The Backyard Wrestling Link: Caught on Tape - By Mike Mathews
The video started out with Radical's own Independent Wrestling Federation. I have nothing bad to say about this federation. Most of them looked to be between 10 and 15 years old, but they put their all into their matches, and I was entertained. Alot of comedy, including a scene where 3 or 4 of their wrestlers danced to "Baby Got Back" in the ring. Funny shit.

Kolt's HCW footage: This footage was comprised mainly of music videos of Kolt's crew wrestling in what looked to be a local park. When the videos started, my eyes widened as I saw some great shit. However, as the footage played, I found myself bored due to the repetitiveness of it all. Alot of the same moves from different angles. Pretty good stuff nonetheless.

World Rasslin' Federation: I remember when I first came to the BYWL boards. I remember the hype about how entertaining the WRF was. The opening promo for this footage was pretty fucking hilarious. I mean, we had Bitchpin, Gaypalm, and some other faggoty imposter, trading insults with the WRF's real deal, in Kingpin. Then came the entrances of Napalm and Inmate 187...and then the first of WRF's matches. While the match contained some cool moves, the pace was just way too slow. I actually found myself playing it in 'Play x2" mode on my vcr. The other match, which I believe was Abraxis vs. Napalm was also great, but also kinda slow. I can't say I wasn't entertained by WRF at all though.

Over The Edge Wrestling: At the risk of my column getting cancelled after it's debut, I am gonna say that OTEW really sucked. I said the pace in the WRF footage was slow, well Play x2 couldn't even help this stuff. I'll tell you what though, watching the MAWA music videos, I can say these guys have improved greatly. They are quickly becoming a great fed. We'll just forget that this footage ever existed.

Dope Gee Wrestling Alliance: Merc's fed. If you are looking for some comedic, yet great, ground wrestling...TALK TO THESE GUYS. Bacon Phat, Canadian Kamikaze, The Viking, and even everyone's favourite poster, Merc, are entertaining as hell. I honestly love their stuff, but that may just be because we're both Canadian. Nah, it's great.

p0rk's SWF(I dunno what it's called): SWF's footage was a match between p0rk, and some dude...I dunno. Let's call him "Slut cakes." This match had some good spots, but I couldn't get into it. The music playing in the background got annoying, and the match itself just lagged. It went on forever. I seem to remember p0rk executing a balcony dive onto Slut Cakes, but I can't recall anything else.

Poverty Stricken Wrestling: PSW is a great fed, we all know this, but the video quality of their submission was the drizzling shits. I could barely make it out. I am sure it was great though

I believe I've listed 'em all, if I missed any, email me.

This compilation was a great idea, and don't get me wrong, it's a pretty decent tape. It's just not a 5 star compilation. If more federations would have submitted, we could have had something great on our hands...but it just wasn't so.

I give this tape **/***** (2 out of 5 stars).

I elect that we make a newer version of the BYWL compilation. Anyone who agrees should contact me via email at cuz this is a project I would like to head. Hell, I'm sure my friends from my fed would even help me edit it. This is a new BYWL, with alot of new talent, and now we need a new video.

That's it, thanks for reading.


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