No Future Wrestling-Volume 3-I Back That- By Preston
Iíve seen almost everything NFW had done and they are BYW fed that does things pretty different than the usual feds and this tape proves it. First off the tape is edited and looks fantastic, but the opening catches you off guard with a warning that says The Jehova Supernovaís (NFW Wrestler) Mom has such and such STDís. Then it goes into the opening of Full House and only about 10 seconds into that opening the fade into the NFW music video opener that plays to a pretty good punk band. (Rancid I think)

The first match takes place in an outdoor theater and at night between The Goonie and Jehova Supernova. Pretty good match some decent moves done, a few light tube shots but are hard to see do to lack of light.

Next match is Brawl For It All Behind a Shopping Mall Strikes Back between Defiance Alliance (Matt Defiance and Grumpy Skull) and The Jehovaís Witness Protection Agency. (Jehova Supernova and El Monstro) This match had almost everything, chairs, flaming chairs, good basic moves, blood, good bumps off a loading dock area, and some damn funny trash talking. The match ends with The Grumpy Skull getting pitched off these locker/AC Unit looking things and breaking his foot and Jehova getting the pin.

Next was NFW Humiliation: Homoerotic Pummeling, this has to be the damn strangest stipulation Iíve seen to a match. Loser has to dress in homoerotic fashion and has to go shopping in a mall. (loser ends up at Victoria Secret buying womenís underwear) The match was between The Little Guy and Matt Defiance, this match was just a big damn brawl, stop signs, chairs, trash cans and The Little Guy hitting an elbow drop off a roof.

Then its onto The School of Hardnocks between The Grumpy Skull and The Goonie as they battle for a diploma. Other than the fact the match was in the style of brawling at a public high school the match remind pretty technical, with Goonie giving The Grumpy Skull a big flip out of the test of strenght, Grumpy Skull hitting splash out of a tree onto a bench. There were plenty of other things done, the match did start to go ďhardcoreĒ when Goonie tried to set fireworks off on The Grumpy Skull but when he lit the explosive it rolled off of Grumpy Skull. With him being on a picnic table it went off under him instead of on him. In the end The Grumpy Skull was victorious but was pissed to find he didnít earn his diploma, he was 5 credits short.

Now itís time for Revenge of The Midnight Bleacher Feature between Little Guy, Goonie, and Jehova Supernova. To win the match you must climb up the bleachers and crab Matt Defianceís dirty boxers. (That was one hell of a skid mark heís got going on them) This match was really good, they were not afraid to take bumps on the bleachers they took some hard bumps on them. One funny spot had Little Guy get stuffed in a trash can and sent down the bleacher steps, the match included several light tube shots as well.

We finally come to the conclusion of the tape The Boston Burrito Party staring El Monstro, Matt Defiance, and The Little Guy. This is something that you would expect to see on Jackass or something, it was a burrito eating contest between the three NFW wrestlers. El Monstro had some weird ass burritos an oreo one, peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard, etc. The event mainly contained puking, and trash talking till the end with Matt Defiance winning which made El Monstro and Little Guy pissed. Which in the end El Monstro power bombs Little Guy off a ladder onto a burrito and barbed wire covered Matt Defiance putting both through a table.

Rating Scale: * Bad - *****Great (You get the idea)

Wrestling: (***) Basic moves no real impressive moves but the ones they did use they were pulled off nicely most of the time.

Commentary: (*****) Just all around funny commentary.

Death Match/Hardcore: (****) Pretty vicious with light tubes and barbed wire if they have it, mainly a lot of brawling and weapon shots.

Camera Work: (*** and a half) Really good camera work, remains pretty still and gets most of the action some things were missed though.

Storylines/Mic Skills/Promos: (*****) The keep good small storylines with the small roster they have, the promoís were fun to watch just them having fun which is great.

Avg. Total: **** - All around just a real entertaining tape if you donít expect some pro looking wrestling out of a BYW fed.

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