Moo Moo Interview- with Josh Prohibition- Volume 2- Man behind the mask

Moo Moo- Youíve talked a lot about M-Dogg 20, but what about the stiff kicking Creeping Death?

Josh- Creeping Death is actually my younger brother. Heís a very athletic dude and a very good entertainer but I think he should get trained and work on not being quite and stiff. He actually knocked me out cold in a match a year and a half ago. I had a bad concussion and 2 days memory loss from the ordeal. Plus there were aboot 50 people there and I didnít get paid so it was totally not worth it. That was the last time I wrestled him and I wonít wrestle him again unless he gets trained. His kicks are just lethal and if your not prepared to roll with the kick or if you donít get a hand up you are in big trouble cause it will take your head off. Sometimes I think he gets caught up in the show and forgets that you arenít actually supposed to try to hurt the guy you are wrestling.

Moo Moo- What well known wrestler would you want to work a match with most, and why?

Josh- I would love to wrestle tajiri, super crazy, benoit, or angle. I think Super Crazy and Tajiri are the best highfliers in the business and I really feel I could put on a good match with them. I love how quickly they work and how stiff they are. I have never seen those two put on anything less then a very solid match. I love angle and benoitís style. Those are the two dudes I do my best to model myself after, I know Iíll never be a high flyer so to me these guys are the best guys in the business. I love the stiffness they bring to a match and their vast knowledge of submissions and throws.

Moo Moo- You talked about your love for baseball. What would you rather do if injuries didnít keep you back, baseball or professional wrestling, and why?

Josh- Like I said in the first interview I did, baseball is my first love. I love baseball more then anything on this earth; itís the perfect sport. If I had my choice between being a pro ball player or a pro wrestler I would have to go with baseball for a few different reasons. First you get paid much better in baseball then in wrestling. The career of a pro baseball player usually lasts much longer then that of a wrestler because of much fewer injuries acquired. Also baseball players are usually better known and held in a higher light in society. I love wrestling when Iím actually in the ring competing but Iím not too fond of the way my shoulder, neck, and knee feel when I wake up in the morning.

Moo Moo- What do you think about that now your favorite past league ECW, has resurfaced in the wrestling world, by aligning itself with WCW?

Josh- When Tommy Dreamer and RVD ran out during that match then the rest of the old ECW dudes came out and Paul gave that speech aboot taking the invasion to the extreme I had goose bumps like crazy. But the guys at Titans Towers managed to kill my enthusiasm by the end of the night when they aligned with WCW and made Stephanie the owner of ECW. WCW is the antithesis ECW. They are seriously exact opposites, ECW stood for everything right with wrestling while WCW stood for everything that made me dislike wrestling. I thought the WWFís attempt to resurrect ECW might have been a good idea on paper but ECW is dead. It died months ago. It was the greatest thing ever to happen to wrestling and now itís gone. ECW is deadÖ. Long live ECW.

Moo Moo- Have you ever met the owner of BYW Inc., Rick Mahr? And if so, what kind of guy is he?

Josh- Yeah I met Rick Mahr in 1998. He has become a very good friend of mine. Iíve been out to California to visit him and his partners a bunch of times and I talk to him on the phone regularly. He is a really nice guy and I look forward to working with him on some video projects in the near future.

Moo Moo- Why did you decide to do a ďShoot InterviewĒ for BYW Inc?

Josh- Rick Mahr had asked me to do a shoot interview for the site, so I got in character, got fired up, and spouted off some backyard propaganda. I get a ton of email from that thing. Some kids praising me as some kind of backyard prophet then others trying to convince me that Iím sick and retarded.

Moo Moo- A great addition to the Best of BYW videos was the Backyard Babes, have you ever had a ďspecial meetingĒ with any of these women?

Josh- Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to meet any of the backyard babes. They are attractive women but not the kind of girls you want to take home to mom and dad. Iíll stick with the collection of backyard babes Iím gathering here in the Cleveland area.

Moo Moo- Do you personally think the Best Of... videos have made the mediaís opinion on backyard wrestling worse? And what would you do to make those videos better represent backyard wrestling?

Josh- I feel the videos have made the mediaís opinion of BYW worse, I think the media sees guys like rick mahr making money off kids taking extreme risks. I donít think they understand that kids would be doing the wrestling anyway. I was wrestling two years before I ever heard the name Rick Mahr. Rick is taking advantage of an opportunity. He is a good businessman. If it werenít him, it would have been someone else. If I had the financial backing and connections I would have done the exact same thing, and you always have to remember that bad publicity is the best publicity, this is evident with the popularity of Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, WWF, and shows like Jackass. I think they should put less gore and death match crap on the videos and more matches that emphasize athleticism. I would like to see more humorous and well-cut promos. Not hoodrats cutting interviews like ďFuck..fuckÖfuckÖIíll kick his assÖfuck fuckÖ.and fuck youĒ I think when the kids talk like that it shows a lack of intelligence and hurts the mediaís view of backyard wrestling.

Moo Moo- What more can you tell the fans reading this about the upcoming nationwide releases of Best of Backyard Wrestling #3 and Best of BWF?

Josh- I just got off the phone with Rick Mahr aboot the videos. In aboot a month or so BYW inc. will release The Best of Backyard Wrestling Volumes 3 and 4 along with a babes tape. The actual tapes are done and printed, they are just working to get the artwork on the box cover finished. I am producing the Best of the BWF video so I expect it to be out on shelves in 2-3 months. I have aboot 45 minutes of highlights cut; I would like the tape to be 1 hour long when complete. I think along with the wrestling there maybe some of the other crazy things we have done for our local access cable show. Itís similar to Jackass.

Moo Moo- What is the biggest bump you have ever took/gave in the backyard and pro?

Josh- The Leap of Faith is probably the biggest bump Iíve taken to date. Besides that Iíve gone through probably 40 tables from an assorted variety of leaps including frog splashes, 450ís, moonsaults, leg drops, and sentons. The best bumps Iíve given were probably awesome bombing a couple opponents over the top rope through a table to the concrete floor below. Thatís a scary one to give cause sometimes itís difficult to aim the dude youíre throwing. All the guys Iíve done it to have landed well though. I got a crutch broke over my head once and I had to get 10 staples to close the wound. That was one of the stupidest most worthless bumps Iíve ever taken and some cock master in the front row kept yelling it was fake blood so I made sure I crawled over to him and wiped some on his pants. The crutch was supposed to hit me in the back but the dude swinging it missed.

Moo Moo- What is the he hardest part of being a professional wrestler and being on the road?

Josh- Iím still like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to traveling. Itís an honor for me to travel a few hours and put on a match. Iím usually on such an adrenaline high that I enjoy every part of the trip. I guess the only thing you could complain aboot is spending 25 bucks in gas, 10 bucks on food, and getting paid 30 bucks for the match. Losing money sucks but I feel the experience and getting your name out there is worth it. Hopefully that feeling will not wear off in time.

Moo Moo- What are the best things about being a pro wrestler and being on the road? Josh- The best thing aboot travelling is wrestling in front of new crowds that have never seen your work and impressing them. There is nothing better then after a match having the fans come up to you and congratulating you and complementing you on your match. I also love signing autographs, especially for the younger kids. I always travel with M-dogg and he is one of my best friends so that always makes for a lot of laughs.

Moo Moo- Whatís the deal with M-Dogg 20ís one, hiked-up pant leg anyway?

Josh- He has that whole gansta gimmick going so I think he stole the pant leg deal from LL Cool J. I really like his gimmick and it seems to be a crowd pleaser, being able to break dance doesnít hurt either.

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