PWF Adrenaline - By Daz
Panhandle Wrestling Federation - Adrenaline (1h)

Entrance Way: Entrance Way is well designed. It consists of a complete painted framework with the PWF logo across it. A curtain covers the framwork entrance way and is complete with railings on either side. A lot of time and effort was put into this set. Well done! 5/5

Ring: The homemade ring is very sturdy and is designed well. Wrestlers are able to climb the ropes without much trouble. The strength of the ring means that it cannot fall over and can take a lot of punishment. The PWF logo is also painted on the rings padded canvas floor. 4/5

Arena: The chosen arena - a backyard is a great choice with a lot of room for the ring, entrance way, commentators table and a number of seats for the crowd. The crowd consists of only a handful of people, but it adds to the whole arena. A well chosen area. 4/5

Match Quality: PWF admitted that this was their first ever event and that some of the wrestlers were new. It does show in some of the events, as not all matches were convincing. This will be improved upon in time. The older wrestlers however were very good. They reacted to received moves with looks and cries of pain, giving some of the matches a bit of realism. 3/5

Match Pace: The pace of the matches was steady, but there were a few missed shots or minor mistakes during a few of the matches. 3/5

Match Safety: Safety was important, and no dangerous stunts such as roof dives were peformed. The communication between wrestlers was very good, so both knew what was going to happen. Communication is very important during a match so both competetors know what is coming and what to do. This was shown during most of the matches. 4/5

Wrestler Variety: Wrestlers had very original names and styles. A lot of thought went into the names, and their characters. 5/5

Wrestler Charisma: It was dificult to identify the heels from the faces on some occasions, but the wrestlers reacted to the crowds reactions well. Playing off the crowd a little more would improve the score to a possible 5. 4/5

Wrestler Costumes: A lot of effort was put into some of the wrestlers costumes. Home-made wrestling tights with screen printings, matching pads, etc. Their costumes in most cases reflected the wrestles character. As an example The Cowboy came with a vest, cowboy hat and corn grass hanging out of the mouth. 4.5/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Mic skills was a bit of a let down. Most seemed unsure as what to say or were just nervious in front of the camera during interviews. There was not much playing to the crowd with the mic which would have helped seperate the heels from the faces and rev the crowd up. 3/5

Storyline Quality: Being a first ever event, storylines were mainly being introduced. One good one was a newby wrestler badmouthing the "retired" wrestler turned commentator. This caused the "veteran" to come out of retirement and teach the "punk" a lesson. 4/5

Storyline Originality: The storylines seemed original and not blatent copies of other feds. 3/5

Commentary Conversation: Commentary consists of a few mistakes possibly due to nerves in front of the camera. This will change as all concerted become more comfortable in their roles and in front of the camera. Direct eye contact with the camera when doing monologues is very important and this was done well. 3/5

Commentary Topics: Topics were handled well, again apart from a few mistakes due to nerves. 3/5

Commentary Move Calling: Moves were called well. The sound quality was a little poor at times making some commentary unclear and also at tother times a bit faint. 3.5/5

Commentary Coordination: A bit of work is needed with the coordination of the commentary. As I have stated though, this all comes with time and experience. 3/5

FINAL SCORE: 3.7 out of 5.

The music was great and fitted the wrestlers and the event well. On screen starting and finishing credits, as well as on screen names when wrestlers made their entrances was a nice touch, giving the event a more professional feel. The ref always wore a black and white ref shirt. The announcers need to be a litle more sure of themselves when announcing who the participants in a match are. The first Battle Royale was in fact an over the top rope four corners match, but this is due to the limited number of available wrestlers. PWF have admitted they need more wrestlers, but still for a first show, it was quite good.

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