ACW Millenium Bash - By Daz
Altman Championship Wrestling - Millenium Bash (40m)

Entrance Way: The entranceway consists of a shower curtain rod suspended above the entrance way with two shower curtains as an entrance way. It is simple, but it works. 3/5

Ring: The ring consists of an area of grass roped off by four posts with string. Understandably, not all backyard federations can affort to build their own ring. ACW use what they have well however. 2/5

Arena: The area chosen appears to be a vacant field, which is very secluded and therefore a good choice. There were no interuptions from onlookers or passing vehicles, in other words no distractions during the matches. 4/5

Match Quality: Wrestling on grass is always more difficult than wrestling on other padded surfaces. This does make more elaborate moves difficult or even more dangerous. Most matches consisted on basic wrestling moves. The third match however consisted of some very good moves such as Hurracanrannas, Tilt a Whirls etc. These types of moves on grass is risky, but they were executed well. 3/5

Match Pace: Matches were paced steadily. There were no slowdowns during any of the matches. I do feel that there was little communication between the wrestlers. 3/5

Match Safety: The matches were performed with a lot of safety. As I have previously stated, wrestling on grass is dangerous, however no risks or dangerous stunts were performed. 4/5

Wrestler Variety: There were no direct ripoffs of pro wrestlers, or ripoffs of names. A few had names that were variants of pro wrestlers such as the names Mex-Pac and Bob Van Dam as two example, but their styles were original. One wrestler had they famous rubber band in the hair style of Chris Jericho, but apart from this originality was a key issue. 3/5

Wrestler Charisma: I felt that the wrestlers did not play for the camera. What I mean by that is the way pro wrestlers work the fans. As there were no fans during the event, the wrestlers should have focussed their status as heel, face etc. towards the camera. Each fit his character well, but it was not easy to distinguish the heels from the faces. 3/5

Wrestler Costumes: Each had a specific costume to identify them. Their clothes were basically street clothes, but they were different and suited the style of each wrestler. For example the wrestler Blew as you would imagine wore blue. 3/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Being comfortable in front of a camera can be difficult. I felt that a couple were comfortable in front of the camera, but not all. One major let down was the fact that quite often the person who was speaking on camera was either not directly looking into the camera, or was being harrassed by someone off camera. A person being harrassed during a monologue is fine, but the person who is doing the harrassing should be visible so the viewers are aware of who it is who is having the exchange. 2.5/5

Storyline Quality: The storylines were well thought out and original. They were also easy to follow. It is obvious of who is feuding with who. 4/5

Storyline Originality: Originality is always difficult to judge with so many pro wrestling federations out there. I feel the storylines were original with no obvious copies of pro fed ideas. 4/5

Commentary Conversation: Commentary was shared between the wrestlers and was not too bad. 4/5

Commentary Topics: Commentary skills need a bit of work, but I was always aware of what was coming up next. The commentary done by Bob Van Dam was without a doubt the best. 3/5

Commentary Move Calling: Wrestling moves were called well. The announcers criticized wrestlers for the occasional bad move, which should not happen, but apart from that, it was good. 3/5

Commentary Coordination: When there was two commentators they shared the spot well. On one talked over the other. 3/5

FINAL SCORE: 3.2 out of 5.

When the ACW owner Mex Pac first made his entrance, he was not introduced, and it was not made clear initially that he was the owner. The opening dialogue between the ACW owner Mex Pac and Ken Cloverleaf would have been more effective if both were on screen at the same time. Ken's voice could be heard, but it would have been fore effective if both were visible as he mocked the ACW owner. The wrestlers had their own entrance music. The sound was difficult to hear at times.

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