EWW Death Penalty 2000 - By Daz
Eastern Wrestling Warfare - Death Penalty 2000 (5h 20m)

Entrance Way: The entranceway was simply an opening in a fence with the EWW logo on the fence sides. 3/5

Ring: EWW's ring was without a doubt the best so far. Solid wooden construction with strong ring ropes and a sturdy but flexible ring floor. The time, expense and effort that went into the ring is top notch. 5/5

Arena: The "arena" was a backyard with a fair amount of room for action inside and outside the ring. 4/5

Match Quality: The wrestling skill shown by the EWW wrestlers was excellent. Most moves were executed without error and looked good. Some work is need on selling moves however. 4/5

Match Pace: A steady pace was set through most matches. 4/5

Match Safety: There was a lot of risk taking and reckless dives through tables etc. There is nothing wrong with diving or performing moves such as Sentom Bombs through tables, but there were a number of occasions where the dives etc. seem reckless. 3/5

Wrestler Variety: Almost all wrestlers were original in their gimicks, though there was one wrestler who uses The Rock's catch phrases and has a very similar name to The Rock. 3/5

Wrestler Charisma: Most have a similar style, just different wrestling names, but each did seem to fit the gimick. 3/5

Wrestler Costumes: Almost all wore street clothes, though a couple do have costumes reflecting their style. 2.5/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Mic skills are not a strong point for some, but others were not too bad on the mic. 3/5

Storyline Quality: There was more focus on the wrestling side of things, and less on the storylines, but there still was the feuds, double crosses etc that is all part of a wrestling show. 3/5

Storyline Originality: The storylines could have a bit more originality in them, but finding origianl adeas all the time in not always easy. 3/5

Commentary Conversation: Commentary needs a fair bit of work. Getting entertaining commentary is not easy, and not everyone is suited to announcing a match. 2.5/5

Commentary Topics: There was talk about the match at hand, but one or twice the commentators got a bit sidetracked. 3/5

Commentary Move Calling: Calling moves correctly is definately not a problem. Moves were identified and announced very well. 4/5

Commentary Coordination: A slight lack of coordination from the commentators, but nothing too bad. 3/5

FINAL SCORE: 3.3 out of 5.

Death Penalty 200 is a very long event lasting for over 5 hours. As I pointed out, their main focus is on the quality of their wrestling which is very good, but less is other areas. There is a lot of very athletic and impresive wrestling skills thoughout the event, but at times it is let down by poor selling of moves. The camera work is very shakey and lets the event down a bit. The event comes in a sturdy plastic tape cover with a very colourful EWW computer printed cover insert including pictures on the back. This is the best cover design so far giving the cover a professional feel. The event starts off with great music and the EWW logo across the screen. The EWW Death Penalty logo appears in between each match which is also a nice touch. A lot of effort has gone into the event, but a bit of focus and planning before the event would have given it a more professional feel.

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