Moo Moo Interview- with Jason Sailer

Moo Moo- What are your physical statistics and what do you enjoy doing besides wrestling?

Jason- I am 5 foot eight inches tall and weigh in around 172 pounds, I have been training real hard lately to get in peak condition and its payed off. I also enjoy working on cars and reality fighting. I am also a cheerleader and Sr. Class president of my school so responsibilites are high.

Moo Moo- How did you get into wrestling, and furthermore, backyard wrestling?

Jason- I wrestled in Jr. High for my school, I will go down as the first person to DDT someone in a match, I punched a dude and got kicked off the team. Thats when I decided to try my hand at starting a Backyard fed, me and my friends got togeth every now and agian and had small events, it just grew from there. My love for wrestling grew greater then every one else in my feds.

Moo Moo- How did you get your great ring?

Jason- I had wanted to make on and just finally put the money down and bought the suppleys. Me and my father built it, and surprisingly it has stood the test of several large North Dakodian storms.

Moo Moo- What is the best and worst parts of being in a backyard wrestling organization?

Jason- The best is the publicity and the sheer joy of wrestling, there is nothing I would rather do on a sunny after noon then wrestle. I dislike the constant bumps and bruises, but I get used to that. I hate the bad publicity and people that think I copy jack-ass. Really this is nothing like jack-ass. People can be so dumb though. I am one of the few who can say backyard wrestling actually got them girls, it rocks.

Moo Moo- What has been the biggest spot you have given, and taken?

Jason- I have given a huge 450 that knocked the wind out of the guy pretty bad. I have taken several large bumps like a brainbuster on a flaming chair and Matt Schalk's beasty Shooting Star Press.

Moo Moo-What do you prefer, high-flying/power wrestling, fast paced high spot, or death-match wrestling, and why?

Jason- I love to keep a variety in my wrestling I am not much of a Hardcore wrestler, and I love lucha style. I have my own style though because although I am a highflyer I can also power wrestle and do some hardcore. I also love spot wrestling and could just sit and make up spots all day.

Moo Moo- Rumours are circulating that your group, NAW, are featured on the upcoming NEW Best of BYW. How did you guys get this opportunity and what do you think will happen as a result of being on the videos?

Jason- In retro spec We sent in the video nearly two years ago, back then we were not that great, sure we had some big spots but nothing compared to today. Sure it will still give us some publicity and maybe some people will like it, but We have gotten much better, hopefully it will spark peoples interest in NAW.

Moo Moo- Many people know you went to GEW’s Backyardfest 4. What was this experiance like, and what was the best part about going?

Jason- Backyardfest was one of the best times of my life. I had so much fun and it definantly made the 27 hour ride on a bus worth it. I had some excellent matches with some of the greats, but more importantly I had alot of fun. Eric (Vicious Vince) is one of the funniest people ever, also Me Matt (Schalk) and Josh (skillz) got along great, we stayed up late and told gross guy stories, we had lots of fun. I look forward to going back next year if they will take me.

Moo Moo-Comment in a sentance or two on the following people from Backyardfest 4

Matt Schalk-Cool guy with tons of talent and potential

Devilman-Fricken hilarious, could sit and chill with him forever.

“Viscious Vince”-One hilarious mo fo, seriously a laugh a minute.

Havok- I spent little time with him but he seemed cool, he always had a quick joke or something. Plus he likes hip-hop alot, so thats cool.

Dave “Holocaust Kid” Maynard-I saw maynard for very little time, He was like a little brother I threw him around he seemed cool though.

Brian “Firestorm” McGee- I am not going to go there, if you have heard the story yeah its true he choked me out for no reason.

Skillz-Me and josh have comunicated for along time to meet each other and we had alot of fun together, he was cool.

PSW’s Insano- Trevor was relatively quiet, he was cool though. Plus one hell of a wrestler.

PCW guys- The Luff brothers fricken rule, those guys are the coolest!!!

Moo Moo-Are you wanting to travel back to Ohio to participate in another GEW super-card?

Jason- Definantly!!!

Moo Moo- What have you been doing with NAW since Backyard Fest 4?

Jason- After BYFest4, it is hard to top the wrestling I did there. NAW has been suffering trouble for a while, the end is near and we all now it. I am just squezing the last drop of enjoyment from a dying fed.

Moo Moo- Who do you base your style on? Pro and Backyard?

Jason- The real question here is who DON'T I base my style on. I barrow so many moves from so many different wrestlers in both the Pro world and Backyard, I use many things from RVD, Matt Schalk, Super Crazy, Tokyo Magnium, CIMA, Dragon Kid, Dave Maynard, and many others.

Moo Moo-What is one thing that people assume of Jason "The Sensation" Sailer that is not true?

Jason-I think I get percieved as an arrogent person. This is not true, I take pride in my wrestling and work hard at it. I sometimes get defensive and what not, but hey I am actually a nice guy, and I love to just chat about wrestling so if you see me online, talk to me, please, I get really lonely.

Moo Moo-What do you plan on doing with wrestling after NAW is over?

Jason- I am going to train with MIW (Minesota Independent Wrestling) along side former NAWite Vulchure, I definantly want to go pro, so look for me some time. Visit my page tons of clips and pictures sign the guest book let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

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