Moo Moo Interview- with Dave "Holocaust Kid" Maynard

Moo Moo- What are your physical statistics and what do you like doing besides wrestling?

Maynard- Well over the past year ive grown a TON!!! i am now 5' 7'' and weigh 135 lbs. Not too big but it lets me do what i want. LOL

Moo Moo-How did you get interested in professional wrestling in the first place?

Maynard- Actually i always thought it was so dumb. One day i turned on WWF spotlight when i was in 4th grade and saw my very first match: Diesel vs. IRS!!!! thats right, IRS. he was my favorite. HAHA

Moo Moo- Tell us a little about Brian "firestorm" Mcgee, and how he you got into GEW? Maynard- Well at first he always asked me to go and i thought it was dumb and stupid... actually i was scared. i was little (like 4' 8'') and always made up excuses not to go. I love GEW now, and its sometimes the most fun i have on the weekends.

Moo Moo- Where did you get the name Holocaust Kid? And what is the difference between Holocaust Kid/Mr. mean and Dave Maynard?

Maynard- Well Holocaust Kid was a name Mcgee thought up, and right away i knew what everyone was gonna think. Jews... It means massive destruction by fire. The difference between Hkid and Mr. Maynard is truely cool. As Hkid i basically had no-role because lets face it, if you saw the interview i did when i was 12, you'd rank me up there w/ the Hardyz. Now that ive gotten a lot better at it we kinda played it off as Maynard being the ref and Hkid the whole time... so if they heard my voice they'd know Hkid was Maynard! as Myself i can speak like i always do,talking shit. LOL

Moo MooHow did you learn to do so many high flying moves?

Maynard- Well i always did dumb stuff on trampolines and diving boards... Whenever Brian told me to do stuff i was always scared. I dont know why but one day while he was taking a crap i did a 450 and from then on i learned so much more stuff on trampolines and diving boards, but watch out because i have a new highflying move on the way!!! When i go for new stuff on a diving board i basically say "who cares, it'll hrut for about 5 minutes" so thats how i get the guts to do it.

Moo Moo- What has been your finest match, and who do you like to work with the most and why?

Maynard- i think my best mach has been against Matt Schalk and Duff at my second ever match. it made me feel accepted and from then on i loved GEW, but the real thing about that day was Vinces comic relief... i got hooked :)

Moo Moo- What were your impressions about Skillz, Jason “The Sensation” Sailer and Trevor Lee at GEW’s Backyard Fest?

Maynard- GOD!!!! they are all great and i wish them the best of luck. after seeing them i kinda looked at myself and decided during my match that i was gonna do highflying that day. too much highflying isnt always a good thing, but props to them on how well they did!!!

Moo Moo- You have had many different costumes in your time, tell us a history about them and what do you think a good cotstume and gimmick does for a wrestler?

Maynard- One winter while jumping on the trampoline we started doing stuff on the trampoline. He told me to super kick through a 5 inche block of ic,but when i turned around i felt the hardest blow. cracked into a million pieces was my skull and two sleek pieces of ice. It hurt really bad and i yelled "My eyeballs are popping out of my head!" Thats how Iceblock got started and never started at the same time. After that was basement wrestling and i rememeber almost every HEAD DROP MCGEE GAVE TO ME: Razor's Edge off of an air hockey table onto the wooden edge of a couch. Then came a 4 ft. high high Tiger Driver '91 off the air hockey table!!! and after that was the culmination of the raging inferno where i got it onto cement cause he's dumb and dizzy's easy. Well second was the dreaded PPV Davey thing in MTW. i wore a Randy Moss jersey and wind pants (boy did we suck). After that i became Hkid and wore AWESOME gold hayabusa pants until they died w/ a perfectly matching El Mosco Mask. now i wear a "stolen" Super Vertigo shirt w/ some black pants that matt gave me, which all in all perfectly compliments the Viscious Klique!

Moo Moo-What do you think of being so well known for what you do just with your friends, and do fans ever bug you at all?

Maynard- Actually the other night some IM ed me and told me i was his favorite wrestler... dont ask me why? I love being known for what i do and it makes me feel proud that i have done something fun and productive. hopefully Devilman, Matt, Vince, Brian, and me all break into the indy's since its HUGE around here.

Moo Moo- GEW is well-known over the Internet, but do many people in your town and friends and family know about your federation, and if so, what do they think about it?

Maynard- MY WHOLE FAMILY KNOWS ABOUT IT. Sadly the only people that like it are (you guessed it) WWF fans; my cousin brian who works for the WWF and my uncle Chuck along w/ my aunt Judy. A lot of people in my school know about it and always ask to see tapes or video clips which i think is cool.

Moo Moo- What's instore for Dave Maynard in the future in wrestling and your career once GEW is done and you go to college?

Maynard- I hope GEW doesnt die really, sure it's slowly fading but i love it too much to let go. I kinda wanna go to a great school for computer graphics and computer science, but also i wanna go to UC so i can be within 10 minutes of HWA, the WWF "prospect/training" fed.

Moo Moo- Any final words or plug any sites or whatever:

Maynard- YES! Matt Schalk's Page those are really the only two that are updated, and MULLETSGALORE.COM(great stuff)


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