Hardcore Championship Wrestling- We're Better Than You!- By John Morgan
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The tape is about 3 1/2 hours long. Filled with great wrestling and continues storylines started in previous tapes. HCW has a great stable of talent. Not only Kolt, who will tell you he is the best, but other superstars such as Kidd Krazy, Logan, @nubis (who is masked, but strangely familiar), Spider, White Dogg, Chainsaw, Kage, Lefty, Mitchell, and others.

Other than first-rate matches of all styles, HCW stands out in continuing storylines that include comedy, defecation, rudeness, trash talk, interviews and all sorts of stuff.

This tape sort of featured Kidd Krazy, as his storyline took precedence in leading up to a classic encounter that will be featured on HCW's next tape.

Highlights include:

***Dick Hard getting directions to HCW headquarters from Kolt

***A brutal match, involving chairs between Logan and @nubis. Logan puts @nubis through a plank of shudders and pretty well beats him to a pulp.

***Poor Kolt had his jaw broken and for a guy who likes to talk, it was difficult and frustrating for him to communicate in his usual style. He still managed to taunt Kidd Krazy!

***One of the outstanding matches was Spider and White Dogg. They both can dish out and take punishment. Spider goes through a barbwire infested plank that had to hurt badly. It certainly rendered him unconscious.

***Kidd Krazy gets mauled by Kolt and his gang of thugs.

***Kolt and his Regulators' are put down by Chainsaw. Unfortunately, Chainsaw's pop to Kolt's jaw restores his ability to talk.

***Spider and Lefty have an awesome ground match with stiff hits, high flying and some deadly neck droppings.

***Excellent tag team match with Logan/White Dogg against Krazy and @nubis. There is a flurry of punches between Logan and Krazy that rivals the best of WWF.

***Great night match between Chainsaw and Kevin Mitchell. (Note: HCW's night stuff is bright and well lighted!)

***One of Kolt's best monologues as he interrupts Steven Cage giving a tribute to our great country. Sometimes I think Kolt enjoys hurting people!

***After a few more great matches, the tape ends with HCW World Title match between Lefty and Kidd Krazy. These two take it to the limit of intensity.

There is not a bad match in the bunch and although I may seem like a HCW mark, I mark out only for quality. If you like collecting backyard tapes, you can't do better than HCW. It's as simple as that.

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