WTW Almost Suicide Review - By Hardtime
I have gotten good comments on my last column so hopefully this one will get over as well as the last one did. By the way in a few weeks I will be doing a review on backyard federation's websites instead of videos so I am looking for about 10 federations to review on so if your interested please e-mail me.

This column's review will be on one of the sickest but most hardcore federations around Wicked Treacherous Wrestling in Maine. I watched their event Almost Suicide and it was pretty good so heres the rundown on the tape.

The tape starts off with Gigilo taking on Moti in a lightube/barb-wire board death match for both the Heavyweight title and the Pansy Weight title. The match definently sets the tone for the rest of the show as both guys especially Moti took vicious bumps into the lightube and barb-wire boards. A decent workrate for this match but the vicious bumps make up for it heavily. The commentary for this match was hilarious and throughout the whole event. In the end the big man Sawyer comes in and beats the piss out of Moti then Gigilo made the pin for the 1-2-3. A great match bumps wise.

Next up is The Flaming Lucha which is Amazing Lenzbian and Dragoon taking on The Scottish Firemen in an awesome fire match. This was probably one of the best matches on the show and involved a lot of fire. All four guys took a lot of bumps into fire and definently shows that the WTW has balls. Dragoon probably took the most bumps in this match and the Scottish Firemen were hilarious. Not realy a lot of moves though in this one which makes the workrate pretty bad but not a terrible match at all.

Next up on Almost Suicide is Wal-Mart Employee vs. Dragoon vs. Aceto vs. Anti American for the American title in a Spiderweb barbwire/glass trap, lightbulb/barbwire board match. Walmart Exployee got the piss kicked out of him in this one and took a lot of bumps and even burned his neck and hair when Dragoon powerbombed him on a lighttube/barb-wire board that was on fire! He was eliminated after he was suplexed into a spiderweb barbwire/glass trap. The only real downfall of this match was the lack of effort and workrate ablity of Aceto but Anti American and Dragoon kept the insane pace going. Anti American ended up winning it and burned the WTW American title which was hilarious.

Next up is the main event barb-wire ropes death match for the Tag-Team titles with the big man Sawyer and Gigilo taking on Pimp and Moti in which was probaly the best match of the show. A excellent workrate and hardcore in this match was unbelievable. A lot of tables and weapon shots in this one, and the highlight of this match had to be when Sawyer powerbombed Pimp onto a flaming table! All four guys took tremoundous bumps in this one and was a awesome match in all. The main event match definently wasn't dissapointing.

In all I give the tape 4 out of 5 stars. An awesome tape in all. If you're looking for some real hardcore stuff this tape is for you no doubt. If you're looking for a lot of wrestling I don't recommend this.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have your fed's web site reviewed, send me an e-mail at HardtimeFTW@hotmail.com or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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