WoW High Tide - By Daz
Warriors of Wrestling - High Tide (1h 50m)

Entrance Way: A lot of effort went into the entranceway including an entrance with a curtain, entry ramp and the huge Warriors Of Wrestling logo above the entrance. The "backstage" area was hidden by a black sheet stretching all the way around behind the crowd. 5/5

Ring: The homemade ring is very sturdy and looks very good. The ring posts are sturdy enough to allow wrestlers to climb to the top for high risk maneouvers. The ring floor consists of matreses and padding covered in a large canvas sheet. 4/5

Arena: The arena is large enough for the huge crowd, plus plenty of room outside the ring. There are no distractions at all due to the black sheeting surrounding the "arena". 4/5

Match Quality: The wrestling is a superb mix of wrestling, high flying, reversals and move combinations. Some of the best technical wrestling you will see in a backyard. 5/5

Match Pace: The pace was steady. Most wrestlers work so well together that the matches flow at a steady pace almost like a well choriographed dance. 4.5/5

Match Safety: Good communication and well executed stunts involving chairs and tables. There is always a danger in high flying moves involving senton bombs, tables etc. but the skill with which they were executed proves that the risk was minimal. 4/5

Wrestler Variety: Original names, characters and gimicks, such as The Enforcer who usually arrives at the ring riding on the shoulders of the massive Tank, or the self proclaimed greek god Flex Flattery. 5/5

Wrestler Charisma: The crowd really get into the action cheering the babyfaces, and jeering the heels. The heels all have the presence that shows the fans that they are to be hated, and the babyfaces come out slapping the crowds hands and throught their matches produce good fan heat. 4.5/5

Wrestler Costumes: Wrestling attire fit the gimicks of each wrestler well, such as the hit man Skinny Vinney Valzone in his vest and hat, to the surfing attire of the Australian surfer Logan. 4.5/5

Wrestler Mic Skills: Mic skills can let a lot of feds down, but the mic skills of many of the Warriors are very good. The announcing of commisioner Sean Sharkey and the quick witted insults of Johnny Fantastic are a few examples. 4.5/5

Storyline Quality: A lot of thought went into the storylines which really developed as the event continued though the evening. 5/5

Storyline Originality: There are no blatent copies or rip-offs of main stream pro wrestling. The stories really unfold and compliment the action well. 4/5

Commentary Conversation: The color commentary is produced by commisioner Sean Sharkey with guest play by plays by various WOW wrestlers. The comments are very good and are never annoying or boring, but compliment the action well. 4.5/5

Commentary Topics: The commentary stays with the match at hand, with the occasional insult directed at the crowd or at the current babyface by the commisioner heel. 4.5/5

Commentary Move Calling: Sean Sharkey needs to lean his moves better, but the play by play guest wrestler doing commentary calls the moves well and hassles the commisioner when he calls them incorrectly which usually results in a good verbal banter between the two. 4/5

Commentary Coordination: Coordination is very good between the two doing the commentary. 4/5

FINAL SCORE: 4.4 out of 5.

High Tide was an excellent event showing how good a backyard fed can be with a lot of organisation, and forward planning. Filmed in the evening, the event started out with clear natural lighting for most of the event, and when the light level dropped, the powerful artifical lighting kicked in lighting up the whole area. The huge crowd really responded well to the action and to the wrestlers making it obviously an enjoyable time by all watching and those involved. I can imagine that the various people that put in their time to make High Tide as good as it was were very happy with the end result. The camera work was very good not missing any of the action, and remaining steady at all times. Overall a very good show.

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