Moo Moo Interviews- with Josh Prohibition

MOO MOO- What are your physical statistics, and what do you enjoy doing rather than wrestling?

JOSH- Iím 6 foot 200 pounds, Iím 21 years old. My first love is baseball; I was a pretty good player before some arm problems sidelined my baseball aspirations. I still coach a lot of baseball and I love watching the Cleveland Indians play. I used to sing in a punk rock band called Chairshot. Iím really into the underground music scene and punk rock, hardcore, emo, indie rock, and a little bit of metal. Besides that I love summer time and basically everything that goes along with it: swimming, fishing, laying around outside. I like them pretty girls too.

MOO MOO- What is your real name, and why did you decide to become Josh Prohibition?

JOSH- I was born Josh Piscura but to the world Iím now Josh Prohibition. I should probably get it officially changed; no one actually refers to me by my real name anymore. The reason I got the name was while I was in high school I decided to adopt the Straight Edge lifestyle, for those not familiar Straight Edge is a counter-culture youth movement that refers to a person who abstains from drinking, tobacco use, any illegal drug use, and promiscuous sex. It made it a life decision and it became my identity. Before I ever wrestled one match my nickname was already Josh Prohibition within my high school. I figured I liked the name and I thought it would be a good heel character. Being that 90% of wrestling fans drink regularly, I felt if I came out and called them worthless alcoholics it would be a real easy way to get heat.

MOO MOO- How did you exactly get interested into wrestling? And what made you want to start up the now-famous group, BWF?

JOSH- I always had a love of pro wrestling, I loved everything aboot it. The moves, the characters, the storylines, and the fact you always got your moneys worth. The thing that really got me kick started on getting into wrestling was in 1996 when watching TV on a Friday night at 2 in the morning I discovered ECW. I swore my allegiance and fell in love with it instantly. I spent the next 4 years traveling everywhere following them and buying as much ECW merch, tapes, figures, or whatever had the words ECW on it. It blew the WWF and WCW away. More then anything I wanted to wrestle a match at the ECW arena versus m-dogg. That was my dream. It broke my heart when it folded. But to answer the question, ECW, suburban boredom, and the inability to play baseball anymore because of a shoulder injury were the major reasons I decided to start the BWF.

MOO MOO- Apart from wrestling, how do you support yourself? Or, are you attending to college/university to study a specific field?

JOSH- I make my money running baseball camps around Ohio and I work at a baseball school in Brecksville, Ohio instructing hitting and catching. Itís good money and something I love so you canít beat it. Besides that I pull in some cash selling T-shirts, tapes, CDís and whatever merchandise I can dream up. At the same time I attend Kent State University in Ohio. I was working on getting a degree in secondary education but recently I decided to switch majors and try to pursue a degree in communications. I should graduate in aboot 2 years hopefully. I want to try to stay in school as long as possible. Plus as long as Iím a student Iím still under my parentís medical plan, which is a necessity while wrestling.

MOO MOO-Some of our readers may not know, but you were a major star on the Best of Backyard Wrestling Volumes 1 & 2 alongside with M-Dogg 20 and Creeping Death. How did you get on those videos, and what did the major release of the videos do to elevate your wrestling careers?

JOSH- I was contacted by Rick Mahr early in 1998 and he requested copies of our backyard tapes, he had seen our website and loved what he saw. We mailed him some tapes and I got a phone call from him and his partner a month later telling us they wanted to feature us on the tapes. From there we built a good friendship and we basically became the spokesmen for the tapes. We were able to go on a number of talk shows doing promotion for the product. Being on the tapes really didnít do anything to help me get into the indys or get trained. The one thing the tapes did was get our names out there. We get recognized a great deal because of the tapes and TV appearances which is always flattering. There is nothing cooler then signing an autograph.

MOO MOO- Many of the other federations on the Best of Backyard Wrestling held nothing compared to BWF. What were your personal opinions about some of the federations showcased on that tape?

JOSH- There was a time when I did the whole ďWe are the most hardcore federation in the whole nationĒ deal. I donít like where the hardcore wrestling has headed. Too many kids on the tapes were focusing on cutting their faces instead of learning to do any of the moves correctly. It doesnít take much ability to cut yourself. I bladed one time in my life and It was my arm that I bladed after being whipped into a barbwire ladder in front of 800 people. Even then I thought It was kind of silly. I think Iíll wait until a hell in the cell match at wrestlemania versus m-dogg until I blade again. Itís not worth scarring yourself. I think a lot of the kids on the tape have some athletic ability and they are obviously fearless so it would be in their best interest to get trained and save the enormous bumps for when they have a guaranteed contract. I would enjoy to see more wrestling on the tape and less bleeding. Anybody can bleed. The pinnacle of hardcore wrestling for me was the Jerry Lynn versus RVD saga. They did not have to cut themselves and they showcased their athleticism. My goal is to eventually put on a match that is in the same league as the great ones RVD and Jerry Lynn put on. My advice to the kids on the tape would be to stop watching king of the death match because it was boring and pick up ECWís International Invasion tape from RF Video. That is what wrestling is all aboot.

MOO MOO- What are the other former BWF wrestlers doing now as we speak?

JOSH- M-dogg20 is going to Ohio State and working out like a mad man.
Creeping Death is going to school for digital design and kicking people in the face for real.
The Fubu Warrior is going to Ohio University, he really doesnít wrestle anymore, he just takes bumps on our upcoming local access show.
Chop Suey Luey is going to Ohio State and playing music.
Besides that most of the other dudes fell off the face of the earth.
MOO MOO- What was it like wrestling with the ever-popular M-Dogg 20 and going through the table on the Leap Of Faith?

JOSH- I love wrestling m-dogg, he is the guy I broke into the business with. I have wrestled him more then anyone. We are very comfortable wrestling each other and always have very good matches. He is one of my best friends and we are training together right now at the Cleveland All Pro Wrestling Training Center. The Leap of Faith match was awesome; it was my second favorite match to date. Besides the usual bumps and bruises I didnít get hurt which is always a plus. The table bump was a little rough; the worst part was my tailbone bouncing off the floor. We had planned on doing the leap for a couple weeks so I did my best to get mentally prepared for it. That crazy bastard M-dogg wanted to jump off the railing and he had to climb over to do the leap but I talked him out of it. I told him if we ever go back there he can jump off the railing. I wasnít sure what kind of shape we were gonna be in after the bump. Iím glad he just went up there and jumped without hesitation because laying on that table thinking aboot what is aboot to happen is the worst part.

MOO MOO- So far in your professional career, what federations and superstars have you worked with, and what or who has been your favorites?

JOSH- Iíve wrestled in Cleveland All Pro Wrestling, OCW,Extreme Insane Championship Wrestling, EIW, EFW, UCW and some other feds I canít recall right now. They all start to blend together. Iím still a small fish in the pond. I really havenít wrestled any big names yet. Some guys Iíve been on the same show as our Balls Mahoney, Rhino, Sabu, Crowbar, Tommy Wildfire Rich, The Maestro, Steve Corino, and a bunch of older WWF dudes. Itís always being a thrill being in the same locker room as those dudes. MOO MOO- Where did you train?

I train with JT Lightning of Cleveland All Pro Wrestling

MOO MOO- What do you think of backyard wrestling in its current state now, and do you have any favorite federations that wrestle in the backyard?

JOSH- I think kids shouldnít take backyard wrestling so seriously, just have fun with it, have fun with the characters, the interviews, and the storylines. Donít risk serious injury, itís just not worth it. Use it to improve your mic and interview skills and establish a good character then take that over into indy wrestling. Too many people have the misconception that backyard wrestling will get you a spot in the pro wrestling world which couldnít be more false. Fed wise, im friends with the dudes from AOV, the guys with the masked fish, he is a really nice dude. Besides that I havenít paid much attention to any other feds. Out of all the segments on those first two BYW tapes my favorite was from the fed that did the Porto potty match where the dude ends up getting closed in there. It was extremely violent and they didnít take any stupid risks, at the same time it was very entertaining so props to those dudes.

MOO MOO- How did you get your ring and venue to wrestle those BWF matches?

JOSH- The ring was rented from JT Lightning who is now training me. The venues we wrestled in were booked and set up by indy feds we were wrestling for. They wanted us to do the whole BWF invasion angle.

MOO MOO- I know you like to throw a lot of suplexes, which ones are your favorites, and have you added any innovative changes to your moves?

JOSH- My favorite move of all time is the T-bone suplex. I also love the head and arm tazplex; Iíve been throwing a head and arm superplex lately. I also really dig the high cradle tazplex and another one of my favorites is the wheelbarrow/snowplow.

MOO MOO- Do you now wrestle with that mask? And what was the real deal with it? Did you have something to hide?

JOSH- Right now Iíve been coming out with the mask on and taking it off when I hit the ring. I used to wear it and I would be ok because we would take a big bump then rest then another big bump then some more rest. Now that im actually wrestling itís very difficult to breathe in it and sweat gets in your eyes. The story behind the mask is I just really thought it was a bad ass looking mask. Also my friends and I would wear ski masks to go see hardcore bands before we actually started wrestling, so I just carried it over into the wrestling. For some reason a lot of SXE kids in our area used to wear masks to see bands. Plus it has probably saved me a couple broken noses in the past.

MOO MOO- What would you like to say in return of the Internet rumors that you hurt your back and can't wrestle anymore?

JOSH- I never injured my back; the rumors were started when I decided to get out of the sport for awhile. What happened was I was getting shoulder surgery and I wanted to try to make one last comeback in baseball. The shoulder surgery took me 8 months to recover from, when I did recover I had lost a ton of velocity on my arm so I could no compete at the level I used to play at. It was at that point I decided to get trained and come back to wrestling. At the time I was under the impression that I was done wrestling but I really missed the actual wrestling.

Thanks for the interview, I liked the questions. Right now my guys and I are working with Rick Mahr from on putting together a best of the BWF video. It will be a highlight tape of our backyard stuff and some of our crazy indy stuff so keep an eye out for that. As well the Josh Prohibition t-shirts are here and they are awesome. The have josh prohibition on the front in old english an there is the huge official josh prohibition hockey mask and X on the back, itís really a quality shirt, if your interested in purchasing one you can send 13 dollars cash, check, or money order made out to:

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