OLW X-Mas Bash - By Nic Carlin
Hello backyard wrestling fans. My name is Nic Carlin. Today I am going to review OLW's X-Mas Bash. The most points you can get is 10. I grade by 3 different categories, Announcing, Wrestling, and Set Design. Now on to the review.

1st Match: Pimpster vs. Aubrey Zerns
Pimpster enters the ring first and then starts pushing and yelling at the ring announcer. Aubrey comes out. Pimpster gets the offensive. There is no announcing throughout the entire match. Aubrey botches a power bomb and then goes for the pin. Pimpster kicks out. A rather short and boring opener. Winner=Pimpster

2nd Match: Damronator vs. Super Astro Child
Damronator enters the ring first. He has a little trouble getting his shirt off. After he climbs in the ring he tries to wipe all of the snow off the mat. SAC comes out. They start out with a double clothesline. SAC attempts a powerbomb and botches it. He gets kicked in the face as a result. SAC goes for another powerbomb but Damronator reverses it. Winner=Damronator

3rd Match: Spike vs. Freaker
Freaker comes out. He looks really young. Spike comes out. He is like 6 feet tall. A modern David vs. Goliath. The match lasts about 45 seconds. Freaker wins the match with a rocker dropper. Winner=Freaker

4th Match: Aubrey Zerns vs. Super Astro Child (First Round Hardcore Tournament)
They start out with a double clothesline. Aubrey hits a hurricanrana. Nic runs out of the ring. As he is out Aubrey starts jumping around and doing back flips. Nic comes back with a ladder. He sets it up and then starts to climb it. It falls over when he is about half way up. Aubrey hits a tornado ddt. Bad announcing. Another botched powerbomb courtesy of Nic. Aubrey hits a powerbomb. Winner=Aubrey

5th Match: Super Astro Child vs. Pimpster (First Round Hardcore Tournament)
Pimpster yells at SAC. SAC brings out a garbage can full of weapons. Unfortunately when he throws it in the ring it all rolls to the outside. Pimpster hits SAC with a crutch. They use a lot of weapons inculding the devastating Pringles can. SAC hits his finisher and pins Pimpster. Winner=Super Astro Child

6th Match: Aubrey Zerns vs. Super Astro Child (Final Round Hardcore Tournament, For Hardcore Title)
SAC ducks the clothsline and hits a german suplex. Botched powerbomb reversal by SAC. Aubrey gets a ladder and starts to climb up it. SAC powerslams him off of it. Aubrey gets sent to the outside. SAC jumps out on to him. Some guy comes out and starts hitting people. Aubrey hits a turnaround splash on the wrestlers by the ring. Spike comes out of nowhere and hits the S-Factor on Aubrey. Winner=Super Astro Child

7th Match: Freaker vs. Super Astro Child
Match starts out with a good powerbomb from SAC. A couple of sloppy leg drops from SAC. Freaker throws SAC out of the ring. SAC gets back in and hits Freaker. SAC botches a powerbomb and sends Freaker crashing down on his neck. The weird guy from match 6 comes out and basically ruins the only good part in the match. Winner=Freaker

8th Match: Spike vs. Damronator
Spike opens the match with some brutal punches. Damronator tries to reverse a powerbomb but can't lift Spike. Spike nails (No pun intended) a piledriver. The wierd guy from match 6 and 7 comes out. Spike leaves the ring to attack him. SAC comes out and helps Spike take care of the guy. Spike climbs back into the ring only to be met with Damronators finisher. Winner=Damronator

Announcing = 2/5
Wrestling = 3/5
Set Design = 0/5
Final score = 3.3

Comments: It was a good show. The score could have been raised if people wouldn't have botched so many moves and actually announced. The Set score would have been raised if it had had and actual design. Not bad for their first attempt. Maybe they will get better.

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