CBW Orgy Of Violence - By Daz
Caution Bad Wrestling - Orgy Of Violence (1h 50m)

Entrance Way: The entranceway was a basement opening. The walkway to the ring was made from Caution tape fencing off the area. The Caution tape fits in well with the feds Caution Bad Wrestling name. 3.5/5

Ring: The ring was primarily a trampoline, but a lot of effort and expense went into four ring posts around the tramp, and very sturdy ring ropes. Underneath the tramp was a stack of foam padding to reduce the bounce of the trampoline. 3.5/5

Arena: The arena was a yard and was a good choice. There was definately enough room for the action inside and outside the ring, and room for the small crowd. 4/5

Match Quality: The wrestling quality was reasonable. I think more practice is needed in the execution of moves and definately more work on selling moves. Some high-flying moves that looked very good, bu overall the action was average, but not outstanding. 3/5

Match Pace: The matches were steadily paced. There were a few failed springboard type moves, but when a move did not work, the wrestler recovered quickly keeping the action going at a steady pace. 3.5/5

Match Safety: The wrestling was very safe, with only a few stunts, but nothing too dangerous. The most dangerous stunt was a shed dive. A few wrestlers went through tables which looked very good, but did not seem reckless. 4/5

Wrestler Variety: The wrestlers gimicks were original and had good variety. Some original but unusual names such as Stanley Strap-on. 3.5/5

Wrestler Charisma: The wrestlers fit their gimicks well. They got good heat from the crowd who were very vocal during the matches. 3.5/5

Wrestler Costumes: Considering the weather looked very cold, most were rugged up in their steet clothes, but there were a few costumes or wrestling gear that was worn by a few. The mask worn by Super Dragon was good and fit his Japaneese style gimick well. 3/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Good mic skills is not everyones strong point, and the mic work could have been a bit better. Instead of a microphone, a small megaphone was used making the mic work easy to hear. 3.5/5

Storyline Quality: The main storyline thoughtout the event was a best out of three stipulation matches (chain match, table match and first blood match) between two top carders in an obvious on going fued. The three matches were spaced out throughout the event and was a good storyline. 4/5

Storyline Originality: The best of three matches has been done before, but the fact that they were three stipulation matches was a good twist. 3.5/5

Commentary Conversation: There was only one commentator, but he did a good job of calling the matches. 3.5/5

Commentary Topics: The commentating was easy to hear and talked about the match, calling of moves and the crowds reaction to the various entrances etc. 3.5/5

Commentary Move Calling: The calling of moves was spot on. The commentator knows his moves and called them well. 4/5

Commentary Coordination: There obviously was no problem with coordination as there was only one announcer who did a good job. 5/5

FINAL SCORE: 3.6 out of 5.

Orgy of Violence starts with a music video featuring Hacksaw Jim Duggan and various clips from some of CBW's matches. This serves as a good start to the event. The CBW logo appears at the beginning announcing the event. Orgy of Violence features some very good graphics and camera work during the event. To introduce main event matches such as the chain match, a rotating cube displaying the CBW logo and the event which is about to begin on diferent sides of the cube appears on the screen. This sort of clever graphics is very impressive and definately worth a mention. The camera work is very good, using two cameras and good editing to get the best possible view of each match. One of the best features of the event is the instand reply of a very good move. When an instant replay is about to be shown, the roting cube mentioned above would appear, then the replay would be shown from a different camera view. The way the whole instand replay is done is very good. Over all Orgy of Violence is pretty good.

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