Moo Moo Interview- with Insane Pane

Moo Moo- What are your physical statistics, and favourite moves to use?

Insane Pane- I am 5'7 and 160lbs. I like to use lots of moves. Some of my favorite moves are a Fishermen's DDT, Exploder '98, and stiff as hell stikes. I use lots of forearms and alot of stiff kicks to the face. And for the record I am the stiffest motherfucker in PAW.

Moo Moo- For the fools that don't know out there, what is PAW, and why is it so different from other backyard feds?

Insane Pane- PAW stands for Palo Alto Wrestle and it was started by me and Rip Christain, I reason it is so different is because we are one of the oly feds that know about techical wrestling. A lot of feds claim to be technical but all they do is spotty shit. Take GEW for example they claim to do strong style and technical yet in a lot of their clips they have people being slammed through boards and shit like that. What the fuck is technical about that? We at PAW will take it to the mat and wrestle. Mat wrestling major thing that is missing is byw wrestling and PAW fills that void along with stiff shit and neck droppings. We are very influenced by puroresu and tend to bring that out in our wrestling which I consider the best in the Backyard all across the world.

Moo Moo- How much did the ring cost, and is it as stiff as it looks?

Insane Pane- Shit our ring didn't really cost much. My cheap ass spent about 60 bucks on it total. I don't know about the rest of the guys. I think all togather it cost about 150 bucks. We stole most of the shit, like the poles and the first ropes we had on it. The tires we got for free same with the mats and wood. It is really not that stiff either. If you don't know how to bump you are going to get hurt because you are landing wrong but if you take care of that then you will be alright in our ring. We had Rip show of us how to bump right after he started pro training and before that we were doing alright. We learned the simple bumps off training tapes and watching hella wrestling but Rip showed us some new things and some different bumps he learned from APW.

Moo Moo- Some people don't know about your participation in another fed before PAW called UWC. Explain your involvement in that fed, and what made you change from a hardcore wrestler to a technical one?

Insane Pane- I started backyard wrestling with Rip and a couple of friends and we were PAW. Then some paper ran a story on two other feds in the area one was UWC and te other was UGWA. So I got UWC's website address from there and emailed the webmaster who happened to be Havoc aka UWCowner. So me and Rip went over to one of their shows and had a match and saw that they were complete crap. We were also complete crap too. Doing DDTs and neckbreakers and using barbed-wire and trash cans. So we took their best guy Havoc and they folded. Then after we got kicked out of the yard we were doing PAW in we moved our ring back to the yard UWC used to be in and wrestled there for a while until we got kicked out of there too. I changed from doing that crap to what I do now because my choice of wrestling changed. I used to look up to people like Mr. Pogo, Onita, Supreme, and Matsunaga but over time I noticed that these men were not the greatest wrestlers. Hell they could take a good bump but for the most part they sucked. So I got more into New Japan Juniors then into All Japan Heavyweights. So the more I started watching this type of wrestling the more I got in to the stiff intense japanese style.

Moo Moo- What else do you like doing besides backyard wrestling?

Insane Pane- Shit besides backyard wrestling I really don't do much. Don't drink. Don't smoke. Just party with the friends and try to hook up with drunk sluts. Like Kolt's(from HCW) mom I heard from my friend Rip she was a good fuck. but other then that I just chill and watch a shit load of wrestling.

Moo Moo- What is your current status with pro training? And will you continue PAW until you have been a certfied indy wrestler?

Insane Pane- Well I just started training at Pro Wrestling Iron, a new fed started by Micheal Modest and Donovan Morgan of Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. I really feel like this school is one of the best in the country and I feel I really have a great chance to go on to compete in Japan for NOAH when I get better. That is my goal and that is what I am striving to do. As far as Backyard Wrestling goes you bet I am going to continue to do it. It is some of the funnest shit I have ever done in my life and will continue to do so until I am getting paid to wrestle for Pro Wrestling Iron.

Moo Moo- What's in the near and distant future for you and PAW?

Insane Pane- Well right now we are in the process of moving or ring from the UWC yard back to Palo Alto and into the Assassin's yard. Currently Rip, Assassin, and I are all training to become pro wrestlers. I am sure the training will make a big difference in our backyard product too. Havoc is going to join us in the camp in June. So we are all making huge steps to make our dream come true and will continue to improve in everything we do wither it be pro or in the backyard.

Moo Moo- Where can people go for PAW clips and tapes?

Insane Pane- For clips you would have to IM me at insanepanePAW and for pics and stuff you can check out the old UWC page at and for videos email Havoc at We have 2 videos to choose from. We Are Great or We Are The Best. Both are at the low price of 10 bucks Moo Moo- Any final words-

Insane Pane- I just wanted to say all that shit you hear on the boards like Cheese Toast, PAW is WAP, DIE DIE DIE, We ARe Better Then you ect. ect. all that shit started from PAW. Too many assclowns are on PAW's dick and need to come up with their own fucking catchphrases. Be yourself don't try to be like us because none of you will ever be as good as us! Ever! So don't even try. I also want to give a plug to my wrestling school. If you guys are serious about wanting to go to Japan and all that shit you really should check this school out at

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