THE USERS' FILE #4 - By Chris Frank
Well this is the 2nd issue of the Users' File! It seems to have become very popular, and since I love popularity I want to keep up to date with what the readers want. So, as well as moves, send me your comments, and suggestions.

From: Killa
Fed: World Wide Wrestling
Move Name: Life Comes to an End
The Move: I put them in the Scorpion Deathlock but instead of sitting on their back I totally fall backwards to were they almost bend in half.
Originality: You took a move and made it worse. 1/5
Realism: It looks real because you really are injuring their back. Stupid move. 3/5
Visuals: It just looks like you're trying to do a Scorpion Deathlock, but don't have the ability to sit. 2/5
Final Score: 2

From: Hurricane
Fed: Professional Wrestling League
Move Name: Flatener
The Move: I get somebody on the ground and I put one hand on their neck and my other hand on their leg. Then I flip my legs over their body and slam my butt on their chest.
Originality: I've never seen this before. 5/5
Realism: How am I supposed to believe this? It's like someone took a senton and made it even worse. 1/5
Visuals: I suppose it could have a good comedic purpose. 2/5
Final Score: 2.7

From: Reptiian
Fed: Pollard Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Sssslithery Swing
The Move: I start of in a DDT then spin around and land with an X-Factor.
Originality: It's another way to do the X-Factor. 2/5
Realism: It's better than a normal X-Factor. 3/5
Visuals: If you do it like a Tornado DDT, which I believe you do, it would look very quick. 4/5
Final Score: 3

From: M.C. Kaos
Fed: Pollard Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Kaos Attack
The Move: I get my opponent in a kata-hajime (Tazmission), then fall down on my side and wrap my legs arounds my opponent's arm and pull on it.
Originality: Just a small modification of the Tazmission. 2/5
Realism: I never understood why people thought the Tazmission worked. I suppose grabbing your opponent's arms makes it better. 3/5
Visuals: It does look cool, I'll give you that. 4/5
Final Score: 3

From: David Revelle
Move Name: Front Choke DDT
The Move: I put my opponent in a front face lock then drop them into a DDT.
Originality: Small variation of a DDT. 2/5
Realism: As with any DDT, it's very real looking. 4/5
Visuals: Looks good, but it isn't anything spectacular. 3/5
Final Score: 3

From: Flash Furlong
Fed: Extreme Suburban Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Thunderbolt
The Move: I grab my opponent's arm while spinning and put it behind their back. Then I drop to my knees slamming my opponent's face off of my shoulder.
Originality: Chicken Wing Jawbreaker. 1/5
Realism: Looks very real, and can be done to anyone. 4/5
Visuals: Not much impact, but a very cool move. 4/5
Final Score: 3

From: Bonkers the Clown
Fed: Pain Wrestling Assocation
Move Name: Rubber Chicken
The Move: I lift up the victim so they are chest to chest and, I hook both of the victim's legs so they are not touching the ground. I realease one leg and with that arm, I position the victim's head into my armpit. From there, I fall backwards driving the victim's head into the mat in a fashion similar to a DDT or a fishermanbuster.
Originality: From what I can make of it, it's a cradle DDT. 1/5
Realism: A very realistic move; however, the setup takes a while. 4/5
Visuals: Looks viscious. 5/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: PapiCruso
Move Name: Scorpion's Pit
The Move: I get my opponent in a reverse DDT position and do a front flip over top of them to give a "stunner/diamond cutter effect".
Originality: This is the Diamond Dust done by Masato Tanaka. 1/5
Realism: Very realistic stunner, I like it. 4/5
Visuals: The flip makes it an excellent move. 5/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: Bad Battio
Fed: British Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Battio Crusher
The Move: Pick up the opponent as if for a Power Slam and fall back pushing them on to your knee then roll your opponent over for a pin.
Originality: Brand new. 5/5
Realism: I've stared at my computer screen for a very long time, but I can't figure it out. If you fall back from a powerslam, don't you get pinned? I'm going to pretend that doesn't happen and the move works. 3/5
Visuals: Not much impact. 3/5
Final Score: 3.7

From: The Outkast
Fed: Connecticut Championship Wrestling
Move Name: Insomnia
The Move: I get my opponent between my legs in a Powerbomb position, then I double underhook their arms as if going for a Pedigree, but instead I jump up extending my legs outward while keeping my opponent's arms hooked, dropping him into a face buster.
Originality: Very original link of two moves. 4/5
Realism: This is an X-Factor at heart, but I won't hold that against you... yet. 4/5
Visuals: Looks cool, but not all that impressive. 3/5
Final Score: 3.7

From: MickManIsss
Move Name: Dragon Bomb
The Move: I put my opponent in a Reverse DDT position and pull them up onto my right shoulder. Then I either powerslam them down onto their back or I keep them on my shoulder and do a running power slam.
Originality: Simple combo of two moves. 3/5
Realism: A powerslam is pretty real, not much to fake. 4/5
Visuals: It's good, but not extrordinary. 4/5
Final Score: 3.7

From: Suicide Kidd
Move Name: Assisted Suicide
The Move: I get my oppenent in a Reverse DDT positionand use my free hand to grab the back of my opponent's thigh. That helps me when I lift them off the ground. I lift my opponent up then spin 180 degrees and drop them in a Reverse DDT.
Originality: Similar of the Reverse DDT Drop of D-Von Dudley. 3/5
Realism: Any move that involves dropping someone on their head looks real. 4/5
Visuals: The fact that there is no pause makes the move look better. 4/5
Final Score: 3.7

From: Steve A. Kneip
Move Name: Fallout
The Move: I get my opponent in a Rock Bottom position, but insted of going forward and putting them on their back, I use my free arm to grab my opponent's leg then lift it up and fall backwards. My opponent's head and face hits the ground.
Originality: A great Rock Bottom and Flapjack combination. 4/5
Realism: Very real and believable. 4/5
Visuals: Not very much impact. 3/5
Final Score: 3.7

From: PapiCruso
Move Name: Lightning Bolt
The Move: I get them in a pedigree position and piledrive them.
Originality: A combination of two moves. 3/5
Realism: Very real looking. 5/5
Visuals: The piledriver always looks impressive, but it's still just a piledriver. 4/5
Final Score: 4

From: Zack the Clown
Fed: Pain Wrestling Assocation
Move Name: Banana Cream Pie
The Move: A hiptoss with a inverted side piledriver.
Originality: Very creative piledriver. 4/5
Realism: Great looking and believable, but much harder to do on big opponents. 4/5
Visuals: Looks awesome. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: Flashback
Move Name: Flashover
The Move: I go for a Buff Blockbuster but as my feet hit the ground my opponent jumps onto my shoulder backwards. I fall forward slamming my opponent on his shoulders.
Originality: This modification makes it a whole new move. 5/5
Realism: The fact that his opponent has to flip himself backwards in the move, takes a way a lot of credibility. 3/5
Visuals: Looks awesome, and the impact of the powerbomb-like-move at the end is great. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: Corey Ravage
Fed: Extreme Backyard Fighting
Move Name: Career Ender
The Move: I put my opponent on my shoulders in a DVD position. From there I swing them down as like I'm going to give him a Juvi Driver, but I actually give him a Reverse DDT.
Originality: I don't believe I've seen this combination before. 4/5
Realism: Reverse DDT = Good. 4/5
Visuals: Hard impact, and a slick move. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: Dauntless
Fed: Spring Wrestling Federation
Move Name: The Bender
The Move: I pick them up for a DVD and then swing them down into a reverse piledriver.
Originality: Great combination of two killer moves. 4/5
Realism: Very real looking, but the DVD to reverse piledriver is a bit hard to do. 4/5
Visuals: Very high impact. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: El Gringo
Fed: Lucha Libre Championship Wrestling
Move Name: Wigga Bomb
The Move: I set my opponent up so that he's sitting on my shoulders (like for an Electric Chair Drop). Then I spin him around and hit a Sit-Down Powerbomb.
Originality: Creative powerbomb. 4/5
Realism: As with the Electric Chair Drop, it's hard to believe someone will just let you pick them up, but it's a great move nonetheless. 4/5
Visuals: Great impact, spinning them around is a great touch. 5/5
Final Score: 4.3

From: David Revelle
Move Name: Reverse Frog Splash
The Move: I do a 180 degree horizontal turn while in the air during a frog splash.
Originality: A different way to do the frog splash that I've never seen before. 5/5
Realism: Very believable, and as proved by RVD, splashes can get huge pops. 5/5
Visuals: Great looking. 4/5
Final Score: 4.7

From: Hugh G Rection
Move Name: Big Dick Drop
The Move: I set my opponent up for a pumphandle slam, but in mid-air I put my right leg into place and drop him, causing a back breaker.
Originality: I've done this move by accident in a match before and I believe I've seen it done, but it's a great combination. 4/5
Realism: Great looking backbreaker and can be done quickly. 5/5
Visuals: It can be done with big impact, or very quickly. 5/5
Final Score: 4.7

From: Nukeman
Fed: Hardcore Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Mushroom Kloud
The Move: I go through all the motions of giving my opponent a Razor's Edge, but instead of slamming them on their back, let them go and catch them in a neckbreaker on the way down.
Originality: Very innovative. 5/5
Realism: Good momentum, but it might be tricky with larger opponents. 4/5
Visuals: Outstanding and great impact on the neckbreaker. 5/5
Final Score: 4.7

From: Adam Rich
Move Name: Nagasaki Drop
The Move: I climb onto the turnbuckle, facing outside the ring. My opponent is laid out like in the swanton bomb, but what i do is I jump and do a front flip and a 540 degree spin at once. This lands me in a splash onto them.
Originality: Ok, I'm having a hard time believing that this is even humanly possible, but as always, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. 5/5
Realism: Pbtbtbtbbttbtbtbpbpbtpbt. 5/5
Visuals: I farted. 5/5
Final Score: 5

From: Hardcore Henry & Dragon
Fed: Frontier Wrestling Alliance
The Move: One man whips the opponent to the ropes, waits for him to return and executes a monkey flip. The tag partner would be standing directly behind him, ready to catch the airbrone wrestler in perfect position for a short powerbomb or Japanese powerbomb of sorts right out of the air.
Originality: Very original, I like it. 5/5
Realism: I think that the reason it is believable is that you are seated for the powerbomb, otherwise the move would be incredibly hard. 5/5
Visuals: Very impressive looking. 5/5
Final Score: 5

From: M.C. Kaos
Fed: Pollard Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Dividend
The Move: I start off by getting my opponent on to the canvas. Then I go to the top rope and swiveling 180 landing with a lowdown to legdrop.
Originality: Yes. 5/5
Realism: A lot of momentum and impact make it very real. 5/5
Visuals: Do you even have to ask? 5/5
Final Score: 5

From: Holocaust Kid
Fed: Garbage Everywhere Wrestling
Move Name: 3rd Degree Burn
The Move: I go to the corner and hop up like you would for a Tornado DDT but instead you slap your opponent, and when they're turned around you grab them in a Tiger Suplex position. Then I tuck my head and neck between their shoulder blades and push off the top rope with one foot which makes me do a front flip so I land it into an impailer.
Originality: One of the most original moves I've ever heard of. 5/5
Realism: A little hard to believe but the move would still be loved by the crowd. 5/5
Visuals: I'm sorry, can I put more than 5? Please? Fine. 5/5
Final Score: 5

From: Holocaust Kid
Fed: Garbage Everywhere Wrestling
Move Name: Hell's Plunge
The Move: I kick my opponent in the gut then grab for a stunner and run up the turnbuckles and do a moonsault. I land it into a Diving Reverse DDT.
Originality: You probably didn't know, but in the first issue someone submitted this same move and they got all fives, so you will too. 5/5
Realism: All fives. 5/5
Visuals: All fives. 5/5
Final Score: 5

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