WOW- No Turning Back- By DAZ
Like all WoW events the show was held at night with lighting that illuminates the whole arena.

With a new set, entrance way and curtain, guardrails, and a new and improved high quality ring, the show starts. The raining WoW Champion Syrus welcomes the fans and introduces some of the other wrestlers. Immediately this sets up the start of a series of storylines that will develop as the show continues consisting of feuds, betrayals that are to be expected in today's Pro Wrestling.

There are a total of six matches in all including a tag match, a four way dance, singles matches and a two part "Double Jeopardy" match as the main event.

The main event is without a doubt the best match, which consists of high quality chain wrestlers, high flying and some very impressive moves. The two highlight moves of the match were both executed by Johnny Ace. Firstly he leaps over the top rope to the outside where he delivers a hurracanrana to Chris Phoenix in one fluid motion. Secondly he executes a suicide plancha from the top rope over the guardrail onto Flex Flattery who is in the crowd one hell of a risky jump. All I can say is Jeff Hardy eat your heart out!

The work that goes into a WoW show is very impressive including two referees, two commentators a ring announcer plus people behind camera, operating the entrance music and flashing lights that announce each wrestler.

WoW has a great variety of original wrestlers consisting of technical wrestlers, high flyers, brawlers and a female wrestler Kim Lee who is not afraid to mix it up with the guys in the ring and takes her bumps as well as the guys.

Some of the wrestlers need to work on the "stomp" that accompanies each move giving that "ring noise", but that is a minor quip.

You will not find barbed wire bats, flaming tables or thumb tacks in WoW, but what you will find is superb wrestling, aerial moves, chair shots and much more that makes the WoW what it is, in my opinion the best backyard federation there is.

With "No Turning Back", the WoW has just raised the bar that little bit higher!

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