WoW Sedition - By Daz
Warriors of Wrestling - Sedition (1h 50m)

Entrance Way: The entranceway is without a doubt the best to date. A lot of effort went into making an entrance with the WOW logo, plus the flashing strobe lights when each wrestler made his entrance. Superb. 5/5

Ring: The homemade ring is very sturdy and looks very good. The ring posts are sturdy enough to allow wrestlers to climb to the top for high risk maneouvers. The ring floor consists of matreses and padding covered in a large canvas sheet. 4/5

Arena: The arena is set out well with enough room for the crowd, the ring and room for out of the ring action. There are no distractions in the distance making it an excellent choice. 4/5

Match Quality: The wrestling was top notch with moves executed with prescision. The amount of practice that the WOW wrestlers have done has really paid off for them. The action is without a doubt exceptional. 4.5/5

Match Pace: The pace was steady. During the final match at times the match slowed down slighly as both wrestlers tired, but considering what they put each other through, it is understandable. 4/5

Match Safety: Communication was very good, and dangerous moves were executed safely and with prescision. I did cringe during the final ladder match as both wrestlers were put through tables, and used the ladder and chairs to full effect. It looked very painful at times but this was due to very good selling of moves, not unsafe or sloppy wrestling. 4/5

Wrestler Variety: The WOW wrestlers were very original in design and in name. Each wrestlers name and gimick was well though out. 5/5

Wrestler Charisma: The heels and babyfaces played their parts very well. The crowd loved the babyfaces, and showed their dislike towards the heels and most wrestlers fed off the crowd well. Each wrestler fit their part well. 4.5/5

Wrestler Costumes: Wrestling attire fit the gimicks of each wrestler well, from Salvo in camo fatigues, to Syphel the escaped mental patient in white 'hospital patient' outfit. 4.5/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Confidance infront of a camera or in front of an audience can daunt someone on the mic, but this was not the case in Sedition. The best on the mic was the heel The Enforcer who worked off the crowd very well and didn't falter on the mic. The match announcer was confident, and very clear in announcing each match. 4/5

Storyline Quality: The storylines unfolded as the event went along. Sedition was full with excellent storylines fans expect such as A wrestler unhappy with his tag partner, feuds and grudges, plus a no-show sending in his manager unknowingly to participate in a match. Also the end of the final match had a confrontational staredown as a lead up to the next show. 5/5

Storyline Originality: Original and well thought out. The booker has a real flair (pardon the pun) for booking. 3/5

Commentary Conversation: The commentary was extremely good. Getting the play by play and color commentary working well is often very difficult without a lot of experience, but it was very good in Sedition. 4.5/5

Commentary Topics: The match at hand was commented very well and entertaining to listen to, with witty comments at times even giving the crowd a laugh. 4/5

Commentary Move Calling: Moves were mostly called correctly and was also very clear and easy to hear. 4/5

Commentary Coordination: Coordination was very good and the commentary was shared very well. 4/5

FINAL SCORE: 4.2 out of 5.

Sedition was filmed at night, and though the picture quality could have been a bit better, the action was easy to see due to the large bright overheard lights that lit up the whole ring. There were a few times where the action spilled out of the ring and sometimes this happened off camera where there were no lights, so seeing what was happening was impossible. Sedition was primarily set up for the large crowd so from the crowds point of view seeing all the action was easy. The job of refereeing a match in most feds is usually shared by the wrestlers who are not in the current match, but WOW have their own ref who is a ref and only a ref - the same for the announcer/commentator, this gives WOW real merit. There were times where the camera man would leave the action to focus on the crowd which is a bit pointless as the crowd were all in darkness. Having a crowd present cheering the heroes and jeering the heels added to this live shows appeal. I have always felt that holding an event at night to be questionable as it means without good lighting makes the whole event difficult to see, but Sedition was obviously held at night to take advance of the strobe lights for wrestlers entrances. When a wrestler was announced, all the lights would go out, then strobe lights would flare to life silohouetteing the appeared wrestler as his music played. The effect is very good and congrats to the person who did the lights. The variety of the matches was very good and the whole show had a real organised feel to it. Sedition is WOW's first filmed PPV and it is without a doubt a great effort.

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