GEW Backyard Fest 2 Review - By Hardtime
Hello welcome to the first edition of "As I See It" here on The Backyard Wrestling Link. Before I go on I would like to thank Daz one of the webmasters of this great website for letting me do this and Durus of UBW who helped me get the job. Now before I go on I will give you guys a little background on me and this column. I am Hardtime in Front Yard Wrestling and BYWA Northwest. In the past I have competed for MWWO Trampoline Wrestling, eXtreme bAckyard wRestling, HardKore Championship Wrestling, West Michigan Wrestling Federation and a few others. Anyways this column will be a video review of sorts so if your federation would like to have their tape reviewed send me a e-mail at

Anyways the first tape I will review today is from the ever popular Garbage Everywhere Wrestling of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The tape is Backyard Fest 2 featuring the some of the best federations around. The Scrambled Wrestling Assoication and Powerhouse Championship Wrestling. Anyways here we go.

The tape starts out with a pretty sweet music video highlighting the show which shows things that from the camera on this tape couldn't see. Anyways onto the event. The show starts with the Hollywood Blonde coming out and basically getting an ass kicking by Andy Summers and "Awesome" Jimmy Austin as they ripped on every single wrestler that was on the show.

Austin's mic work was great and hilarious and definently knows how to work the crowd as a heel. The first match is a 4 Way Dance for the PCW.

Cruiserweight title featuring Pogo vs. Sk8r vs. Kid Lethyl vs. Kid Spyral. These are the smallest guys in PCW but they know how to do moves. Sk8r and Pogo are probaly the best out of the 4 (they look the oldest). In the end of the match Karnage who is a heavyweight comes and and throws the rules right out the window as he beats the shit out of PoGo and Karnage-Bombs him on a thumback board then puts him through a table as Kid Spryal makes the pin. A pretty decent match to open up the show.

Next up an interpromotional 3 way dance between SWA's Andy Summers, PCW's Ryan Storm and GEW's Matt Schalk. This match was probaly the best of the night as they used a plastic Santa full of christmas bulbs and I mean a LOT of christmas bulbs. All 3 guys especially Summers got bloody as he was the first eliminated after Schalk and Storm double powerbombed Summers through a table covered in bulbs ! By the way Matt Schalk has AMAZING aerial ablity as he hits a moosault from the top rope to the outsite and shooting star presses. The end came when Schalk hits a moonsaulted Ryan Storm through a table on the outside for the 1-2-3 as he wins the SWA International title. A awesome match. Hopefully it sets the tone for the rest of the show.

Next up is a special attraction match between Firestorm who is from MTW as he takes on a jobber Big Stupid. Basically a comedic match but Firestorm is very serious about his gimmick and makes sure in his ring attire which I have to give him credit for. Firestorms basically kicks Big Stupid's ass in this one. Big Stupid was hilarious in this one as he came out to Real American (Old Hulk Hogan theme) and wore a bike helmet , he also got hit right in the face with a beer that was thrown at him which BUSTED HIM OPEN LOL ! In the end Firestorm got the win. A good but very very funny match.

Next up is PCW's Beerman taking on Rage in a lumberjack match for the Tri-State title. This is a very good match and Beerman's manager Beerbitch does a wonderful striptease before the match which is definently cool. There was a few moosaults to the outside done by Rage too which made the match interesting. A little too long though which took away from the entertainment value of the match. Beerman got the win with 2 pump handle face busters.

Next up is "seXXy" Sean Monroe vs. Super Vertigo vs. Hollywood Blonde in which is the ONLY all GEW match of the card and it certainly had a great workrate. A excellent match with a lot of talent and great moves from all 3 wrestlers. Super Vertigo is a amazing high flyer and he can pull off 450's, moosaults, and shooting star presses while Sean Monroe has some pretty kick ass moves like the Durango Drop Zone. There was hilarious action on the outside with Andy Summers pretending to be the world's biggest fan/mark. In the end Monroe hit 2 Durango Drop Zones on Blonde for the win. A great match.

Next up probaly the best technical/high flying match of the show GEW's Devilman takes on SWA's Kamasksi. Plently of moonsaults in this one and mixed in with great technical moves and a few stiff chairshots this match is a classic and definetly a 5 star match. In the end Kamaski kicks out of Devilman's 450 splash and hits 2 moonsaults on Devilman from the top of the ring post for the win. A excellent high flying match.

The next two matches are the big ones. First in a loser leaves SWA match. Professionally trained and backyard superstar "Awesome" Jimmy Austin takes on "Vicious" Vince. The mic work going into the match realy built up MAJOR heat between both 2 wrestlers and made the match very enteresting. Plently of great technical moves were done by Austin while Vince did plently of great solid moves. By the way both men tore The Rock's trademarks down in this match with Austin's "People's Toe" (a kick to the balls) and Vince's "Vicious Elbow" which made the match funny. In the end a great ending to build up heat with both men shoulders down as the ref counted the 3 making both of them out of SWA. A excellently booked match done very well.

Next up the Main Event of the evening for the GEW World Title. Trailorpark Seth vs. Duff. By the way Duff is one big motherfucker at I believe 6'7". That has to make him one of the biggest backyarders definently. Both guys pulled off some amazing moves in this one especially Duff while T.P.S. had some awesome reversals and counters to Duff's moves. Both men know how to wrestle. The best part of the match had to be Duff excuted his Severe Skull Trama on T.P.S. through a table completly wrapped in barb-wire for the win.

My final thought on the tape. A 5 star tape which means it was excellent. Definently worth the money.

Well anyways I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have one of your fed's tapes reviewed, send me an e-mail at or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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