Moo Moo Interviews- with Ruckus

MOO MOO- What are your statistics, and what do you enjoy doing aside from wrestling?

Ruckus- My name is Claude Marrow, I am now 22 years old. Aside from wrestling i like to hang out with the HCW guys and watch horror movies on dvd, or i will go hang out with some hot chicks.

MOO MOO- What got you into wrestling in general, and what made you want to start up HCW?

Ruckus- Well my dad got me into wrestling. We used to watch it all the time, so when i got into pre-school, i joined the wrestling team when i was 6 years old. Then i wrestled clean through high school. In my senior yeah i met Wetzel Drake then we hooked up with Derick Brown and the HCW was born.

MOO MOO- I know your backyard federation, HCW wrestled with a few top-leagues including BECW and GEW. What was your impression of the GEW wrestlers? And do you keep up with backyard feds you used to know?

Ruckus- Well I try to keep up with some feds but it is hard because i am really never home. When i first saw GEW, i was like "holy shit these guys are awesome". Matt Schalk is the man. i really enjoyed wrestling that guy. Nitemare from NWWA (The Epic Battle on Best of BYW) is a really good friend of mine and he is doing really good on the indy scene.

MOO MOO- In the locker-room, what is the general attitude towards the type of backyard wrestling on Best of Backyard Wrestling, and the type that your old fed, HCW used to do? Is there any animosity towards you being a former backyarder, or are the CZW wrestlers just great hard-working guys?

Ruckus- No, the CZW is the best fed out there they all work hard and put on a awesome show they dont really talk about backyard wrestling.

MOO MOO- What does it feel like when you have become one of the most well-know, actual backyard wrestler of late?

Ruckus- It feels good because i was just a kid from Baltimore with a dream to become a pro wrestler. When we started backyard wrestling i never thought it would go as far as it did. So i think it is pretty awesome.

MOO MOO- How did you end up getting a spot in CZW?

Ruckus- well me and Criss Jizz, now the Hurricane Kidd were doing a show for a guy in a fed called the PHW (Power house wrestling) and the czw guys saw me and it is all history from there.

MOO MOO- Where did you train, and at what age? And did BYW give you an extra boost in that training?

Ruckus- Well i trained at the brain buster pro wrestling school and was trained by chad austin. Backyard wrestling really did help out alot, i was 18 when i started training.

MOO MOO- Did you show your trainer and other wrestlers your backyard tapes, and would you encourage someone to do that?

Ruckus- Well after i was in the school i showed some stuff to them. They liked it but i would not encourage others to because you dont know how some people are.

MOO MOO- For any fans out there, how will they be able to purchase the old Claude Marrow in HCW videos?

Ruckus- go to you can order from there.

MOO MOO- How did you learn to do those high-flying moves that even for being such a big guy, put many high flyers to shame?

Ruckus- Well high flying just came to me. If i saw a move i worked on it till i got it right.

MOO MOO- What major stars have you wrestled or been on shows with?

Ruckus- The juice juvi, tajiri, steve corino, rhino, iron shiek, super crazy and many others.

MOO MOO- Who do you look for, for inspiration to make your matches the best that they can be?

Ruckus- Well i love the old school style of wrestling. I am a big freebirds mark, young steve austin was my fav wrestler but i like to watch alot of japan and mexico wrestling.

MOO MOO- What do you feel the depletion of ECW and Titan Sports owning WWF and WCW will do for CZW and your career?

Ruckus- I hope it takes me to that next level.

MOO MOO- What are your favourite moves to do, and have you added any creative twists to them?

Ruckus- Well the handspring moonsault is the move i made famous, but my new stuff is alot better; like running up the wall and doing a moonsault into a ddt, or the stardustpress into a senton bomb. I lost a lot of weight so i can do more better stuff.

MOO MOO- Do you wrestle over in Japan with some of the top CZW wrestlers, or stay in America?

Ruckus- i am gonna go to japan soon i have not gone yet.

MOO MOO- What is the biggest bump you have ever taken?

Ruckus- i did a moonsault off of a wall and i took a fire ball thats about it so far.

MOO MOO- What would you say to backyarders wanting to turn pro like you have?

Ruckus- go to wrestling school stick with it and never give up if you are gonna do it see it through all the way because it is hard but its worth it.

Ruckus- All i wanna say is i love backyard wrestling and i really do miss it but if ya wanna go to that next level you have to get to that school and bust your ass. Here is my new site CZW rules HCW 4 ever.

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