THE USERS' FILE #5 - By Chris Frank
Well this is the 3rd issue of The Users' File! Unfortunately, it will be my last. Khristian Kane will be taking this column over, so you can send your moves to him. I'm sorry that I have been so scarce with updates, but my own backyard federation and college have taken the majority of my free time. Thanks for always reading my column. Have a nice day!

From: Gaz
Move Name: Break-neck Bulldog
The Move: My opponent whips me towards a chair I jump on then jump off backwards and hit a bulldog.
Originality: It's a bulldog, but I suppose it's different because it involves the chair. 2/5
Realism: Unfortunately, this move relies on a chair being present, and your opponent whipping you at it.2/5
Visuals: It could look cool. 3/5
Final Score: 2.3

From: Gaz
The Move: I run towards a chair and jump off and give my opponent a mid-air DDT.
Originality: Same as the last move, it's still a just a jumping DDT. 2/5
Realism: Unfortunately, this move also relies on a chair being present, and your opponent whipping you at it.2/5
Visuals: It would look good, as any jumping DDT. 4/5
Final Score: 2.6

From: Toby Bomber
Fed: Extreme Living-Room Wrestling (ELW)
Move Name: C-4 Explosion
The Move: You first stand side by side of your opponent( like u are gonna do a russian leg sweep). Then you hook your foot behind their's. Next you put your arm on their shoulder grabing their head. Then you slam them face first into the mat.
Originality: A small change to The Stroke. 2/5
Realism: It's always hard to make a mat slam look real, but this move could do it. 4/5
Visuals: If done properly, this could like more impact than a plain old mat slam. 3/5
Final Score: 3

Move Name: Riot Proof
The Move: Set up for a ddt but don't fall backwards lift them up like gangrel dose and fall forward slaming them face first into the ground
Originality: Basically, a front face suplex, except you don't grab their waist. 2/5
Realism: Looks like it would hurt your head, but I'm sure it could be done safely. 4/5
Visuals: A little low on impact, but looks good nonetheless. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: CoreHard
Fed: Columbus Wrestling Organization
Move Name: None Given
The Move: I get my opponent into an Awesome-bomb setup with my him to my side. Then I grab their arm through their legs and lift while my other arm pushes them up until they get into an Awesome-bomb position and pushes down on their chest for Farooq's spinebuster, or if they're flexible I give them a chokeslam.
Originality: An inventive combo of two moves. 3/5
Realism: The akward setup could make this move very difficult to do to larger wrestlers. 3/5
Visuals: High impact, strong move. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From:Bigg Mac
Move Name:
The Move: I grab my opponent in a rock bottom position lif them up in to a back breaker
Originality: A nice combo of two moves. 3/5
Realism: It's a good back breaker. 3/5
Visuals: It's not very flashy, or high impact, but it gets the job done. 4/5
Final Score: 3.3

From: SnakeByte
Fed: EKW
Move Name: The Constrictor
The Move: Do a single under hook reverse DDT and then after they're on the ground wrap your legs around their body and turn it into a submission.
Originality: Another new combination of moves, this time an impact move with a submission. 4/5
Realism: Very believable, and painful looking. 4/5
Visuals: The problem with this move is, it doesn't look all too amazing, otherwise, it's a great move. 3/5
Final Score: 3.7

From: SnakeByte
Fed: EKW
Move Name: Tripe Strike
The Move: A DDT flip over to a double under hook DDT then pick them up in the same position and do either a Twist of Fate if they're heavy or an implant DDT if I can lift them.
Originality: A nice combination of DDTs. 4/5
Realism: Nice versatility for different weights. 4/5
Visuals: It could look nice if done quickly, but if you're tired, this may get sloppy. 4/5
Final Score: 4

From: Navahos
Fed: Down Town Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Hostility
The Move: First you pick your opponent up on your shoulders, then you proceed to throw them in the air causing them to land face first on the mat,Also called the Electric Chair Drop in the WWF, but while in the air my tag team partner, KingPin Harley Richards, proceeds to catch his head into a KingPin Kutter, Diamond Cutter, leaving your opponent almost motionless in the ring.
Originality: An incredible combo, good thinking. 4/5
Realism: This is the kind of move that always looks deadly when pulled off correctly. 5/5
Visuals: High impact, quick, this move should be spectacular. 5/5
Final Score: 4.7

From: Scarry Larry
Fed: Ballpark Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Phantaminator
The Move: I get the opponent set up for a fisherman suplex BUT i dont do the suplex part I lift the guy up about to shoulder hieght and then drop him down to his head. This move in actuality is not painful at all, so that allows for my opponent to sell it really crazy making it look nuts.
Originality: A brand new fisherman front face DDT. 5/5
Realism: The move works great, however some momentum is lost in the move. 4/5
Visuals: Looks awesome. 5/5
Final Score: 4.7

From: Assault
Fed: Ghetto Wrestling Federation
Move Name: Severe Spinal Trauma
The Move: I pick them up for like a reverse razor's edge so their waist is up against my shoulder and they are facing the opposite way of a regular razor's edge and then I throw them up and tuck their head into a sit down piledriver
Originality: A brand new move. 5/5
Realism: A sit down piledriver with more momentum? You are a sick, sick, person. 5/5
Visuals: Looks high impact and awesome. 5/5
Final Score: 5

Move Name: Riot Driver
The Move: Set up for a reveres dvd lift them up above you head then turn them and slam them into a piledriver
Originality: A never seen before piledriver. 5/5
Realism: The piledriver has always been real looking, and this one looks even deadlier; unfortunately, when you do this, you up the danger to your opponent (be careful). 5/5
Visuals: Great impact, and seems insane. 5/5
Final Score: 5

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