Moo Moo Interview- with MDogg20

Moo Moo- What are your physical statistics and what do you enjoy doing besides wrestling?

MDogg 20- I'm 5'6", 170 pounds and 20 years old. When I'm not wrestling or training I enjoy lifting like a warrior :) I also train sporadically in shootfighting and I'm active in gymnastics. I've been competing for over 10 years now and enjoy the sport a lot. Aside from training I like underground music...punk, ska, oi, hardcore, and I breakdance.

Moo Moo- How did you get the name MDogg 20? And what type of gimmick is MDogg 20?

MDogg 20- To tell you the truth I decided on the name about 10 minutes before my first indy match. I brought 2 outfits to the show and just couldn't decide. My other character was the 18th Amendment (The ill-fated prohibition amendment to the constitution). I had been using that gimmick for a while because I am straight edge and I hoped to get its positive message out. I was wrestling the notorious Josh Piscura and since he had began to use his prohibition gimmick I decided to switch over to make it more entertaining. I'm very happy with the character cause I get to be a fun lovin gangsta who dances, flips and loves the ladies.

Moo Moo- How did you get into wrestling? And where did you train?

MDogg 20- Josh turned me on to ECW and I was hooked from day one. We would take roadtrips to see house shows, ppv's or anything that was remotely close. Whenever I watched the ww fn'f or the wcw I always had the, "I can do that" attitude and thought I could add something to the wrestling world. I respected the athletic ability of workers such as rob van dam and thus began taking part in our now infamous backyard matches. I decided to make the next step and I now train at the Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling Training Center in the outskirts of cleveland ohio under head trainer JT Lightning.

Moo Moo- How do you support yourself besides working indy shows?

MDogg 20- This question is actually kinda humorous because anyone who's worked an indy knows the payoffs are not much....but that's not the point, it's about the experience and the love for wrestling. That being said I am a full time student at the Ohio State University in Columbus and for the summer I'm working construction in and around dowtown cleveland. I get paid well and it's good experience climbing around on ladders and scaffolds all day :)

Moo Moo- What are your goals in Pro-wrestling and life?

MDogg 20- My goal was to make it to what I considered the top....ECW I would still like to make it to the big time but I am aware of how difficult that is. That's why I'm going to get my college degree and then seriously consider a career in wrestling. I would like to think I train about 47 thousand times harder than the fruitboots on tough enough so maybe one day with some luck I'll make it. Life? I'm a 20 year old kid......I don't know what I'm doing in 15 minutes let alone my life.

Moo Moo- What was it like headlining the Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 1 and 2?

MDogg 20- I was very pleased to see how our footage was used on the Best of tapes and the response we've got from fans has been great. I couldn't be happier with how we were presented. To be honest with you haven't seen anything yet. The moves and matches on those tapes are getting to be rather old now and I've been wrestling straight for about a year and a half to two years since the tapes have come out. I've racked up some impressive moves, combos, and matches since those tapes and hopefully they get out to the world in the same fashion as our earlier stuff.

Moo Moo- Where did you learn those high flying moves, and since the video, what other high risk moves have you mastered?

MDogg 20-Like I said I have been active in competitive gymnastics for over 10 years now but still had to work very hard to adapt all the flips and moves to the ring. Many moves had to be tweaked and I had to modify 10 years of doing something one way in order for it to work in wrestling. Since the tapes have come out I've mastered many more exciting high flying moves. I'd be difficult to list them all so let's just say you name it I've probably done it. My favorite move is the Shooting Star Press which I've been using as a finisher for a year and a half now. I'm also very proud of my Space Flying MDogg Driver. Fans of Michinoku Pro Wrestling out of Japan will recognize it as done by the great sasuke. For those not familiar it is a cartwheel moonsault with a twist from the ring over the top rope to the outside. I also like pulling 450's, the van terminator, split legged moonsaults, arabian presses (sabu butt bounce backflip from the rope), asia moonsaults with a full twist, top rope flying tiltawhirl headscissors and a score of other moves.

Moo Moo- What possessed you not to do one, but two leap of faith’s, and which one hurt more, or you thought looked better?

MDogg 20-I had long been fighting my fear of heights and basically constant brainwashing led me to believe I was a flying squirrel or something. I knew the crowd would go nuts for it and I was confident in the move so I went for it. Since the tapes hit I've also chalked up the leap of faith 2000 so now there is a trifecta of leaps. I think the second one looks better since it has been in a sense immortalized. I wanted to jump off the railing but josh talked me out of it last second. As an interesting side note if you watch the tape as I put josh on the table I tell him I'm going off the railing and he tells me not to.....even as I climbed the stairs I planned on going off it....oh well, it ended up turning out great minus the trip to the hospital to be stitched up. I didn't know I was cut until the ref told me and I still refused to believe him and told him I was fine. I finished the match, stayed for the rest of the event, went home and watched the tape and then drove myself to the hospital about 3 hours after it had happened. To bad I couldn't show the doctors the footage.

Moo Moo- Do you know anything about another former backyard wrestler, named Ruckus from CZW? And would you like to wrestle him in a match sometime?

MDogg 20-CZW is insane. Yeah Ruckus seems like a good worker and he has some impressive moves. He looks to be a rather large guy yet he does some nice high flying maneuvers.I'm glad that CZW gave him a chance though and didn't blacklist him because of former activities, hey...everybody has to start somewhere, cough cough hardy's cough. Sure I'd like to wrestle him, it'd be an interesting match with us both pulling out some crazy high flying moves I'd like the chance to get on a CZW card because I know the prodigy of former ECW fame wrestles there occasionally and when I met him in the locker room of an indy show he was an extremely nice guy.

Moo Moo- What do you think the depletion of ECW, and the purchase of WCW to Titan Sports will affect your chances of going to the “2” or do you even want to make the jump?

MDogg 20-I think the depletion of ECW was a sad day in wrestling....especially since there wasn't even a blow out show or anything. I lived, ate, and slept ECW and will always love it. As time passes since it's fall out I think it's becoming even more evident what an impact it had on the wrestling world. I'd still like to make it pro, who'd still have the opportunity of working former ECW stars like tajiri, rhino, rvd, jerry lynn, benoit, saturn, jericho, taz, and a host of other incredible athletes.

MooMoo- What or who is your biggest inspiration to put on the matches that you do?

MDogg 20- I think rvd said it best when he said that whenever he wrestles there is a good chance there are people in the crowd that haven't seen him and thus he has to try his hardest and put on a great match every time..... I feel the same way. I can't just put on an ok match, I feel like I'm cheating the fans and myself. Mick Foley also said things to this effect in his book. He and I share the feeling that people might have driven far or sacrificed something to come see us and I want them to go home happy, I've been proud of every one of my matches to date.

Moo Moo- What has been the biggest bump you have either gave, and taken?

MDogg 20- Well, there are the 3 leaps, surprise surprise but I also recently did a senton bomb off a basketball hoop through a table. One of my other favorite spots is a 450 from the post to the outside through a table. As far as paying my dues.... I was powerbombed from the top rope to the outside through a table on the concrete, ouchies

Moo Moo- What top stars have you wrestled and appeared on shows with?

MDogg 20-This past sunday I worked a show and was pumped because Confederate Currency Chris Hamrick of ECW fame did a run in during my match and helped me win. I've appeared on shows with Rhino, Sandman, Francine, Sabu, Balls Mahoney, Tracy Smothers, Crowbar, The Maestro, Hido from FMW, Tommy Wildfire Rich, Bobby Blaze, and many up and comers as well as older wwf dudes.

Moo Moo- Because of your backyard wrestling background, have you came across any negativity or animosity for being one so far?

MDogg 20-Possibly but as soon as any of those people see me in the ring they shut up real fast, haha. I've had far more indy matches then I ever did backyard matches anyway. I don't think it's done anything negative and I like the tapes and the fans of them. Besides when I met francine she said she had the tapes and knew who I was before I even said anything to her which was kinda cool.

Moo Moo- Are you interested in working with the newest federations to step up to what ECW used to be, XPW or CZW?

MDogg 20-I'd be interesting in working for them yeah, the most promising one to me appears to be MECW which is hoping to go national. It looks very promising as it has most of the old ECW guys who aren't with the wwf right now.

Moo Moo-What would you like to say to all of the backyarders reading this?

MDogg 20-Well, for starters, anyone interested in shirts, photos, video's, etc or to drop MDogg20 a line I can be reached at I just wanna thank everyone for being kind and supportive. It's sounds cheesy but my day has been made many a time by an e-mail from a fan that makes me proud. Everyone who's talked to me, wrote me, sent me anything.....I really appreciate it. I urge all backyard guys to try and get out there and get trained. Make the next step.....after all isn't it our dream to wrestle in front of a cheering crowd? Thanks guys, take care.

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