No Future Wrestling and Extreme Wrestling Alliance- By Sawyer
These are the things I will be grading. 1-5 stars, plus explanation (of course!)

- Technical Skill
- Hardcore/Deathmatch usage
- Promos
- Commentary
- Cam Work

No Future Wrestling

My first impressiong of the fed would be wow these gimmicks are really good. VERY orginal gimmicks for the fed. The Jahovah Super Nova, Grumpy Skull, El Monstro, just to name a few. Another good point is that they wrestling where ever the hell they want to. High school bleachers, behind a shopping mall, 7-11, cable access! Where ever! So I picked 2 matchs that stand out to me in the tape i got, i guess its called NO FUTURE WRESTLING: Comp tape.

- El Monstro vs. The Little Guy (Brawl for it all Behind The Shopping Mall)
Wow a great location for a match, very original. Match starts out with punching, kicks, wips in to shit. Nice weapon usage with the kendo stick. A few good moves in to pile of shit (bubble wrap, plastic, wood, ect) A nice spot when the Grumpy Skull comes out and gets the trantula to El Monstro and The Little Guy nails a lighttube to el monstro stomach! match goes on and it ends with Monstro with a powerbomb though a table for the 1-2-3. After Grumpy Skull spits in Monstros face and he powerbombs him off the steps on to SHOPPING CARTS!! OUCH!

- El Monstro vs. The Grumpy Skull vs. Matt Defiance (Midnight Bleacher Feature)
Another awesome place to have a match. The belt was at the top of the bleachers, and you had to go up there and get it! All i have to say is these kids really showed me here that they can take some bumps, from getting trown down the bleachers to even getting powerbombed on them! Lighttubes came out where Monstro was busted open pretty good in the forehead. Nice chair shots. At the end Monstro grabs the belt for the win.

- Technical Skill - 2 Stars
This is where it hurt them. They werent very good technical wise (sorry!) Didn't see to many moves. I only say one guy hit powerbombs good. Need some work on that.

- Hardcore/Deathmatch usage - 3 1/2 Stars
They are pretty good in the hardcore department, Lots of tables, chair shots, lighttubes, tacks, barbwire sticks. They made good use of them.

- Promos - 5 Stars
Everyone was really good on mic skills. No fuck ups or anything. Very smooth and having fun with it.

- Commentary - 5 Stars
Also very very good. Extremely funny is all i gotta say!

- Cam Work - 4 Stars
The camera work was pretty good for the most part. Some lighttube shots missed and sometimes the camera man was to close but other then that they did pretty good.

OVERALL (ave.)- 3.9 Stars
I like this fed alot and i look forward to more videos. The insanity never stops with this fed. They are definitly worth checking out! I had alot of fun watching this video.

Extreme Wrestling Alliance

Tape 2: Bloody Homicide

- I have known about this fed for about a year now, and really liked watching them improve and getting better, trying and doing new things each card. Mainly a hardcore fed, these guys show you that they aren't afriad to take some bumps! Mostly wrestling on a hard clay ground in NC, also some matches in the unfinished ring they are currently building. This show was being taped by a news show also, which was aired in a 2 part series about BY wrestling. Of course they bashed them and said it was emotional problems. Get a life people! hahaha!

- Swift D vs. Kid Wicked (falls count anywhere)
I have always enjoyed watching these 2 wrestling. For one, Swift D is very jacked for a teenage and Kid Wicked likes taking some of the shit they do, i swear! Many sign, trash can shots exchanged. DDTs, Suplexes ect.. Spots with barbwire. a VERY huge flamming table spot at the end off the ladder, and Swift D with a running gore in to a board for the win! Very good work rate, and good match.

- Pyro vs. Hard Knock
This is a match between 2 of the biggest kids in the fed. Pyro being about 260 and Hard Knock about 220. Not alot of wrestling. But alot of good weapons shots. many lighttubes are used in the match that made it very much entertaining. Also some sick tack bumps. And somewhere in the match Hard Knock takes a fucken chair to the face soooo hard that made me wanna cry! They knock each other out with nasty chair shots for a double count out.

- Technical Skill - 2 1/2 stars
Well, not great either, mainly basing on hardcore things. But when they do moves they are very well done, we just need to see some more of them.

- Hardcore/Deathmatch usage (may not apply to everyone) - 4 1/2 stars
Very awesome bumps guys. Nice solid shots, no puss outs. Good job!

- Promos - 5 Stars
Wow, another fed with amazing promos. Swift D has very very good mic skills that impressed me alot. Not many kids can do that. I also loved the gimmick. Pyro is also very good. A definit 5 stars here boys!

- Commentary - 3 stars
Nothing to to special here. An average score. Mainly play by play with a few ooooows and aaaahhhs.

- Cam Work - 4 1/2 stars
Almost perfect. The cam men do a good job and don't miss or fuck up on anything.

OVERALL (ave.)- 3.9 Stars
This fed is some good stuff. Really looking forward to some new stuff soon.

Well im out, hope you enjoyed the tape reviews, go to the sites and buy some tapes damnit! email me -

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