CBW The Male Anatomy 2000: Beware of Dong - By Daz
Caution Bad Wrestling - The Male Anatomy 2000: Beware of Dong (2h)

Entrance Way: The entranceway was a basement opening. The walkway to the ring was made from Caution tape. 3.5/5

Ring: The ring was a trampoline made into a ring with ring posts, ropes and foam padding under the tramp to reduce the bounce of the trampoline. 3.5/5

Arena: The arena was a yard and was a good choice. There was definately enough room for the action inside and outside the ring. 4/5

Match Quality: The wrestling quality was pretty standard. The wrestling was not bad, but not outstanding. 3.5/5

Match Pace: There was a steady pace throughout all the matches. The only exception was a match involving six wrestlers. A table was set to put one of them through, but the table was determined not to break. Several attempts were tried to break the table but all failed. The whole emphasis of the match shifted to trying to break the table with all six finally piled on the table. It still did not break - Final Score: Wrestlers 0, Table 6! This pretty much ground the pace to a halt and would have been better if after the first or second failed attempt to break the table those involved should have given up and continued with the match. 3/5

Match Safety: Nothing overly reckless or dangerous. Safety was a high concern. 4/5

Wrestler Variety: The wrestlers gimicks were original and had good variety. 3.5/5

Wrestler Charisma: The wrestlers fit their gimicks well. 3.5/5

Wrestler Costumes: All wore street clothes, but some did have their name or motto on their T Shirts making it easy to identify their character. 3.5/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Reasonable mic skills. At times the crowd were too vocal making it difficult to hear the person on the mic and in a few cases the person on the mic seemed to lose his train of thought due to the hecklers. 3/5

Storyline Quality: The storylines were quite good with a lot of stipulation type matches such as Eviction Notice/Ladder Match, Respect Match etc. Good ideas over all. 4/5

Storyline Originality: Complete originality is not easy, but I think the originality was there. 3.5/5

Commentary Conversation: The commentary was reasonably good. 3.5/5

Commentary Topics: The commentating was easy to hear and talked about the match, calling of moves and the crowds reaction to the various entrances, etc. 3.5/5

Commentary Move Calling: The calling of moves was spot on. The commentator knows his moves and called them well. 4/5

Commentary Coordination: Coordination was very good. 5/5

FINAL SCORE: 3.6 out of 5.

The event started with a music video and finished with highlights on the event put to music which was very good. The camera work was good, but the video quality at times was not the best. There was some good chain wrestling at times and the crowd obviously had a good time. Overall CBW's Beware of Dong was a good effort.

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