RWA- Free For All- By Matt Given
I received this tape free from Hatechild, after I won a little contest on the backyard wrestling links message board. It took awhile to come, and after it was supposedly lost once in the mail before, I finally got it.

The first thing I was impressed by was the ring that RWA possesses. The ring is made out of wood, with posts, ropes, and an actual height for the ring. It looks nice for backyard standards, in which many feds have no ring. However, they only have a few pads in the middle, and a green tarp stretched over it. My advice- get some free mattresses/pads, and get a good tarp that will cover your wrestling area.

Because of the small padded area, most of the moves were deliberetly in the center of the ring, which took away from the matches.

The turnbuckles were ok, they looked to be covered in duct-tape, and I wasnít sure if they was anything except the duct-tape there, as I could see no padding. The ropes are super wobbly as well. When Hatechild attempts to get up on the top rope, he has to struggle to keep his balance, and the top rope even surpasses the second rope when he stands on it.

One wrestler stood out. One big guy named Hatechild. This guy is an awesome wrestler, and can take many moves, uses a variety of types of offense, and is very hardcore. He leads all the matches he is in, and put over the little kids every time. In the first match, he was cut open with glass, with no blading taking place, but still put on a good match.

The next match was horrible in my opinion. As you had another small kid, wrestle one huge, fat guy. The first five minutes were only bodyslams and suplexeís. Also, throughout this video you can see the fat guys ass crack and huge belly-button, which makes you almost sick to your stomach. However, when he wrestles Hatechild, there is an ok match, usually resulting in Hatechild being powerbombed into a light tubes on a ladder, or slammed on a pit of barbed-wire.

The commentating and camera at their best is ok, many times the camera doesnít get the full image, or the commentator is very annoying. A few times, the camera man actually fell, and layed on the ground for awile until he was ok. That makes backyard wrestling even less professional people!

Throughout the matches, the 2 little kids that wrestle take more bumps including chairs, barbed-wire and light tubes. They look very young, but Iím sure the influence of Hatechild made them more extreme.

Hatechild bleeds many times on his arm, and forehead, and after one match involving lots of barbedwire, he took off his shirt to reveal many very nasty cuts on his back.

On some of the matches, they just used a blue padding, and didnít use the ring at all. I donít know if this was because the ring was being repaired, but those matches were very tame compared to the usual RWA violence.

All in all, it was an ok tape, Iíd like to see some more chain wrestling, but I am a fan of deathmatch, so it made up for the lack of technical.

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