of PRIDE. We've got gloves and everything. That's good action...and I'll never EVER watch another UFC tape after seeing PRIDE.

MOO MOO- Why did you choose to use the name Devilman, and what type of character is he?

Devilman- Originally, I used the name "Devilman" on a thing called X-Band. It was this cool device that you hooked up to your SNES and then into a phone line - you could play other people at their homes in Mortal Kombat 2, Killer Instinct, and more - that was great fun! Anyways, I was probably like 13 when we had it and I liked White Zombie - their song Supercharger Heaven used "Devilman" quite a bit, so I went with it. When we started wrestling, I just decided to stick with the name. The character hadn't been really devil-ish or heel up until last year and this year when GEW started incorporating storylines.

MOO MOO- What other names have you went by, and how are they different than Devilman?

Devilman- I don't want to spoil any names that I currently go by in GEW for fear that some people may not know and it may be a let-down...but I once used "Lung Puncher" as a jobber gimmick and it was great! For awhile he sucked, then he became crippled in a shooting, and refereed...then the day he walked, he was killed by Willy Skidman. Any other characters were just referees - but I do have some other gimmicks currently...and some people do know what they are.

MOO MOO- Tell us something about your brother Eric, who many know as "Vicious Vince"?

Devilman- Well - Eric is a lot like me...but not completely like me. He's not into playing music...but he's 100% into wrestling, PRIDE Fighting, and video games.

MOO MOO- How the hell did you guys get the cage, and where do you hide it between shows?

Devilman- We got the cage from another show we have lined up - I don't remember what the show is called nor do I know if it aired yet. They said they just wanted to use the same footage Real TV used and they would pay us for with the money they paid us, we bought the cage with more money left over for other items. We put the cage under a tarp further back from where we wrestle.

MOO MOO- The Devilman and Matt Schalk feud has been going on for ages. How are you two able to produce so many high quality, exciting matches?

Devilman- You sort of answered your own question there. Devilman/Schalk fued has lasted the entire GEW lifetime. We've faced each other so many times that we know each other's moves and don't even have to talk much during the match. We can keep it fast because we can both take whatever the other has - rather it's his stiff forearms or enzugiris to the head - or my real kicks to the face - or just dropping each other on our necks. We don't hurt each other, either...well, it hurts, but not like we do it purposely or anything.

MOO MOO- To what places have you travelled, and what was it like meeting the now CZW superstar, Ruckus?

Devilman- I'm assuming your asking what places I have been to, to wrestle. First Wisconsin to wrestle with pF (it's also where we met our best friends, SWA). Then we went to Missouri to wrestle with our good buddies, SWA. Then to Maryland to wrestle with the late, great HCW. Then on to Tennessee to wrestle with CWF. We've also been to other places in Ohio to wrestle like Hamilton, Fairfield, Colerain. Ruckus wrestled for HCW Maryland and we had a blast there. They were all cool and Claude (Ruckus) is a really funny guy. It would be kind of weird if he makes in any farther in pro wrestling than CZW only because I've actually met him and hung out with him for a day....but I still hope he makes it. He's a good guy and a good wrestler.

MOO MOO- Why did you cut your dreds?? Those things were beautiful man!

Devilman- They had to go sometime! I figured I would lose a hair vs. hair match to make the cutting mean something. Thanks, though. Recently I shaved my head completely....

MOO MOO- How can Devilman/GEW fans get ahold of you?

Devilman- Either email me at or IM me GEWDevil...but it's hard to get me on IM. Maybe the answers to the questions are on one of my pages...(or on this interview)

MOO MOO- In a few words, What is-

The best of being in GEW?
Devilman- The great wrestlers to work with and the reputation we've built.

Your best match?
Devilman- Too hard to narrow that down, but probably something with Schalk.

The shittiest thing of being in GEW?
Devilman- The little wrestling we do anymore...sometimes only once a month.

Biggest bump you have took/gave?
Devilman- As Devilman...taken some sick thumbtack stuff (including a huge Duff powerbomb) - gave the elbow off the cage through 2 boards. As another character, I've given/taken GEW's biggest stuff!

In store in the future for you and GEW?
Devilman- Backyard Fest 4 I'll hopefully be facing Trevor Lee if he can get his bitchass down here. As for GEW, I don't know...

Your future, after GEW?
Devilman- Who knows - probably finish school at UC, hopefully get some pro training...maybe became a famous drummer...the future is too hard to predict, though I do know what I want...just doesn't mean I'll get it.

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